But OF COURSE 2 + 2 = 5, if the Party Says So!

From Uncommon Descent:

The current scandal over tons of apparently faked immunology research implicates Xuetao Cao, the Chinese chairman of research integrity:

There is also legitimate concern that totalitarian governments do not create an environment in which science can flourish. Science requires transparency, it requires valuing method over results, and it should be ideologically neutral. These are not concepts that flourish under a totalitarian regime. Also, the scientists who get promoted to positions of respect and power are likely to be those who please the regime, by proving, for example, that their cultural propaganda is real. So the selective pressures for advancement do not prioritize research integrity.

Cao, I think, embodies all of this. This should not be viewed as an isolated incident, or even researcher. The very fact that Cao has risen to the highest heights of setting the standards for science in China means that we have to look at the systemic implications of this case.

There are a couple of other lessons we should note as well. First, and unfortunately, we need to look at all research coming out of China with an especially careful eye. The system is broken, and cannot be given the benefit of the doubt.

Steven Novella, “Scientific Fraud in China” at Neurologica Blog

Indeed. The central weakness of totalitarianism is that it exalts the powerful lie over the fact. But nature doesn’t reward that behavior. It may take a long or short time for the system to collapse (and other systems collapse for other reasons). But the insistence that 2+2=5 if the Party says so is a lethal flaw.

In the West of 2019, there is quite a heavy load of lies weighing down on society, almost all of which is propped up with State Power.

The money will run out, and soon after the legitimacy of The Authorities.

It is imperative that Christians get ready for that day!

When Dying in Place… with Addendum

Just a reconsideration of a Traveller groups’ options when a Total Party Kill is the most likely outcome: when dealing with an enemy that is going to kill you, before you kill it.

Wound the enemy: You can’t kill it yourself… but you can help others kill it later. Inflict a wound that is costly to heal. Or better, cannot be healed.

Or — and this is almost impossible to pull off in tactical combat, but is possible in strategic or meta-warfare — looks and feels like a benefit, but is really a blight.

(See: Britain and the Opium War as the most straightforward example. Fake information — including the hiding of real, pertinent information — is more practical in kinetic warfare.

On the macro/cultural level, there is always easy – and sterile – sex.

Back to the micro scale, there is the Traveller free trader that “gives up” a profitable secret to a crushing corporate competitor… without mentioning the steep and hidden price you need to pay to make that secret useful.)

Information: You can’t kill the enemy. You can’t even wound it. But the weakness you can’t see, others canif they can get useful information.

The question then becomes 1) how to record the useful data 2) what data is most useful, and should be most secure in recording and transmission 3) who to send the data to.

“So the PCs get a memory stick delivered to them on their ship. Hand delivered.”

“Delivered by hand, you say? Not emailed?”


“Better unzip and de-encrypt the memory stick in the engine room. While under thrust. In Jump space. We’re going to need all the random noise and air gaps we can get for this baby!”


Morally good days will come again, even better than before: but that will be a time and a people, a culture and technology, far different than I saw in my life.

Like when the Church died out in eastern England with the Saxon invasions of Britain around 410, and had to be re-established in the 600s with the Gregorian Missions.

Too much man-worship there, a belief that man can be righteous without God, or that God is not the creator and judge. A different Britain will get it right… but again, the people of that, better Britain will be of a different race than the people who made the British Empire.

Empires, money, guns, even technology and a fine culture, does not make a people great or guarantee a good future. Only fearing God and keeping His commandments do that!

Is there a man who can even see what will happen ten years from now? But God shapes all eternity, from the Creation onwards. It is good that Christ is on the throne… and that He will break all His foes under His iron rod.

Better to be blessed by Him, than be cured by Him. This is true for nations, as well as men.


There are giants to analyze and study (at least)…
…giants to wound (doable)
…and, perhaps, even a few giants to kill (waves to Lenin)

“Fairy tales do not tell children the dragons exist. Children already know that dragons exist. Fairy tales tell children the dragons can be killed.”

― G.K. Chesterton

The best fairy tales are simplified facets of the Bible. At it’s core, it’s the story of the Absent King. But it is also a story of a Brave Knight, a Lady that needed saving, and a particular Dragon that needed killing.

Establishment men hate the Bible (and even good fairy tales!), as they always stand with Power: on the side of the dragon, the beast, the giant. So naturally, they don’t like stories that end badly for them.

If The Right Sort don’t like stories where the giant falls, they really aren’t going to like the Real World, going forward!

Note that a Christian ready to take on a certain giant needs to count the cost. It takes time to sniff out the weakness of the really dangerous dragons and the most vicious giants.

And these monsters don’t go down without a fight: a price simply must be paid by the Good Knight, the true Servant of God.

So obviously, Christians must:

  • Sniff out those weaknesses.
  • Count the cost.
  • Exploit that weakness, good and hard.
  • Teach others to do so, as well.

*Smiles and Waves to Our Betters*

*Points and Laughs at the Pious Failures and the Cringing Man-fearers*

The Mysterious Stranger

A.k.a: one of the more accurate depictions of Satan in modern media, reflecting Twain as he works out his unbelief into a variant of nihilism.

There are certainly inaccuracies here: Satan ain’t creating life, and has no lawful authority over anything. All he has, he stole… or we (and/or our distant ancestor, Adam) gave to him.

That bit is more like what Satan wishes he was, or wants to be.

But the impersonalism, the unconcern, the lack of love or caring, the mask… that is very demonic, and very accurate to Satan’s character.

(And keep an eye on that mask:it fakes unconcern, but on occasion it truly reflects the deep malice and hatred that Satan feels towards God, to those who are in God’s image, and to the Creation itself.)

Slavery, Once Again

Huckleberry Finn, Mark Twain’s lawless hero, was certainly lawless (and, thus, evil) but could take shelter as a kind of hero due to his hostility to slavery and his tolerance of a black friend.

And so, lesser evils gain shelter because of the greater evils treated with indifference (or frankly supported!) by Christians.

The lesson of the Unitarians strikes again!

I wonder how long it will take, for White American Conservatives to get the message.

“The beatings will continue until there is repentance.”

Or until the core enemy of God – the one in the church – dies.

<Points to Europe>

Either way, God is going to get His victory.

Best not get in His way.

(For a bit more, see Chapter 16 – Mark Twain’s chapter – in the book Apostate, by Kevin Swanson)


Satan can and does offer sweet gifts. Those gifts have strings attached to a very dark place, for sure. It’s also very possible that there is some kind of unpleasant surprise, hidden right in the gifts.

Satan has no love of men, for they reflect Someone he deeply hates.

But some men can be useful for a time. Before he disposes of them.

Choose a better master.


Quite a number of pagans — in history, and today — think that the way Satan behaves here, is how God behaves in real life. Since Christianity, they know for a fact that this is false… but an impersonal god is a god who does not care, and they desperately want to be under a deity that does not care about justice, or creation, or law.

That way, with God deposed/blinded/irrelevant, they get to take His place.

In reality, Satan would easily have men kill themselves — see the atheist-dominated 20th century for details — leaving only the demons and a barren, dead wasteland on this world…

…but God has other plans.

The Personal Universe

Pagan intellectuals dream of an impersonal universe, a meaningless cosmos, an escape from the piercing eyes of God and His sword.

They dream of being gods themselves… or of some other god to lead them. Even Satan, explicitly (quite rare, actually) or implicitly (so very, very common).

Christians are not to live in a fantasy world, where they can imagine themselves some sort of escape from reality, from the law, from consequences, from justice.

Salvation is from Jesus Christ alone.

Not from some ‘fake it till you make it’ angel of light.


Don’t kneel to what Mark Twain knelt to.

Don’t go where Mark Twain went.

White Rage, Black Churches, History, Victory

At this moment, I won’t be focusing on actual White Nationalists shooting up Black Churches. Instead, I’ll do a copy/paste of an article by Emmaus, brought to my attention by Joel McDurmon. Then, a few comments.

The Original Post

November 11, 2019

A few days ago Dr. Eric Mason, who pastors Epiphany Fellowship in Philadelphia, posted a video clip of James White asserting that the black church is the most uneducated church in America (this is my paraphrase). The next day, Mr. White posted his entire video on Facebook and encouraged us to watch what he said in context. In context, Mr. White was responding to the Hebrew Israelites who basically asked why the information he was presenting couldn’t be found in any black church. James White responded by saying that (my paraphrase, not his words… but still accurate) the Black Church is the most uneducated church we have.

All of this stems from Mr. White and Dr. Mason’s fundamental disagreement on how the church should respond to racial injustice. After calling us the most uneducated church in America, he then proceeded to tell us that we should “get past these social issues so we can get to real truth”. What follows is a careful examination of why Mr. White’s comments are, in fact, racist (or at least prejudice) and why church leaders should clearly and unequivocally rebuke him.

My Experiences

Believe it or not, I have encountered this “white is right, black is lesser” sentiment throughout my entire academic career. I can remember my college days at a state university in Michigan where most of my white professors were these highly evolved liberals. I asked my department chair about majoring in jazz music instead of classical music. He made the allusion that my jazz studies were only extra-curricular, and that classical music was “legit” music for academic study. Over in the communications department, I heard a fellow student talk about the differences between white preaching and black preaching. Her assessment was that white preachers were more interested in “the facts” and that black preachers “embellished the truth” in their preaching. Do you see the pattern? White is factual, truthful and legitimate, while black is merely an interesting embellishment.

I have even encountered this in seminary, often times from people who look like me. For instance, I was at a banquet honoring Rev. Willie Ted Glynn at a seminary in Ft. Worth. Rev. Glynn pastors the Greater Worth Hill Baptist Church, there in the city, and I was his musician. One of our hostesses was a student of that seminary, and we were sitting together. The guest preacher was well-known in the city. He could preach, sing and whoop. His message that evening had all the marks of a well-crafted sermon: well articulated, text-driven, doctrinally sound and highly emotive. He shouted, and even tuned up at the end, setting the gathering on fire. When I asked the hostess what she thought about the message (a black woman) she said “I’m actually more accustomed to expository preaching”. In other words, “a hooping, singing, hollering black preacher can never study and pray enough for me to see him as expository. He may be an interesting embellishment to preaching, but he’s not a legitimate expository preacher”. White is right.

Interestingly, I have found that the people who espouse this “white is right” theological perspective reside in one of two camps: the ignorant and the bitter. In the first camp, you have people who know absolutely nothing about the black church, even if they themselves are black. The only thing they know about the black church is what their black friends tell them, most of whom share their upbringing. These are people, not at all connected to the black community. They have never heard sermons from the black preaching giants of generations past. They’ve never been to a denominational gathering nor have they taken any kind of interest in black history. They’re uninformed and see know need to get informed, holding absolutely no value in what African Americans have contributed to society. Had they any interest in us, they would have known something about any of our historical denominations (AME, COGIC, NBC), most of which have Christian education departments, publishing companies, seminaries, bible institutes and national congresses. If they would have asked me, I would have told them about how all of the men who signed my ordination certificate were godly, biblically faithful, educated black men, who encouraged me to grow in my knowledge of the Word. They didn’t ask me, though, because they’re ignorant. They don’t know and don’t want to know, but they think that they can fix us even though they don’t know us. For instance, the Southern Baptist Convention has its evangelistic eyes set on the city of Detroit. They see Detroit as a “dark city” in need of the gospel because of the lack of SBC churches there. However, anyone from Detroit – or familiar with Detroit in any way – knows that the last thing Detroit needs is another church. But again, only people who see black church as legitimate and know names like Benjamin Hooks, Charles Adams, Fred Samson and David Ellis would know how to best minister to the needs of that city.

The other group is “the bitter”. These are brothers and sisters who, for whatever reason, had a really bad experience in the black church which caused them to find solace in the white church. Some were mistreated: the victim of some unthinkable abuse or trauma. Some were malnourished: attending a black church that did not emphasize discipleship and personal growth, so they never really heard the gospel until they went to a white church and got fed. Some suffered consistent rejection: perhaps they were in a situation where their ministry was not fully appreciated by the black church, for whatever reason, which caused them to find a place among white brothers and sisters. As a pastor who serves in a white denominational body, I run into brothers and sisters like this all the time. Many of them are good, genuine people who simply could not find what they needed in their black church experience. So they left, and whenever you hear them talk about the black church, you may hear rhetoric that sounds remarkably like James White’s. In fact, when black men and women who fit this description saw Mr. White’s video, they probably agreed. To be clear, however, the notion that black theology “for the most part” is unsound is simply not true. One cannot cite their own personal experience, coupled with that of others who left like they did, then say “for the most part, black preaching is unsound”. No, the preaching and teaching in your black church was unsound. And it may not be that the teaching was unsound. It may be that you just weren’t ready to hear the gospel there. For instance, LaCrae testifies that – although he was brought up in a black church – he wasn’t saved in a black church. He didn’t get saved until he was an adult. That isn’t my experience. I was saved at the Historic Second Baptist Church in 1989, as a child: I was swept away by the gospel there, fell in love with Jesus there, grew there, served there and came into ministry there. I also went to Sunday School, Bible Study, Vacation Bible School and District Meetings. I fell in love with the Lord and His Church while being nourished and discipled by black people. My experience weighs just as much as anyone else’s.

I said all this to fully establish that this “white is right” mentality is not germane only to conservative Evangelicalism. The Western philosophies that have given birth to conservatism, liberalism and everything in between have white supremacy in the very soil and concrete of their being. This is why a man without an accredited doctorate, who is not a legitimate tenured professor of any university and is famous for posting videos where his intellectual snobbery is on full display can assert that the black church isn’t educated. He can even be seen as someone whose scholarship is superior to a black man with degrees on the wall from top-teer theological seminaries and decades of pastoral investment in the inner-city. This is possible, because as long as Dr. Eric Mason is black, proud and has a love for his people, Mr. White will always be Mr. Right.

The Impasse

The reason this exchange is so significant is because I fear that the Evangelical church – against all of our great strides towards real reconciliation – is making its way toward a deep impasse that I’m not sure we can overcome. We have theological influences deeply imbedded in the soil and concrete of our respective camps that may prevent us from ever reaching real reconciliation. What’s in my soil is totally different from what’s in Mr. White’s soil.

Let me preface this section by saying that we didn’t need to see the whole video to see that what Mr. White said was racist. This “hear the whole context” argument only works if he didn’t actually say what he said. Case in point, remember when Jamal Harrison Bryant said “these ho’s ain’t loyal” behind the pulpit of Empowerment Temple? None of us needed the whole context to know that what he said was inappropriate. Apply this to the James White issue. We don’t need to watch an hour long video to know that his assessment of the black church is incorrect. Even look on his Twitter Feed, as he doubles down on his bigotry. He shared a picture posted by Dr. Mason of books Dr. Mason recommended, then commented “all white guys and one white gal, not a single black author”. We know, therefore, what he thinks of the black church.

White supremacy is in the soil and concrete of Mr. White’s theology. This is why he can say “get past social issues so we can get to some real truth”. He doesn’t believe social issues constitute truth. He doesn’t believe racism is a Biblical sin. He thinks that because he assents to the doctrines of grace and has a commanding grasp of Koine Greek and Hebrew that his iron-clad doctrine provides a legally binding immunity against any kind of correction or rebuke. Supremacy is in his soil and concrete. His color and his Calvinism gives him what he needs to say “no one (especially those uneducated blacks) can ever correct me”.

This is where we’ve met our impasse. Bevangelicals (Isaiah Robertson’s term) can no longer continue to pretend as if white supremacy isn’t in the soi of American theology, because we know history. Black theology is sound, because we understand that history is the supremest of the sciences. History validates Christianity, not Western theology. It isn’t Calvin’s Institutes that makes the gospel clear to me. It’s history. It isn’t Luther that makes justification legitimate, it’s history. Our theology isn’t even proven cogent by the significant works of N.T. Wright, it’s history. We are Christians today, because an empty tomb remains in Gethsemane formerly occupied by Jesus of Nazareth, who many eye witnesses (uneducated and untrained men… and some women) testified to his death, burial, resurrection and ascension. I am saved today, neither because of Calvin, Luther, Barth, McArthur, Keller nor any other Western thinker. I am saved because of a dark skinned Palestinian Jew named Jesus, who lived, loved and liberated in history.

Since we know, therefore, that history is the supremest of the sciences, we reject theology that is sound on paper, but heretical in history. For instance, Jonathan Edwards can never be in my soil, because nothing in his theology – his doctrines of grace or his deep fear of hell – convicted him that owning slaves was evil. He can’t be in my soil. My soil and concrete has Nat Turner, Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth in it. These influences will never reconcile with a theology that is so-well manicured and finely tailored to accommodate white supremacy.

We, therefore, are at an impasse that may be irreconcilable if we aren’t willing to reexamine our soil and concrete. How can James White’s Jonathan Edwards reconcile with my Nat Turner? Because of this impasse, some white evangelicals will always tell us to “get over it” when the saints of old are screaming from their graves “never forget and never stop fighting.” I will never get over social issues. I’ll never forget standing at the very place where Michael Brown’s body lay dead for four hours. I’ll never get over slavery, never get over segregation, never get over Black Wall Street. I’ll never get over Tamir Rice or Sandra Bland. I’ll never get over it and never stop fighting, because the gospel of the Dark Skinned, Bodily Risen Savior of history calls me by the power of the Holy Spirit to call His Church toward justice, period, end of sentence (to quote John McArthur).


If we are Christians, we believe that we will all live together in eternity, and that we are all family down here. Therefore, if James White is a brother in the Lord, then the Spiritual fruit that comes from this conversation should be a humility that causes him to see that his very ignorant and deeply prejudiced words hurt his family and have caused deep divisions. There’s a simple solution to all this. Repent. Stop pridefully posting even more offensive and divisive stuff on Twitter. Just repent.

Real Truth

The key fact that McDurmon mentioned in his comment is:

A very interesting line that applies well here AND beyond: “This is why he can say ‘get past social issues so we can get to some real truth’. He doesn’t believe social issues constitute truth.”

I’d massage that a bit to take away potential objections (largely insignificant ones for the big picture) from White, but the substance of it is right. It is an admission that social issues don’t constitute “truth.” Whether that was an accidental slip of the tongue or not doesn’t matter. Either way it falsifies his approach. He needs to retract that and reformulate his theology with it retracted.

Very correct: social issues are a big part of the truth, so far as God is concerned.

I like to pound again and again on this blog on the failures of Darwinism and atheistic materialism: and this is needed, as these are tools used by the intelligentsia to escape the requirement to obey God, and haul up some idol – typically The State – to take His place.

But in the Bible itself, the fight against outright idolatry is just one of the major themes. A huge factor – embedded right into the Laws of God, that Christians are expected to uphold, have ingrained in their heart, and live out in their lives and thoughts – is social justice.

The weak are to be cared for by society: people, churches, family, and civil organizations. And the Sword of the State is not to be biased against the weak, and those with little or no social standing. (And yes, this includes a major section of Black America.)


On the other hand: the Sword is not the Healer. That is Christ, represented by His People. Claims that the men with guns are also the healers and redeemers and the judges, and you have placed far too much power into too few hands. And we really need fewer self-adoring tyrants in this world, not more!

But if you deny justice, it is entirely possible that God will send (even worse) tyrants as His whip of punishment for justice denied. You have been warned.


The widow and orphans are to benefit from the hand from the church (corporately and individual believers), no obstacles is to be placed in the path of the blind, the victim (and NOT the State!) is to get restitution from the one who unjustly harmed him.

The Black Church

Now, focusing on an extract from Emmaus’ post…

Interestingly, I have found that the people who espouse this “white is right” theological perspective reside in one of two camps: the ignorant and the bitter. In the first camp, you have people who know absolutely nothing about the black church, even if they themselves are black. […] The other group is “the bitter”. These are brothers and sisters who, for whatever reason, had a really bad experience in the black church which caused them to find solace in the white church.

It is grim, when we must speak of a “black church” and a “white church” (focusing on superficial genetics), instead of, say, a “believing church” and a “apostate church” (focusing on faithfulness and obedience).

But truth is truth, and Emmaus needs to talk on how things are, and not only on how things should be.

I know next-to-nothing about the history of Black American churches. But I do know this: it was William J. Seymour who led the Azusa Street Revival, welcoming the Holy Spirit and sparking the rise of Pentecostalism and Charismatic churches.

And, exactly because these black churches welcomed the Holy Spirit — yes, even with the speaking in tongues and the hollering and the singing and the dancing — that the Holy Spirit made His home in those churches. And not in the doctrinally pure, rationalistic, and (pre-1970, say) intensely racist conservative white churches. (And yes, I place most Calvinist churches in the Holy Spirit-free camp.)

And – despite their sinful flaws – the Charismatic and Pentecostal churches are the ones blessed with growth and a drive to expand the Kingdom of God. Almost ALL new churches worlfwide after, say, 1950, are Charismatic/Pentecostal.

(It helps that many don’t care for seminaries: if you can preach and build a congregation, you’re in, regardless of your lack of paper qualifications. God willing, more will follow the apprenticeship model found in the New Testament, and please God even more!)

This is what I know about black churches. As for white churches… well….

*points to Europe*

White European Christians: The Judgement Wrought

Certainly, there are black racist Christians. But they have little power in the West: and when they do take power, the cost of their foolishness come rather quickly and obviously, as per Zimbabwe and South Africa. So much for these non-entities.

Now, the people who have shaped history – to the detriment of the Gospel, the Kingdom of God, and billions of lives – are white racist Christians. Their day is fading, due to their own evil falling on their head from World War I onward. Still, even as they fade away, they still have enough wealth and power to retard the expansion of God’s justice and liberty.

Black American Christians: The Judgement Ongoing

One cautionary note to Black American readers.

Remember that what put the kibosh on the White, White World planned by the Darwinian Progressive types was not some massive black uprising or an invasion of Islamic armies: it was the wholesale slaughter of whites by whites, initially in the United States 1861-1865, and then definitely in the German Wars, 1914-1945.

And afterwards, the pointed lack of repentance to God — even as the European Empires became too costly to enforce — led down the silky-smooth road to easy divorce, easy sex, easy perversion, and comprehensive sterility.

And yet….

Black Americans are already hip-deep in mutual slaughter — both pre- and post-birth murder — and the Darwinian Progressives, acting as the voice of Satan, are careful to hide black-on-white killings (which white conservatives care about) as well as black-on-black killings (that no one cares about.)

Well, North mentions both black-on-white and black-on-black forms of murder, which makes him a notable exception here. White-on-black murders definitely happen, especially within the legal system, but there will have to be a concerted push by Black American leadership to put an end to this…something that just isn’t happening.

(After all, putting up such a fuss – say, by ending the Drug War – won’t help Democrats win elections. And that’s the main thing to Black American leadership, NOT protecting black liberty and lives!)

It’s good and right for white conservatives to mock the press, when it works to hide the murder of white people by blacks. Murder is murder, and needs to be seen to be repented of.

Even today, there are still a few oldsters who will put up a fuss when a white policeman shoots a black women in her kitchen. And even some ordinary white Christians listen to the Holy Spirit in such cases (may God bless them!)

But who is going to care when blacks murder blacks?

If Black Americans don’t end the mutual slaughter, they are going to end up in the same place as the White Europeans.

And only Satan will laugh.

On History

I like Emmaus’ respect for history, as this is (pretty close to) a synonym for a respect for truth, for reality, for the Great Work of Creation God has wrought all around us… and a synonym for a respect for the law of consequences, that history has meaning.

Moreover, this respect is strongly backed by the Bible, which has a lot more history in it than theology! This is coupled for a respect for the individual (and not such abstractions as the State) – the three women who hid the children from Pharaoh – Shiphrah and Puah – will have their names mentioned for all eternity, while Mighty Pharaoh remains nameless.

I like the way God thinks.

(Incidentally, the Bible says the names more men and women than any other work from the ancients. “Just saying.”)

On Specifically Black Christian Theology

As Emmaus demonstrated by action – the best kind of demonstration! — it’s certainly out there, and I expect it to grow and develop.

But for this moment, I am confident that the major hindrance to more and better Black American Christian theology are three facts:

  • white Christians prefer to read works written by white Christians (“ho hum parochialism”)
  • black Christians are still fairly poorer than the mean, so more labour, less free time to consider what God is doing
  • far too many fatherless black Christians! Without a father to teach the importance of order and self-discipline, there is little hope to master a strongly masculine and tightly-structured, demanding science as theology.

The last point, the ugly surge of lawless black bastards, will end when the welfare state dies. Before the Smiling Progressives found a way to cripple black families good and hard, black marriage rates were higher than white ones, and black society was a serious part of life. I believe that this pattern will reassert itself, when the Government-God idol goes bust.

Obedience to God
fewer murderous, thieving bastards
more disciplined, goal-oriented men
Blessings from God, to your family and people

The above is true, even if you aren’t a Christian!
Even partial obedience brings real rewards!

This goes to the second point, the comparative poverty of Black Americans. Building wealth ain’t easy when Master can take it from you at any time, and has structured society to weaken you while exalting himself. Still, the Rule of the Masters fade.


Fortunately, there is a clear way out: it takes time, but it is extremely effective! Remember that the key form of wealth Black Americans have is not money: it is children. Put the focus here, in the children. Homeschooling is a must, but it need not be just a single working mother: groups of black women, pooling (hard-to-find) money and (easy-to-find) time, can definitely get the job done.

(Incidentally, I bet that if any group of black women want to use the excellent Ron Paul Curriculum, but lack the funds to buy it, they need only contact Dr. North, and he’ll find a way to help you out. Send him a note at garynorth@garynorth.com.

Or if free is the only way, the Khan Academy is a perfectly decent, even above-average, program. No money needed, just time, a computer and internet connection, self-discipline and motivation.

As the Khan Academy is free and the Ron Paul Curriculum is inexpensive (a few hundred bucks), the key isn’t money. It’s time and motivation.

Stop talking.

Stop waiting for Masters to Save You.

Start doing.

Blast from the Past: or, Why New Atheism Turns into Unitarianism

Interesting, how (implicit) Unitarianism holds on as the unofficial belief system of the Right Sort in the US. (Not to North’s work on Unitarianism in Tools of Dominion)

Article flow: from

Bad news: New atheism is still over


New Atheism: An Autopsy


New Atheism: The Godlessness That Failed

The basic point is that you can’t build a progressive party in the US with just the upper-class white atheist core: you need those religious blacks and latinos too.

Ergo, New Atheism is dumped, as that road doesn’t lead to the One True God… Power.

Christians are not to kneel to power, they are to kneel to God. Power to change the world to the better comes from obedience to God, which is far more strongly manifested by raising your children well. To change the world, your children must be raised straight… and this specifically excludes sending your children to a pointedly Anti-Christian public school system.

The podcast Which Social Ills Should Christians Put Their Main Focus? does a decent job of outlining this.

Unlike Atheists, Christians can afford to put politics fourth. Building up God’s little ones come way before politics.

A Russian Blog as an Example in Statism

One of the implicit but core foundations of the article Top 25 Cool Demographics Facts (discussed yesterday) is it’s unstated but profound statism/collectivism.

Always and continuously, population and demography is discussed in relation on how it impacts the power that a State has… and never on the individual people.

It’s like people as individuals — or even families — don’t matter.

Other than the Jews and the Slavs, tribal and ethnic groups barely even exist.

God exists in the post to be mildly derided and mocked, but churches and religions are largely of no importance, except as empty containers of mass-people.

A Russian perspective indeed… where even “the good and godly czars” were careful to keep the masses in a drunken stupor to eliminate rebellions.

“Who cares if such policies destroy the families and men of the nation? If the Russian Crown simply stole the property of independent liquor producers to merely stuff its coffers? Keeping the faceless and meaningless masses drunk helps to Protect The Power Elite – and that’s ALL THAT MATTERS!”

The supposedly godly and noble Russian Nobility were slaughtered by the evil and godless Communists. There are reasons for this.

This attitude is most apparent in the comment of Turkey, the BIG WINNER of the 20th century precisely because it has the right sort of genocidal attitude to the Enemies of the State, liquidating the cultural/religious enemies without the usual Communist cherry of exterminating their own people:

6) Were the Turks the big demographic winners of the 20th century?

* 1914: 13.7M Turks vs. 10M Armenians + Greeks (1.3:1) & ~170M in Russian Empire – precarious.

* 2017: 80.8M Turks vs. 13.7M Greeks+Armenians (6:1) & ~150M in RF – secure as never before.

The attitude is, “Expanding State Power Justified All Things.”

Or, in theological terms, rank power-worship.

Every Communist must grasp the truth, “Political power grows out of the barrel of a gun.” Our principle is that the Party commands the gun, and the gun must never be allowed to command the Party. Yet, having guns, we can create Party organizations, as witness the powerful Party organizations which the Eighth Route Army has created in northern China. We can also create cadres, create schools, create culture, create mass movements. Everything in Yenan has been created by having guns. All things grow out of the barrel of a gun.

Wikipedia,  Selected Works of Mao Tse-tung, Vol. II, pp. 224-22

Not truth and justice. Not right and wrong. Just power and control.

How very Secularist.

As for the example of godless Austria increasing its birth rate with government handouts (as opposed to “Holy Poland” and its failing population?

  • Government handouts are a curse, not a blessing. As is most clearly demonstrated by the example of Black America. And keep an eye on the kind of children, born to people motivated by Free Money.
  • Government handouts, coming from a barrel of a gun (from tax collectors), can indeed work for a time. Until the effect fades (likely) and the money runs out (definitely).
  • Government policy does not make a nation holy!
    • AGAIN with the Statism!
    • The supposedly devout nature of today’s Polish government (or yesterday’s Fascist Spain) is a paper-imitation of a righteous society.

      Actually God-fearing people actually obey God… as opposed to just waving crosses and spouting devout babble. This includes the “go forth and multiply” bit.

To expand on the failure of the State to redeem a cursed people, let’s turn to King Josiah of Israel.

Christians are looking for quick political fixes, and are equating any perceived progress on such fronts as rip-roaring successes. It is instructive, then, to consider the rip-roaring successes achieved by King Josiah, the greatest king of the Old Testament by Scriptural acclamation.

The scriptures that speak of Josiah’s reign should bring tears of joy and recognition to those sympathetic to Christian Reconstruction. The fact is, notwithstanding the astonishing strides under Josiah, Israel’s reconstruction was short-lived and finally collapsed catastrophically under the reign of Zedekiah. The reconstruction, particularly among the populace, had no abiding root. It’s as if the cultural flip-side to “unless your righteousness exceeds that of the Scribes and the Pharisees…” is “unless your reconstruction exceeds that of King Josiah…” But make no mistake: if we, today, were enjoying even a fifth of the progress that Josiah’s cultural piledriver had achieved, many Christians would see that as a miraculous, world-wide success. So we must continually remind ourselves that “these things happened to them for ensamples: and they are written for our admonition” (I Cor. 10:11). Only unshakeable things can remain when God moves in history.

Breaking the Yardstick by Which We Measure Success by Martin G. Selbrede

People who adore State Power, Mighty Leaders, and National Greatness place their trust in broken reeds and piles of sand.

Stop worshiping the gun.

Start worshiping – and upholding the laws – of God.

If you love Jesus, you will obey Him. And He has told you – and your family, your church, and your nation – what to do in the commandments of Moses, as modified by Jesus.

Do this, and live.
This always means gain eternal life… but often, this also means “live righteously and prosperously well in this life, and leave a good inheritance for your Godly heirs to build on.”

Much better than being a Disposable State Slave, some Cog in the Wheel, I say!

Let it be noted that the Russian blogger also mentioned in passing the ongoing demographic failure in Islam — especially including the “demographic winner” of Islamic Turkey.

The barrel of a gun is great at killing, but it can’t make babies or heal either the flesh or the spirit.

(True: it can protect life, liberty and property, property used.
“The right tool for the right job.”

But don’t turn to a slab of metal for salvation, or healing, or even building — as opposed to protecting — wealth)

People who have a hope in the future have children. Something that men with guns can fake up for a time, and then the facade falls apart as the blood rots the foundations.

I still have the greatest hope for the United States, due to its (pre-Constitution) Christian foundations. But it’s going to take a lot of pain and repentance for American Christians, Black and White, to get back to where they should be.

Different peoples have different sins, true: but sin is sin. Sin impoverishes and deludes and kills: repentance and increasing holiness, coupled to submission to Christ and obedience to God’s Law-word brings life and healing and a future.

Note that God is the expanding Christian presence in Russia, China, and the Islamic world.

Even in Europe… thanks to immigration.
(And definitely not due of any moral shift among the natives.)

A Russian Blog and "25 Cool Demographic Facts"

Just a few comments on the article, Top 25 Cool Demographics Facts by Anatoly Karlin of the  Russian Reaction Blog on The Unz Review.

The article starts off with the “art” depicted above. Titled A short tour and farewell by David Douillet, it is properly French, Secularist, and dehumanizing.

No “miracle of birth” or “pain and joy of life” here!

No “one life, and then the judgement” or “all we do resounds in eternity” either.

just a bunch of dead people from the lower-left – our dead ancestors – to crawling out of some headless dehumanized woman (actually, a skull for a head), then naked youth, naked fun times, naked and aged, then back when you die into the womb of some dead woman, who has a fetus of a head.

“So there is an afterlife: meaningless, judgement-free reincarnation… in some other world’

However repulsive, it does depict the modern European spirit more accurately than anything I can say.

The Secularist dream given form.

But as a depiction of reality, it lacks a certain passion… a fury… a fire.

(1) The world population of Greeks has been steady at ~10 million since the age of Alexander the Great. Their percentage of the world total plummeted from ~5% to slightly more than 0.1% today.

Source: Hansen, Mogens Herman. 2008. “An Update on the Shotgun Method.Greek, Roman and Byzantine Studies 48 (3): 259–86.

The Greeks would have done well to ditch the pleasure principles of the Greeks… and their impoverishing statism. More business, bigger families, less glory of war.

“But why should we number hundreds of millions, like tiny Bangladesh, when we can number 10 million and have a golden age that people are still talking about today?”

People make their choices in life. So do nations.

(2) In 1900, Europe’s population (~400M) was quintuple that of Sub-Saharan Africa’s (~80M).

By 2100, Sub-Saharan Africa’s population (~4B) will be eight times as great as Europe’s (~650M).

Quite the reversal!

Source: Maddison; UN World Population Prospects.

Just look at that 1900 picture of the size of the UK, France and Germany vs. the USA, India, China, Russia, or all of Africa!


And that’s just a fraction of the story! What you can’t see is the centuries of built-up progress, tons of wealth, a tech lead you can’t even imagine.

So much raw dominance… thrown away like so much garbage by 1950.


*With special awards for those murderous liars Darwin, Marx, Freud, and Malthus.”

(3c) At a larger scale, while both Europe and China were at ~100M in Middle Ages, now China has twice as many people, 1.4B to 700M. The advantages of backwardness – delayed fertility transition left more time for population to soar.

Not really a matter of the fertility transition: the Modern Secularist Culture took some time to arrive in China. But never fear: with the results of the one-child policy still ongoing, China will merely age out from a higher base, and is no real threat to Europe anymore.

“Mission Accomplished.”

(6) Were the Turks the big demographic winners of the 20th century?

* 1914: 13.7M Turks vs. 10M Armenians + Greeks (1.3:1) & ~170M in Russian Empire – precarious.

* 2017: 80.8M Turks vs. 13.7M Greeks+Armenians (6:1) & ~150M in RF – secure as never before.

The Turks got in their mass murder in first, avoided socialist stupidity for the most part, and always had a strong religious segment in the population who liked more kids, even at their most secular. Vis-a-vis Europe (barely), the Turkish are big winners for sure!

If the Armenians want to get back in the game, they had better have kids. Doubtful, seeing their wealth and the Orthodox flavour of their religion.

Greeks will be Greeks: intensely European to the end. Which is another way of saying that their lands will be Turkish/Arab/maybe African territory in a few centuries.

(7) The population ratio between Russia and the Ukraine fell from less than 3:1 to almost 5:1 since 1992. It is ironic that Ukrainian independence has been worse for Ukraine’s population balance vis-a-vis Russia than anything that Lazar Kaganovich and the Nazis did.

What actually happened — besides the kleptocracy of the Ukrainian government, and the piss-pore birth rate — is that lots of Russians residing in the newly-alien nation of Ukraine decided to move back to Russia. Many young Ukrainians are fine with emigrating to the more wealthier nations of Europe, or even to Russia – which whom they still share many cultural and personal connections, and enjoy a better economy too!

And isn’t it revolting, to compare voluntary emigration with mass slaughter?

(Well, abortion is a form of slaughter, and is quite common in Ukraine. So I must grant the author that point. Grudgingly.)

(8c) Total population of a hypothetical Russian Empire that also retained Central Asia and the Caucasus, and that hadn’t been bled white by commies, Nazis, and Westernizers during the course of the 20th century, would likely have been not that far off from Dmitry Mendeleev’s 1906 projection of 594 million for 2000.

Actually, I would be looking forward to a 2 billion population British Empire… where a good portion were still white…

(because they would still be obedient Christians: you can’t stop faithful people from being blessed in numbers as well as wealth, and I refuse to even try)

…and quite a good set of interstellar British colonies would be across the inner solar system by 2050, with the first outposts being raised up on the moons of Jupiter and Saturn.

Worlds that will never be.

(9) So far as I can tell, the Latvians, Estonians, and Ashkenazi Jews are the only peoples with fewer people today than in 1914. It is ironic that they played the most disproportionate roles (per capita) in cementing Bolshevism in Russia. God must really hate commies.

Fear God. Shun evil.

Especially blindingly obvious evils, like mass theft, mass murder, mass tyranny, atheism, and man-worshipping some Great Leader.

(10) That said, the Irish have an even more extreme and unique anti-record: There are fewer of them today (~6.6M in all Ireland) than in 1840 (8.5M)! I wonder what they did to anger God so.

No mas murder or oppression here here: they just left for better jobs in America.

People matter.

The individual soul matter.

Even nations and families have some weight on God’s scales.

The (lightly or heavily imprisoned) taxation base of the territory of a ruling bureaucracy?
Not so much.

(11) Communism isn’t always an unmitigated demographic disaster. As @Cicerone973 has discovered, for the first time ever, births in Best Korea (25M) probably overtook South Korea (52M) last year.

(Even if, as Myers argued, Songun/Juche has almost zilch to do with Marxism).

True. Run-of-the-mill idolatry, comprehensive oppression, and emperor-worship – with much of the Marxist economic controls dumped — is kinder to the population than Communist atheism. Observe the history of Imperial Japan for details.

(16) Might appear easy, but demographers often get things wrong.

c.1930, some forecasts had France’s population falling from 40M to 28M by 1970. Instead, France went from having one of Europe’s lowest TFRs to one of highest, and population went to 50M by that year.

Source: Sauvy, Alfred. 1932. “Calculs Démographiques Sur La Population Française Jusqu’en 1980.” Journal de La Société Statistique de Paris 73: 319–47.

God made the world to be inhabited.

Nobody said that it has to be a particular race, though. Ethics and justice is of greater important to Him than your gene set.

18) However, “Breeder” genes are ultra-competitive in a post-Malthusian environment. Consequently, it is entirely possible that Europe – which underwent the demographic transition 50-100 years ago – may have higher fertility rates than Africa by 2100.

Source: Collins, Jason, and Lionel Page. 2018. “The Heritability of Fertility Makes World Population Stabilization Unlikely in the Foreseeable Future.” Evolution and Human Behavior: Official Journal of the Human Behavior and Evolution Society, September.

Entirely possible? Yes, I grant that.

Likely? Not a chance. Europe — especially Western Europe — is a dedicated Atheist/Darwinian culture at this point in time, without possibility of internal change or modification.

For it is impossible, in the case of those who have once been enlightened, who have tasted the heavenly gift, and have shared in the Holy Spirit, and have tasted the goodness of the word of God and the powers of the age to come, and then have fallen away, to restore them again to repentance, since they are crucifying once again the Son of God to their own harm and holding him up to contempt. For land that has drunk the rain that often falls on it, and produces a crop useful to those for whose sake it is cultivated, receives a blessing from God. But if it bears thorns and thistles, it is worthless and near to being cursed, and its end is to be burned.

Hebrews 6:4-8 English Standard Version

As there will be no repentance, there is only a need for tastefully-designed tombs for the original inhabitants.

Now, to the real question: can Africa get as atheistic and self-destructive as Europe, after a certain level of wealth and stability is gained?

Again, entirely possible? Yes. Satan loves to kill, and is always looking for a new angle to do so. And there is nothing special in the African gene set that won’t prevent a return to demonism and the failure of magical thinking, say.

Likely? I suspect not, as the Kingdom of God is into growing, not shrinking. There is no all-powerful state in Africa (outside of Eritrea) that can properly oppress the inhabitants, and the place is just too poor for European-scale warfare.

Moreover, technology is now on a decentralizing path, while the killer State needs to centralize power to properly exterminate and enslave its own inhabitants and citizens.

You can’t return to the past. The Greeks (and the picture at the top of this post) is a lie: history does not repeat itself. There is progress, and a better world is being build.

(Slowly, but with less pain over time. Less failure, more success, day by day.)

(19a) Exponential growth can be very powerful. On current trends, Mormons may account for majorities in wide swathes of the rural American West by the early 22nd century.

(19b) There were 31,000 Haremin in Israel and 19,000 Amish in the US in 1952. Today, there are 1,126,000 Haredim in Israel and 343,000 Amish in the US.

If pagan Mormons and Haremin obey the commandment to be fruitful and multiply, while believing Christians refuse to obey the commandment, then it is the Mormons and the Haremin who will reap the rewards.

Believe it!

(22a) Normiecons won’t like this, but generous parental leave & child support appear to be far better than banning abortion & social conservatism so far as promoting higher fertility and disincentivizing dysgenic reproduction patterns goes in First World countries.

(22b) To illustrate the previous point, in the last few years:

* Czech TFR: 1.5-1.7

* Polish TFR: 1.3-1.5

Czechia is Europe’s most atheist country & has highest number of porn stars per capita (but very based on migration). Poland is very holy – but it doesn’t seem to do it much good.

Ah yes, the Free Stuff trap, to build up that tax base.

Somehow, it fails to convince me. And when the Free Money dries up?

Better to earn your own bread, and not be beholden to The Leader and The State.

As for Poland? It isn’t the Leadership or the State that determines if a nation is holy, or even the votes of the electorate. It is the behaviour of the general population.

A disobedient population is not holy, by definition. Regardless of pious words and religious paraphernalia.


(23) Twitter demographer @Cicerone973 has been tracking an apparent “baby bust” that has affected nearly the entirety of the developed world since 2015.

There are no good explanations for it. My best guess is that since it is happening to almost everyone, it would probably have to be some recent cultural phenomenon that shifts fertility preferences downwards (or delays them). Tinder?

The enemies of God vanish, leaving the land to those who fear Him.

Just as it should be.

(24) The Imperium of Man in Warhammer 40K has long been in the Age of Malthusian Industrialism.

Think about it.

Every year, billions of Imperial Guards and dozens of planets are lost in wars, to Exterminatus, to democidal robots, bioconstructs, and eldritch abominations. It is also run by superstitious cretins (*blam*). Nonetheless, it doesn’t have any particular demographic problems, new planets always being settled.

And in another fictional universe, Marxism works.


Not that I have anything against fictional universes, per se. But I don’t confuse them with the real world.