Anno 2070

This game came out on November 11, 2011 – the same day as Skyrim. So, it was cast into the shade, so far as the public is concerned.

This is unfortunate, as it is a pretty good near-future city-builder game. It serves as a solid colony-founder simulation, as the earlier Anno releases simulated the establishment of settlements during the European colonial era.

What I disliked is the modern opposition of production and environmental goals. Most games need conflict, and ‘the gentle environmentalists vs the war-like corporations’ is less incendiary than other possibilities. Moreover, large corporations certainly do support conflict, especially when they are subsided (directly or not) by the State. I remain suspicious of the happy-happy Eco, though…

I am confident that we can be more productive while showing respect for other people’s property rights: this includes their right to the environment they enjoyed when they bought their property. We are far more productive than the Victorian industrialists, yet our environment is also far healthier. I believe that both trends will continue into the indefinite future.

What I like most about Anno 2070 is the music – yes, even more than the Eco building designs or the setting. Links to my favourite tunes are at the bottom of this blog.

One of the tracks is titled “God Smiles”: it is a gentle, wistful dirge to our mortality. I suppose that some will insist that it points to the futility of our lives. It reminds me that I have only have a finite amount of time – a few more decades, God willing – to reach some of my basic goals before I die. One of the better things that an immortal life without sin is that we have the time to finally get some serious work done!

Little Humans 

Feeling strong

Open, Loving

Some doin’ wrong

Little Humans

Running away

Breaking, fading

Made of clay

Little Humans

Acting strange

Dominions fading
but they won’t change

Worlds turn

Lifelines burn

And high above
, a thousand miles..
God smiles.

Little Humans

Want to last

Building, carving

Life ends too fast

Little Humans

Flesh and bone

Searching, Fearing to
be alone

Worlds turn

Lifelines burn

And high above
, a thousand miles…
God smiles.


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