Religion for Atheists

If they’re not spitting in your face and calling it rain, they’re calling you friend while handing you a particularly smelly “chocolate cake”.

As found in World’s column “Virtual Voices“, by Janie B. Cheaney:

A symposium published in the New Statesman last month surveyed the emerging wing of kinder, gentler unbelievers. They’re not actually new, any more than the hardnosed variety represented by Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris, and the late Christopher Hitchens were. Amiable condescenders have been around as long as militant absolutists. The latter demand truth, while the former seek meaning—to which, like it or not, religion is the easiest route.

Personally, I don’t think they care spit about “some culturally-determined version of ‘the truth'”. Instead, I’m quite confident that they are merely looking for more effective control techniques for the general population. It seems that talking about The People or Democracy isn’t useful: while Equality is still useful (gotta love the power of envy!), the delicious taste of driving Christian beliefs to the ground isn’t particularly invigorating or empowering anymore: not because of the failure of this drive, but because of the overwhelming success of it.

Fighting Muslims in Europe for the next two centuries or so just doesn’t give the raw pleasure that crushing Christians does. And, with the welfare state visibly aging and weakening, what’s a proper Total State Rationalist to do?

Keep the form, and rape the substance.

Say a lot of pretty words, wear a lot of pretty robes, do a lot of pretty ceremonies. When the welfare-state money runs out, maybe a lot of misty-magic blather about The True Unity of Mankind will keep the drones obedient to their betters! I can hear the nauseating waves of hollow, spineless, moralistic cant from here…

Jesus [said] that you will know God when you obey Him (John 7:17)—indicating first of all that there is a God to know. If not, the center does not hold—all the happy talk about the “beautiful, touching, and wise” is spun sugar to be ground down by the ugly, the heartless, and the powerful. A world built on natural selection will die by natural selection. Truth pierces both heart and mind, or it’s no truth at all.

I have always preferred the hard-core atheists – the Nietzscheans, the Eugenicists, the Marxists, the Nihilists, the Racial Darwinists, the Social Darwinists – to the mealy-mouthed babblers who Deeply Desire to Keep the Best Parts of our Primitive Ignorant Delusions of the Past.

After you have fought your way past the candy-coated condescending prattle, you will discover that Elite-despised Christian ideals – from ‘marriage’ to ‘compassion’ – are to be filled with new meaning, to better strengthen the power of Our Betters, who Only Want to Help…



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