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Roger Bacon

Really, you should just read the article itself. But just to hit the highlights…

Bacon studied at Oxford under the eminent Bishop of Lyons, Robert Grosseteste, who advocated the study of nature as evidence of the Creator….

Roger Bacon is rightly honored as being one of the fathers of the scientific method, fully 300 years before it became popular (largely through the philosophical writings of another but unrelated Bacon, Sir Francis, also a Bible believer). While others in the thirteenth century were content with superstition, habit and acceptance of authority, Bacon saw the value of glorifying God through study of the world….

While other cultures achieved successes in engineering or medicine through pragmatism, luck or necessity, Bacon’s point was philosophical (philo=love, soph=wisdom); he valued knowledge not just for its practical benefits, but for its own intrinsic value both as a means of avoiding error and for understanding the mind of God….

This day is dawning again, methinks. Sure, some things are reserved for God alone: but there is so much that we could learn more about, but we haven’t bothered to put in the effort to master it.

If you are going to get all of the Divine wisdom that you an grasp, you first must accept that it exists. Once this is done, we can start making some excellent progress!


Why go to the stars?

We are living in a world where we will soon be able to gain every material thing we want, right here on earth.

We will have our 3D printers and near-free power (via LENRCold Fusion or methane hydrate – or even hot fusion!) and biotechnological (i.e. ageless and prefect health) revolutions and accelerating information technology (from cloud computing to brain transistors (or did I mean DNA transistors?) to advances in 3D transistors.

With all of these things at our fingertips by 2100, why risk your life by going to the stars?

I’m working on the idea of a religious compulsion to spread life: an idea I’m trying to explore in Across the Stars, but I’m currently bogged down in working out the social/cultural preconditions for such a society. You need the invisible tools – from Property Rights to the Rule of Law to the idea of Progress – before you can get to the physical tools of spaceships and good radiation shielding.

If you replace the culturally neutered (i.e. mystified) word “spirit” with something sharper, like “logic” or “purpose”, the reason for the Bible’s emphasis on what is invisible (logic, goals, information, organization, even righteousness and justice and self-sacrifical love) over the physical world becomes readily apparent.

In a post-scarsity environment, atoms, stuff, and things are cheap. Even energy will be very cheap. Ideals, motivation, commitment, and self-discipline are expensive.

“It is the Spirit who gives life; the flesh profits nothing; the words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.”

This is especially true when you realize that in a post-scarsity, ageless environment of universal perfect health,  only likely threat to your ageless life for thousands of years are other human beings.

“Other humans are far more likely to kill you than aliens from space. Humans close to you are more likely to kill you than humans far away. And finally, your family and friends are a greater threat than strangers on the street.”

The Bible emphasis love and justice far more than power and control. The law is not a tool of state or a road to salvation in the Christian view, but just a tool to suppress evil. There are good reasons for this.


Any interstellar civilization must deal with the problem of violence and crime: a very important point, assuming starships that can easily kill a world.

I don’t have a solid answer to this problem yet, but the good men at Creation Evolution Headlines has given me some food for thought in their response to evolutionary claims of an “evil gene” that makes men wicked.

Right here, though, I want to focus on their response to evolutionary doctrine:

Evolutionists need to get out of their ivory towers in academia and visit a church.  If they really want to see the power of God to change lives, they should look into some of the dynamic prison ministries conducted by Bible-believing churches.  The vibrant prison ministry at Grace Baptist of Santa Clarita, California is just one example.  The results of their bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into minimum– and maximum-security prisons are so astonishing, city officials welcome them into the jails and want their efforts to expand all around Los Angeles.  Guards watch in amazement as former riotous, dangerous inmates turn meek as lambs, truly repentant for their crimes, hungry for the word of God, eagerly listening to the preachers and inviting their fellow inmates to come.  When they get out, most of them stay out, without the high recidivism rates that plague secular programs.  Lives are being transformed by the gospel every day. Even today, April 26, Grace Baptist church is helping reconcile inmate fathers with their children, bring tears of joy to broken families.

The late Chuck Colson with his Prison Fellowship ministry saw similar results around the world, in some of the worst prisons.  One particular prison in South America, known as a hopeless death trap, turned into a cathedral of light when the gospel came.  These stories were told by Colson and Nancy Pearcey in How Now Shall We Live?   Need proof of God’s existence?  Watch His power to make saints out of sinners through His gift of salvation and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

What does evolution offer, by contrast?  “Tough Luck.  They can’t help themselves.  They’re genetically conditioned to do what they do, so don’t hold them responsible.  They’re pawns in evolutionary games.  It’s all just a big game anyway.  Turn ‘em all loose.”  Failed evolutionary theories have left a long trail of suffering that blames society, leaves the victims heartbroken and angry, and offers no hope for the perpetrators.  You can read about the history of these useless, harmful, ugly theories and their bitter consequences in Darwin Day in America by John West.

Scientists can test physical laws in the lab, but they cannot fathom the human heart.  While evolutionists continue to write useless, speculative books about what they don’t understand, doing no good to anyone, Christian ministers are bringing the power of God into prison and are seeing miraculous results.  It makes sense that the Maker knows what man needs.   Darwin or Christ: choose you this day whom you will serve.

The response stresses the availability of hope and restoration for the criminal. This provides an alternate path for future evil empires, as well as evil men.

However, how can we hinder men from such wickedness in the first place? By the time some future-Nazi killers repent, there could be hundreds of murdered worlds in the name of Race or God or Equality. It’s entirely too easy to kill, very difficult to restore, and impossible to resurrect the dead (at least if your righteousness isn’t on the scale of a world-historical Prophet (Elijah), Apostle (Peter & Paul), or God-in-the-Flesh (Jesus Christ)).

On the other hand, Jesus did say “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” John 14:12. Just looking around you, you can see cars and planes, and I’m using the Internet right now.

Now, you don’t have to believe in God to do these things: but you need to have Christian presuppositions to do it. You need a reasonable, well-organized universe; trust that the universe is essentially beneficent; that there is only one God (and thus one law of physics); and that the Laws of the Universe are unchanging. To spread the inventions to help many lives, you need not just science, but capitalism too. Capitalism demands divine law to work, from the prohibition against cheating, to the need for stable money, to the legitimate use of interest, to the willingness of workers to serve their employers well, and owners to serve the customers well.

Socialists have led a huge revolt against God, a revolt that is now petering out. The fascist, crony-capitalist systems we are in now won’t last much longer, especially when the governments decide to default. And with the coming death of the welfare state, trust in God (rather than trust in politicians) is going to experience an upsurge.

Serving parents, happy parents

It is good to have a basic Christian truth verified by a scientific study, as well as experience, but in the end the truth is the truth, whether or not the ever-fickle white-coat priesthood decides to support it or not.

What’s more interesting is determining why this is true. The core answer is ‘because God built the universe this way’. But why did He do so? Why is He more glorified by the sacrifice of His Son, rather than just burning all humanity in hell? Why did Jesus give His life as a seed, so the world would be saved? Why is it better to give than to receive?

The idiots who currently rule have no interest in even asking the question, and no way to get an answer.

I hope that, once the evolutionary/materialist paradigm is decisively ditched, Christian researchers can get good answers to these questions.

Application: Knowing why the living universe is heavily grounded in love does not directly apply to space exploration – not to the engines, not to interstellar communication, not to life support.

Instead, sacrificial love is the reason for going to space in the first place, either by observing the glories of God, or by spreading life (and implicitly, love) across the cosmos.

Love is the reason for the expansion of life across the Cosmos.


One of the major problems of the day is the lack of empathy. Reading this article from Juicy Ecumenism, I learn that many students, long exposed to perversity, are no longer motivated to help another, even if the other is a friend who got drunk who is being raped. Nor will they get involved in even identifying the rapists.

First, the article quotes from the article Parents or Prisons:

A free society needs people with consciences. The vast majority of people must obey the law voluntarily. If people don’t conform themselves to the law, someone will either have to compel them to do so or protect the public when they do not. It costs a great deal of money to catch, convict, and incarcerate lawbreakers — not to mention that the surveillance and monitoring of potential criminals tax everybody’s freedom if habitual lawbreakers comprise too large a percentage of the population.

The basic self-control and reciprocity that a free society takes for granted do not develop automatically. Conscience development takes place in childhood. Children need to develop empathy so they will care whether they hurt someone or whether they treat others fairly. They need to develop self-control so they can follow through on these impulses and do the right thing even if it might benefit them to do otherwise.

All this development takes place inside the family. Children attach to the rest of the human race through their first relationships with their parents. They learn reciprocity, trust, and empathy from these primal relationships. Disrupting those foundational relations has a major negative impact on children as well as on the people around them. In particular, children of single parents — or completely absent parents — are more likely to commit crimes.

Without two parents, working together as a team, the child has more difficulty learning the combination of empathy, reciprocity, fairness, and self-command that people ordinarily take for granted. If the child does not learn this at home, society will have to manage his behavior in some other way. He may have to be rehabilitated, incarcerated, or otherwise restrained. In this case, prisons will substitute for parents.

This society has waged war against the family, and they have successfully drained of all meaning in the eyes of the majority. The same-sex marriage crowd is only the point at the end of the road.

Continuing with Juicy Ecumenism:

Alan Jacobs in the essay cited above quotes Paul Griffiths who wrote concerning the redefinition of marriage, “What the pagans need on this matter is conversion, not argument; and what the Church ought do to encourage that is to burnish the practice of marriage [by Christians] until its radiance dazzles the pagan eye.”

Christians living lives of empathetic, sacrificial love, enjoying beautiful marriages and nurturing, caring families (big, nurturing, caring families) are first priority.

Beyond that Christian Smith found that not all teens and emerging adults are post-modern relativists. Approximately 15 percent are “committed traditionalists,” who “embrace a strong religious faith, whose beliefs they can reasonably well articulate and which they actively practice.” Developing outreach, discipleship, education programs and leadership training for this 15 percent should be our second priority.

OK, what does this have to do with reaching the stars, and wining a better future?

  1. First, to reach the stars, we need to be able to work together. We need to value the truth, and to value each other. Without this, it will be difficult to even leave the village, never mind stretch to encompass new worlds!
  2. Second, even when times are tough – and perhaps especially so – there is usually a Remnant to work with. Use that empathy, feel for the Remnant, and built them up. THOSE are the people – with those big and beautiful families – who will inherit the future. Not the sterile Power Elite of today, and not the porno-hungry failures of today, either.
  3. Third, a godly family has hope, and this hope leads to victory – after tough struggles. The Almighty State is rotting away as we speak, and when the welfare state dies, things will get rather ugly rather quickly. Sure, the governments of the day won’t hesitate to shred the laws in the mindless thrashing, killing and torturing any number of people to protect it’s authority. But, after legitimacy has died, using violence to retain power is just to costly and inefficient to succeed in the long term. When the mass-killers have abandoned ship, we will face several soulless violent gangs – but these short-sighted thugs are not nearly as dangerous as the Almighty State was.
  4. Fourth, self-discipline is the way to the future. Mindless animals have no hope, little empathy, and rely on the crowd or instinct to control themselves. Godly men have hope, empathy, and self-discipline. We will need the self-discipline, to do the long, hard, thankless work we must complete to build a better society after the Compassionate Elites finish raping it, leaving a broken civilization behind as they head laughingly to their graves. You cannot rely on weak, effeminate churches to lead: the house church movement is the way to the future, as our Chinese brethren have taught us. Never mind the hopelessly compromised politicians and judges!
  5. Fifth, we need godly fathers to lead our families. Things are going to get ugly, and without reliable, predictable public justice, or reliable, predictable teaching of the Law-Word of God, we need fathers to get the job done. These fathers must be hard men to the enemy, but strong and noble protectors of their families. This Christian patriarchy must link up with suitable fellow-believers, so we can all support, protect, and guard each other as the fake prosperity and ease of the Total State crumbles to the true poverty and agony of the spasm-death of the Total State.
  6. Sixth, we need love. The entire goal of the Total State and its secular supporters is to destroy marriage and family, so there is no love, only fear and lust. The pathetic substitutes of today’s puerile entertainment (which is supposed to replace a transcendent meaning and purpose) is no substitute for real, sacrificial, enduring love and faithfulness.
  7. Seven, we need God. This entire anti-life, anti-family culture is an explicit and conscious attempt to replace the Divine Order of Creation. The Total State is going to fall, so don’t trust in crumbling Idols of Power. It’s going to collapse not because of some massive uprising of the population, who can’t even get motivated enough to vote out the lying bastards so long as they promise free money, free health care, and no limits to pleasure. No, it’s going to fail of its own accord, due to it’s own innate incompetence and short-sightedness. Since the abject failure of the Total State is sure, don’t rest your hope on welfare payments, your guns and money, the love of the Compassionate Ones, or a bunch of other men with badges and guns. Focus on God, obey God, read and know and live your Bible, respect His Law-Word.

Jesus Christ said that His word gives Life.

He is speaking the truth.

Jesus Christ said that God is Love.

He wasn’t kidding.

“But now faith, hope, love, abide these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

PS: The reader may wonder why the desire to pervert and gut marriage and family, but still keep the empty shell. Why the fakery instead of a clean break? Why not just say “Marriage is a truly unbreakable union between man and wife, but it’s completely obsolete now”?

Well, as any truly rational man can tell you, you can cause far more damage with a fake version of the real thing. All men have the law ingrained in their heart, so – even as they suppress the truth – they want some simulation to comfort their restless consciences. After all, Liberals in Sweden attempted to completely abolish marriage in 2005, but failed. Not because of the spineless grovelling churches there, but because Swedish women dream of a white wedding, and they won’t let anyone hinder that dream.

Also, many (perhaps most) same-sex marriages are open marriages. That is, there is no claim to sexual exclusivity between the partners. Naturally, this defeats the entire purpose of marriage – as intended. No real marriages and no real family means no bonds of trust, and no centre of authority to challenge the will of Our Compassionate Elites – only isolated bastards, cruel and/or uncaring, and a comprehensive state, both cruel and uncaring.

Do these people that such a viscous and godless society is going to inherit the future? Really?

That’s not the way reality works, as any Russian (or even most Chinese) could tell you.

Beware of Smiling Liars

A nice little article from Rob Slane.

The bolded words are bolded by me, not by the original writer.

Now if I were a young person (not that I’m terribly ancient, but if I were younger than I am) I think I would start to smell something fishy going on here. “Why is it,” I’d be asking myself, “that after being told that marriage is outdated, pointless, stifling drudgery by the media and the state all our lives – why is it that suddenly they’re all telling us that marriage is a really really great idea. Why is it that having engineered a situation where the numbers of people getting married have steadily fallen, the numbers of divorces have reached epidemic proportions, cohabitation is the norm, and where we have been taught to scorn marriage as “just a piece of paper”, why is it that they’re suddenly telling us: “Hey kids! Marriage is really really cool?” Something doesn’t quite add up.


What the “piece of paper” does represent is a lifelong covenantal commitment by two people (we haven’t quite got to the stage of adding another party to the arrangement) to devote their lives to one another, to be faithful to one another come what may. It is a promise to sacrifice oneself on behalf of the other person and give oneself wholly to the care of that person. All of which means that all bone fide “marriage campaigners” must do the following:

1. Call for the repeal of the divorce laws which have made the dissolution of the covenantal union almost as easy as returning an unwanted item to a store.

2. Speak out against promiscuity and cohabitation

3. Condemn adultery in the same way the 7th commandment does

The Compassionate Ones despise marriage and family. A man and a woman, sworn to care for each other through thick and thin, bearing new children and having those children bond to God and mother and father (and not to The State and The People)… it makes the teeth of Our Leaders clench in hatred.

That’s why they have spent the last 50 years gutting the institution: and the current wave of same-sex unions is merely engineered to finish it off, to insure that ‘marriage’ remains an utterly meaningless term. The end goal has already arrived for many broken families, as they find that their marriage vows have far less meaning and far less strength than, say, the unshakable debts young college students (graduates or not) owe to the banks.

This end result deeply pleases the Power Elite.

Religion for Atheists

If they’re not spitting in your face and calling it rain, they’re calling you friend while handing you a particularly smelly “chocolate cake”.

As found in World’s column “Virtual Voices“, by Janie B. Cheaney:

A symposium published in the New Statesman last month surveyed the emerging wing of kinder, gentler unbelievers. They’re not actually new, any more than the hardnosed variety represented by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens were. Amiable condescenders have been around as long as militant absolutists. The latter demand truth, while the former seek meaning—to which, like it or not, religion is the easiest route.

Personally, I don’t think they care spit about “some culturally-determined version of ‘the truth'”. Instead, I’m quite confident that they are merely looking for more effective control techniques for the general population. It seems that talking about The People or Democracy isn’t useful: while Equality is still useful (gotta love the power of envy!), the delicious taste of driving Christian beliefs to the ground isn’t particularly invigorating or empowering anymore: not because of the failure of this drive, but because of the overwhelming success of it.

Fighting Muslims in Europe for the next two centuries or so just doesn’t give the raw pleasure that crushing Christians does. And, with the welfare state visibly aging and weakening, what’s a proper Total State Rationalist to do?

Keep the form, and rape the substance.

Say a lot of pretty words, wear a lot of pretty robes, do a lot of pretty ceremonies. When the welfare-state money runs out, maybe a lot of misty-magic blather about The True Unity of Mankind will keep the drones obedient to their betters! I can hear the nauseating waves of hollow, spineless, moralistic cant from here…

Jesus [said] that you will know God when you obey Him (John 7:17)—indicating first of all that there is a God to know. If not, the center does not hold—all the happy talk about the “beautiful, touching, and wise” is spun sugar to be ground down by the ugly, the heartless, and the powerful. A world built on natural selection will die by natural selection. Truth pierces both heart and mind, or it’s no truth at all.

I have always preferred the hard-core atheists – the Nietzscheans, the Eugenicists, the Marxists, the Nihilists, the Racial Darwinists, the Social Darwinists – to the mealy-mouthed babblers who Deeply Desire to Keep the Best Parts of our Primitive Ignorant Delusions of the Past.

After you have fought your way past the candy-coated condescending prattle, you will discover that Elite-despised Christian ideals – from ‘marriage’ to ‘compassion’ – are to be filled with new meaning, to better strengthen the power of Our Betters, who Only Want to Help…