The Future of the Police

It’s going to be like this

Something like this – instead of our current Above-the-Law government police system – is needed to gain the stars.

“But what does private law enforcement have to do with interstellar colonization?”

  • Heading into space is very expensive: to reduce expenses and build the capital needed, we will need as many non-violent (or, at worse, highly-selective, individually-targeted, last resort violence) solutions as possible. Anything else means power-hungry governments cooly wiping out billions from orbit, then singing songs on TV about their greatness – to the fervent cheers of their supporters.

Going into space is Serious Business. Getting it wrong can easily send us back to the immediate post-Flood era, with eight living people in all of Creation, surrounded by bloated corpses.

  • We need the social self-organizational skills shown in this video. Decent people have got to be able to help each other, without waiting for the direction or the permission of Our Elected Representatives.
  • Profitable institutions need to voluntarily plow some of those profits back to the community. It cannot be done via taxes: that’s just some politician boasting about his righteousness while stealing money for the sake of himself and his friends. The kind of attitude that naturally promotes ‘giving back’ to the community by businessmen – without the assistance of our Political Masters requires solid spiritual capital.

The collectivists and socialists among us understand this, which is why they have been hard at work denigrating, undercutting, and destroying Christian society for the last few centuries. Spiritual capital, self-governance, personal discipline… all this requires the internal strength Christianity provides, and people who live like this don’t need Political Masters. Socialists, on the other hand, wants everyone to depend on “Friends of the People, who Only Have Our Best Interests At Heart.”

The kind of people who are going to spend their centuries bringing life to other worlds will either be self-adoring, power-hungry monsters or servants of God and Men. The power-hungry monsters will fail – regardless if they are waving hammer’n’sickles, stars and crescents, or crosses – but monsters with that kind of power will destroy innumerable lives before they fall. It is best that society be structured to inhibit and cripple their growth and influence as completely as possible, while speeding and magnifying their every flaw and mistake.

This societal design cannot come from a single mind: such visions are inevitably too simple, and to easy to subvert by the power-hungry. Also, one suspects that the ‘single brilliant mind’ authoring such visions has a strong taste for controlling others… it’s best not to let such Glorious Philosopher-Kings gain any kind of power over society, regardless of their promises and piety and Love of the People.

But free people working together, guided by the Holy Spirit, can do the job… IF they don’t get distracted by the waves of prosperity and public respect that naturally follows consistent obedience, as night follows day.


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