Let the little children come to Me

I have recently discovered an article on the importance of children in ministry: most people have made their decision regarding God by the time they are 13.

How does this tie to the future?

If we are to grow, we must have children, and we must raise them well. Their spirituality is grounded before they are 13 – just as their personality is set by the age of 3.

But their world is a good deal different than the world their parents were born in, for good and for ill.

Technology will change, society will be change, and the responsibility they will bear – due to their great power, especially as they master future technologies – will be great.

But while tools, technology, and the environment will change drastically, God’s nature, His law, His power and wisdom and judgement – that stays the same.

That’s why I like the Ron Paul Curriculum. Sure, it gives children a strong grounding in the foundations of freedom. But more important, it encourages children to do their own research, to learn independently, and even to start their own business on the Web.

So, children in 2200 may well be creating unique new animals as pets… but if they are guided by God’s Law in their heart, if they look on other people with love, and if they do not compromise God’s standards of holiness in their lives, they will grow to live truly noble and grand lives.

This is far better than drowning to death in a world of willful illusions, claiming to be gods and excepting themselves from the relentless march of Divine Judgement, the Law of Consequences. THAT road leads to an ugly and disgraceful death, no matter how much technology is at your fingertips.


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