The Auld Blogge: Mike Flynn’s Journal

I have recently discovered the Auld Blogge (yes, I saw that), and enjoyed the article Medieval Sci-fi. It looks like the medieval Christians were pretty sure that bizzarely-shaped nonhuman sophonts from Earth have souls:


The story of St Christopher from Ireland describes him thusly::
‘Now this Christopher was one of the Dogheads, a race that had the heads of dogs and ate human flesh. He meditated much on God, but at that time he could speak only the language of the Dogheads. When he saw how much the Christians suffered he was indignant and left the city. He began to adore God and prayed. “Almighty God,” he said, “give me the gift of speech, open my mouth, and make plain thy might that those who persecute thy people may be converted”. An angel of God came to him and said: “God has heard your prayer.”The angel raised Christopher from the ground, and struck and blew upon his mouth, and the grace of eloquence was given him as he had desired.’

St Christopher was baptized and abjured his erstwhile human-eating. As a result he gained human appearance before getting martyred.  Pay attention to that last: As a result of baptism, he “gained human appearance.”

Of course, this is different than space aliens: these dog heads (and other nonhuman sophonts) were thought to have been born and bred right here on Earth. Today, we had actually scoured the earth, and found some odd-looking types of humans (in European eyes), but no dogheads. We then dreamed up aliens in outer space, but we  – well, our Compassionate Masters anyways – also decided that there is no God, only billions of years of evolution. So, these aliens were supposed to prove that life can evolve elsewhere, without the special creation of Earth.

Except, if there was anyone out there, we would have known by now, given all these billions of years and the exploding pace of technological growth that we have gained.

(True: in a young universe, it is possible that God could have made low-tech sentient species on other worlds: but that is not what atheistic materialists want to hear. They want aliens rising by random chance, which implicitly means vast alien empires, meandering across the stars for millions of years. Except there isn’t a scrap of evidence for this.)

Once again, I will point out that the only aliens that will exist are the ones we ourselves will make. By our intelligent design, we probably will be able to make dog-men, or anything else. If the genetic code isn’t flexible enough – and I suspect that it’s a lot more complicated than we think – prosthetic technology is sure to jump forward in the coming years. AI is a reasonable possibility too, if you ignore the “self-awareness” aspect of it.

(How are you supposed to code for something you can’t even explain mathematically?)

The Auld Blogge is quite interesting from the Catholic Christian perspective. Even myself, a grimly optimistic Calvinist, find it quite educational. At the moment, the top post points to another blog, the TOF Spot, where Thomas Aquinas discusses the arguments of atheism.

Interesting, the actual logical arguments for atheism hasn’t changed much in the last few centuries: only the lust for untrammelled State Power has grown during that time.) And even that lust is going to suffer a serious kick in the gonads, after the secularists finish bankrupting the State via it’s Welfare State programs.

“The Answer Wiki” proclaimed that the most up-voted answers on the Quora presented the following arguments for atheism:

A lack of evidence for god.
Poor logic in arguments for god.
The evidence that contradicts claims for god’s existence.
A universe in which god exists does not make sense.

TOF’s Faithful Reader will immediately discern that none of these are arguments, but rather mere proclamations, rather like “Bible sez it; I believe it!” They do provide evidence of poor reasoning skills, however, in this, the twilight of the Modern Ages. Nietzsche was right, it appears, when he said that after the Death of God comes the Death of Reason.

Read the article yourself: it’s worth your time.


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