To the stars!

Welcome to my new blog, Across the Stars!

Here, I’ll share my thoughts on building a better future, as a Christian and as a sci-fi fan.

I believe that we are meant by God to cross the stars, to see His many treasures there and to build new glories as well. But to reach the stars, we are going to have to draw closer to Him, uphold His will, and follow His direction.

The Dominion Covenant – Genesis 1:26-28 – mentions that we have dominion over land and sea and air: it does not mention the airless void. I don’t believe that we will ever be truly at home in the silent void, but we can theoretically spread life  to other worlds. If we can, and if God permits it in this heaven and this earth (rather than the new heavens and earth), then I believe that we should. I believe that turning lifeless worlds to living worlds pleases God. But first, we need to at least try.

The stars are a distant and difficult destination, and it will be a hard road to get there: present-oriented thinking, assorted forms of socialism, infinite  amounts of centralized political power,  and pervasive hostility to God, family and liberty just aren’t going to cut it. If we shackle ourselves with these crippling delusions, we will never be able to even breathe freely on a living Mars or Venus, never mind expand across the silent stars.

To get to our distant destination, we need to get on the right road today. We need a society where wickedness is suppressed, so allowing those who prefer good over evil to flourish. We need to see reality as it is, and not chase illusions. We need the freedom to make our own mistakes, the willingness to pay for those mistakes ourselves, and the wisdom to change our ways.

That is what this blog is about. I hope to publish some additional material as well, that will organize my thoughts and place it before my readers for consideration. I trust my fellow believers to accept what is good and reject what is bad, and so draw closer to expanding our faith from our hearts and minds, to illuminate the world in general.


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