Centralization and its Discontents

First, this:

Invest 4 minutes to this video. If it’s right — and it is — then what is the solution?

One word: decentralization. I hope not this word: disintegration.

Two words: county rights.

It means that everything else is tinkering. It means that nothing fundamental will change. It means that any attempt to reform the system will fail.

It means that national politics is a waste of our time. It means that the Powers That Be keep Americans amused by screening the candidates in rigged elections in which they can’t lose and we can’t win. Ever.

Then, this: “WPost reporter explains her personal Gosnell blackout

We have a centralized media blackout on certain topics, and full-thrust media promotion on certain other topics.

County Rights is a start, but decentralization will have to cover more than this…


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