I just read a great post on Samuel on American Vision. I think that it’s definitely worth your time, too.

One bit I want to focus on is this:

4. Patience, my friend

When we retain a faithful witness, we put the enemy on the defensive. He may still ridicule and revolt, but we can rest assured that God will bring His will to pass in due time. This is where patience becomes our friend. Biblical worldview and Christian reconstruction teach us to have a multi-generational outlook. Unlike Phinehas’ despondent wife, who branded the next generation with despair, we must face declining society with optimism at the opportunities that are to come. We respond not by despairing, but by preparing. And this requires that we act faithfully now, and that we do so even when it seems pointless and hopeless to us in the immediate present.

There are many good and noble reasons to stand by God’s word. It can be the desire for real justice, or the aspiration of a better destiny than mere sex and power and money. Some simply want to find a worthy Lord to worship and serve – and make no mistake, we’re all serving someone or something else. And others desire a real future, a future worth fighting for.

All these are good reasons for worshipping both Father and Son. You can tag me under the last bit, in search of a better land than this one.

I am utterly confident that we can be better than we are, but we need to fight to be what we should become. I feel that there can be good Christian arguments that the stars may not be for us in this era, but I strongly believe that we should at least try to reach them.

And we simply aren’t going to reach them if we despise the God who made and named them. We have to show respect for the Creator, treat Him and his word seriously, earnestly work to truly understand the Mind that wrought this universe, if we are going to be permitted to gain access to the secrets that will let us reach our inheritance. CHrist is the King of the heavens, and I believe that they are meant to live.

The idiots who currently run this society are visibly running it to the ground. It will be up to us to turn things around. Who else is going to get the job done?

And when they fail, we need to have real answers – for worship yes, but also for the economy, for the environment, for international relations, for families, for war and for peace.

Christians must accept that the decline in civilization is a theological failure first and foremost. The pulpits and the people need to repent and return to God’s word to answer their worldview questions: sovereignty, authority, law, sanctions, inheritance.

We can’t waste any more time in rationalizing self-seving delusions to puff up ourselves. We need to turn to God, Who made all good things, and Who even brings life and definition to the very idea of the Good with His every move and word.

Our forefathers sold us out in the name of easy living, and we are going to have to work hard and long to get back to right living. I for one expect a lot of hardship to be poured out on the West: while out-and-out starvation may be avoided, many will be childless, friendless, jobless, hopeless.

We must have God in our hearts, even to know which way leads up to heaven, and which way leads down to hell. And to hear what He says, we need the Bible. And not as some magic totem, but as the guide to what is right and true – every word of it, from Genesis to Revelation.

“He who hates me loves death,” God says. This society has chosen death, but we who love GOd must choose life, and endure till the shackles of the dead are loosed from our ankles, our hands, and our necks. How can we bring life to the universe, if we accept death in our hearts? No: we must welcome the Holy Spirit into our hearts, and as He cleans our hearts, life and love can flow from our hearts to our families, our towns, our nations, and – I believe – even to the stars.

That day is coming: get ready.

Under our first application, we noted that Samuel had reacted faithfully by preaching the Word and also by his patience. We also noted previously that the historical window would stretch twenty years before his preaching and preparations would have any impact. We must have the same mentality. We have no idea what God intends to accomplish or when he intends to accomplish it: it could be tomorrow, it could be twenty years from now. But we do know for certain the standards He has called us to live by. Let us cling to the certain and leave the timing up to Him. And if He will twenty or forty years of suffering to pass, then we will preach the truth and prepare for twenty or forty years. He who trusts wholeheartedly in the Lord, can remain patient for millennia, for patience is nothing short of an active faith that never loses hope, and yet never compromises its focus. With that in place, nothing any enemy can do will startle us, and we will always know where to turn when there are questions or temporary setbacks.


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