Vicious Strategies and Snake-Churches

When Planned Parenthood adopted a strategy to win the debate on abortion and establish the legal right for women to have abortions on demand, it asked a strategic question: “From where will our strongest opposition come?” The organization anticipated that opposition would come most fiercely from the Roman Catholic Church. In order to offset the impact of the Roman community, Planned Parenthood adopted a strategy to encourage Protestant churches to support a woman’s right to abortion on demand. It encouraged the use of the mantras “A woman’s right to choose” and “A woman’s right over her own body.” A further part of the strategy was to use the slogan “prochoice” rather than “pro-abortion.” In other words, the effort to legalize abortion on demand was wrapped in the flag of personal liberty.

The Planned Parenthood strategy was eminently successful. For the most part, the mainline liberal churches backed the feminist crusade in favor of “choice.” What was most distressing was the silence of evangelical churches, churches committed to the authority of the Bible and the classical Christian faith. It took many years for the evangelical church to come to a consensus on the evil of abortion but, more tragically, many evangelical churches still refuse to speak out against the destruction of babies made in the image of God. — R.C. Sproul, The Voice of the Church

Satan ain’t stupid.

Incredibly short-sighted, yes. Congenitally unable to differentiate his desires from reality, yes.

But stupid? In relation to a deep understanding of human psychology, the human spirit, human lust, cunning, cruelty, laziness, fearfulness, and self-deception?

Not in the slightest.

And his more sharper tools ain’t stupid, either.

As for the evangelical and Protestant churches who simply refuse to stand against him – and so, choose to be used by him – God will judge.



The Provider, the Professor, and the Protector

From PJMedia’s Masculinity Is the Solution to Weinstein-Like Scandals in Hollywood

Last year, I released a book on masculinity in which I outlined, among other things, the three roles of men: the Provider, the Professor, and the Protector.

It’s the last of these that Ross brings up, and she’s right. It does apply perfectly.

It seems that Weinstein’s behavior was an open secret in Hollywood; it’s highly likely that many of those saying they knew nothing about his proclivities were actually well aware of them. Through it all, we’ve seen only a handful of cases of anyone doing or saying anything.

Brad Pitt is reported to have threatened Weinstein with a “Missouri whooping” after the producer pulled his act with Pitt’s then-girlfriend Gwyneth Paltrow. Seth MacFarlane admits a joke he made at Weinstein’s expense while hosting the Oscars was made out of malice.

That’s about it.

Pitt did nothing else about Weinstein — he even worked with him on projects later. I’d be willing to give MacFarlane a pass because he only admits to knowing one of the victims, one who asked him not to retaliate in any way.

In all of Hollywood, those are about the only cases we see of any man being willing to stand up to Weinstein in any way, and they did nothing particularly meaningful.

While many look at the men of Hollywood as the pinnacle of masculinity, they’re wrong.

Developing a muscular physique and perfect hair is not what it takes to act like a real man. Delivering on that “Missouri whooping” Pitt offered would have been a start.

At the very least, a real man would have stepped up and told the world about Weinstein. But the idea of masculinity has been warped, so that most of these Hollywood men didn’t even realize that standing up for Weinstein’s victims was their responsibility as males.

Tom Knighton speaks the truth here.

But before we judge Hollywood – and it must be judged – we have to cleanse ourselves first, as a judge may not be guilty of the same sin that he is judging.

This requires a desire for holiness and righteousness that is greatly lacking from Western Christians, especially from our leadership.

(And the leadership reflects the laity…)

God WILL expand His Kingdom, and He WILL find men to expand it. If we refuse, then we will be treated as worthless servants, and another man chosen.

Note that to go against Weinstein would require a price to be paid… a price no man, and none of the women, felt was worth paying.

This is to be expected of the godless: but it is surprising and saddening that none of the (exceedingly few) Christians in Hollywood was willing to pay the price to uphold the Will of God.

We still have a LONG way to go, before gaining the victory over the Enemy.

The White Megacity

And so, we have happily proclaiming that Moscow is going to be the last white megacity.


I will point out here that there was a time, before race-based Darwinism dominated the Western mind, when there were dozens of ‘white megacities’. The white people at the time simply got married young, bore children, welcomed them whole-heartedly, and raised them up as best they could.

Now, after they reject both the commands and the gifts of God, these Darwinists wonder why they are being disinherited from the land by those peoples who have no use for Darwin, but greatly value children.


Alinsky Laughed

From Bojidar Marinov:

For another example of the same principle, here is a Christian civilization where most people have gone to church and have mouthed various Christian doctrines, and yet this is really not part of their experience because they haven’t lived it. Their church experience has been purely a ritualistic decoration. … Christianity is beyond the experience of a Christian-professing-but-not-practicing population. … In mass organization, you can’t go outside of people’s actual experience. I’ve been asked, for example, why I never talk to a Catholic priest or a Protestant minister or a rabbi in terms of the Judaeo-Christian ethic or the Ten Commandments or the Sermon on the Mount. I never talk in those terms. Instead I approach them on the basis of their own self-interest, the welfare of their Church, even its physical property. If I approached them in a moralistic way, it would be outside their experience, because Christianity and Judaeo-Christianity are outside of the experience of organized religion. They would just listen to me and very sympathetically tell me how noble I was. And the moment I walked out they’d call their secretaries in and say, “If that screwball ever shows up again, tell him I’m out.
–Saul D. Alinsky

Even a Satanist knows that God is not mocked… and knows that our super-pious ministry-industrial complex pastorate & seminary system is mocking Him.

Their spiritual (and therefore cultural; and then, finally, political) powerlessness and their groveling subservience to powerful right-wing politicians shows what they actually have put their faith in – powerful men, the strength of money and man-made laws. Barely differentiated from the open hero-worship of the Greeks.

God expects better from His people. Certainly, He has punished us severely, but there is no repentance. Death awaits… and hell beyond that.

No need to worry about the Gospel: God will raise up new and better instruments to expand His Kingdom. His treasonous servants, on the other hand, had better watch out.

In Matthew, Jesus has quite a lot to say about such men. Those Christians in leadership positions had better take another read of the material: but this time, looking for personal application, instead of just sermon material.

“Do You See Me?”: Christian Seminary, Islamic Law

A particularly disgusting business is the punishment of a rape victim by The Master’s Ceremony, as described by the victim’s blog, Do You See Me?

Who are these people? Are they Muslims — another Power-Worshiping religion — who are quite happy to punish rape victims, as the entity they worship demands?

It isn’t their pious Christian words that matter. It’s if they uphold the commandments of God: as summarized in Micah,

He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, and to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God? – Micah 6:8

Where’s the mercy here? Where’s the righteousness? Where’s the humility?

Pastor John MacArthur, you — and the people with you — had better repent. God has a reputation for protecting the weak and the despised, and He will uphold it.

Especially when it is those who claim to uphold His Holy Name are the ones busy defiling it.

The Tragic Story of a Rape Victim from the Masters College as Led by John MacArthur Who was Allegedly Ordered to Repent to her Rapist for Inciting her Sexual Assault for being a Woman

More on this later…

Wondering Eagle

A dark story out of John MacArthur’s The Masters College leads to this quick post. A rape victim was forced out of John MacArthur’s school and allegedly ordered by Rick Holland to apologize to her rapist for making him stumble. This is a sick, and dark story but it also helps one understand why John MacArthur was so silent on the SGM child sex abuse scandal. 

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