Teens Pushing Science Forward… and the Implications

One of the things I most like about the Internet Reformation is the expansion of knowledge from a Tiny Elite to the Vast Masses.

Of course, most of the Masses are just going to use the Internet to chase down porn or first-person shooters. But, the 1% who want to really leverage the Internet to change the world can now easily find the tools they need to get it done.

By 2050 or so, after everyone has been hooked up to the ‘Net, we are going to discover that that 1% of the nine billion people alive at that era – or roughly 90 million people – is going to vastly outnumber the number of credentialed scientists out there. If we assume that 80% of these unregulated researchers never make a great discovery, and 80% of the remainder only make minor advances in science, that still leaves 360,000 groundbreaking researchers to reshape the world.

As is typical, it is the young who are leading the way here, and not the hide-bound old fogeys who are still tied to paper.

Take Angela Zhang, for example:

or Jack Andraka:

The future is looking good.

And we aren’t even touching widespread 3D printing, or cheap energy, or robotic advances, or extended lifespans. Toss those goodies in the hopper, and I’m going to get sunburn from how bright things are going to get!

Now, getting from here to there is going to be a lot more painful than it had to be, because of the rampant incompetence of Our Financial Masters. The collapse of the welfare state is absolutely inevitable, but a lot of people are going to get hurt by it: same deal with our lying banking system.

The financial ugliness to come is real, so get ready for it. But the promised land beyond the desert is real too, and it’s worth the pain to get from here to there.

Advise to my Christian brothers:

  • Get a second job, part-time. Hopefully on the internet, so it’s portable if you need to get a move on.
  • If you have kids, teach them to be entrepreneurs, preferably on the ‘Net. Teach them to do their own research, like the young folks on the videos here. “Sell electrons, not atoms”. Or at least, get training in the services, like auto repair, plumbing, or electrical wiring. Some high-end work still require attending university in person (like surgery), but in general a university degree is just a job hunting license. Have your kids get one as cheaply as possible on-line.
  • Money is very good as capital, and a useful education is even better: but the critical capital your kids need is moral capital, from honesty to a serious work ethic. You won’t get this capital from the public schools: you need to homeschool (or join the better Christian schools) if you want your children to get it.

The Compassionate Ones who rule us (for now) believe in a pyramid social structure, with the IQ 150 types at the top, assisted by the 120 types, who rule the rest. I believe that merely raising the average believer’s intelligence from the mean (IQ 100) to, say, 110, is more than enough to shatter the chains that bind us to the Incompetent Ones. The entire world is shifting to a decentralized order: there is no need for some kind of violent socialist coup to build a better society, in your county, where you live.

Leave the dying, decadent empire to its sad and inevitable end. Go local, make yourself useful to your neighbours, take responsibility, and lead.

Even with the innate advantages of the wave of technology and freedom coming in, we are going to have to work long and hard, for decades, to truly reap the rewards. The youngsters in the video did not waste their time worrying about the End Times: they got to work. We need to learn from their example, and do the same.

It is high time that Christians started to deliver results that please God, in this world, for His glory and for the blessing of all, believers and unbelievers alike.


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