Any interstellar civilization must deal with the problem of violence and crime: a very important point, assuming starships that can easily kill a world.

I don’t have a solid answer to this problem yet, but the good men at Creation Evolution Headlines has given me some food for thought in their response to evolutionary claims of an “evil gene” that makes men wicked.

Right here, though, I want to focus on their response to evolutionary doctrine:

Evolutionists need to get out of their ivory towers in academia and visit a church.  If they really want to see the power of God to change lives, they should look into some of the dynamic prison ministries conducted by Bible-believing churches.  The vibrant prison ministry at Grace Baptist of Santa Clarita, California is just one example.  The results of their bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ into minimum– and maximum-security prisons are so astonishing, city officials welcome them into the jails and want their efforts to expand all around Los Angeles.  Guards watch in amazement as former riotous, dangerous inmates turn meek as lambs, truly repentant for their crimes, hungry for the word of God, eagerly listening to the preachers and inviting their fellow inmates to come.  When they get out, most of them stay out, without the high recidivism rates that plague secular programs.  Lives are being transformed by the gospel every day. Even today, April 26, Grace Baptist church is helping reconcile inmate fathers with their children, bring tears of joy to broken families.

The late Chuck Colson with his Prison Fellowship ministry saw similar results around the world, in some of the worst prisons.  One particular prison in South America, known as a hopeless death trap, turned into a cathedral of light when the gospel came.  These stories were told by Colson and Nancy Pearcey in How Now Shall We Live?   Need proof of God’s existence?  Watch His power to make saints out of sinners through His gift of salvation and the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit.

What does evolution offer, by contrast?  “Tough Luck.  They can’t help themselves.  They’re genetically conditioned to do what they do, so don’t hold them responsible.  They’re pawns in evolutionary games.  It’s all just a big game anyway.  Turn ‘em all loose.”  Failed evolutionary theories have left a long trail of suffering that blames society, leaves the victims heartbroken and angry, and offers no hope for the perpetrators.  You can read about the history of these useless, harmful, ugly theories and their bitter consequences in Darwin Day in America by John West.

Scientists can test physical laws in the lab, but they cannot fathom the human heart.  While evolutionists continue to write useless, speculative books about what they don’t understand, doing no good to anyone, Christian ministers are bringing the power of God into prison and are seeing miraculous results.  It makes sense that the Maker knows what man needs.   Darwin or Christ: choose you this day whom you will serve.

The response stresses the availability of hope and restoration for the criminal. This provides an alternate path for future evil empires, as well as evil men.

However, how can we hinder men from such wickedness in the first place? By the time some future-Nazi killers repent, there could be hundreds of murdered worlds in the name of Race or God or Equality. It’s entirely too easy to kill, very difficult to restore, and impossible to resurrect the dead (at least if your righteousness isn’t on the scale of a world-historical Prophet (Elijah), Apostle (Peter & Paul), or God-in-the-Flesh (Jesus Christ)).

On the other hand, Jesus did say “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” John 14:12. Just looking around you, you can see cars and planes, and I’m using the Internet right now.

Now, you don’t have to believe in God to do these things: but you need to have Christian presuppositions to do it. You need a reasonable, well-organized universe; trust that the universe is essentially beneficent; that there is only one God (and thus one law of physics); and that the Laws of the Universe are unchanging. To spread the inventions to help many lives, you need not just science, but capitalism too. Capitalism demands divine law to work, from the prohibition against cheating, to the need for stable money, to the legitimate use of interest, to the willingness of workers to serve their employers well, and owners to serve the customers well.

Socialists have led a huge revolt against God, a revolt that is now petering out. The fascist, crony-capitalist systems we are in now won’t last much longer, especially when the governments decide to default. And with the coming death of the welfare state, trust in God (rather than trust in politicians) is going to experience an upsurge.


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