Enforcing the Consensus

In life you will find that declared skeptics – like in TheSkepticalZone – are actually quite selective in their skepticism.

Certain ideals – like insisting that sophisticated order demands a mind to create that order – will be attacked from every direction possible.

Certain other ideas – like the claim that everything we see before us, including our own minds, are nothing but the product of random chance – is easily swallowed by skeptics, despite the sheer impossibility of so many lucky breaks, piled upon lucky breaks, topped with even more lucky breaks.

(But don’t you DARE call it a miracle!)

Finally, these deep skeptics are quite willing to pull highly unethical stunts to protect their supposed ‘skeptical understanding’ of the universe…

…while endlessly bleating on and on and on about their scientific integrity, their willingness to entertain all points of view, their love of the truth wherever it may lead, etc.

A comprehensive pack of lies, naturally. As demonstrated by their actions, peer approval is far more important than the truth.

Peer approval – entrance into the supposed Inner Circle of the Intellectual Elite – is more important than even control of the purse strings, or academic approval. It’s peer approval that drives the vigorous (of slowly fracturing) suppression of truths that run contrary to the Official Paradigm, and it’s the hunger to enter the Inner Circle that drives Christians to do any old thing to gain the approval of those who despise their God.

The Stomp on Jesus incident, like the Sewell Suppression incident at The Skeptical Zone, is merely the tip of the iceberg. As Gary North pointed out elsewhere, this act of sacrilege is designed to break your will to resist. Once you do it, you have publicly broken your allegiance to God – and have set up some idol in His place.

Note that this exercise is part of a textbook, Intercultural Communications class titled Intercultural Communication: A Contextual Approach, 5th Edition. I recommend that you don’t hold your breath, waiting for any academic textbook to ask students to stomp on any Protected idea or Protected activity.

They know who their enemy is.

The one student who objected to this was a Mormon. I respect that Mormom – but I am filled with shame when thinking of the Christians in the room.

The anti-Christian drones who control our incompetent and oppressive (dis)education system are also in control of our economy. All forms of rebellion against God leads to poverty and ignorance: but if we keep faith in God, we can rejoice when the dying economy (which others will curse) frees us to rebuild a better and more glorious Christendom…

…while the tax-based academic system dries up and blows away.

Once again, we shall look at the stars in wonder, and search freely for ALL the truths that help us better understand them.

As God intended.


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