Danger in 3D!

This is the most hysterical article I have read in quite a while.

Choice Quotes:

By using the instructions for Wilson’s invention, within a few hours, it is possible to make a weapon capable of killing people. Wilson calls it the “Liberator.”

The writer has obviously never been in a kitchen before, and has complete trust that the Authorities are the only ones to be trusted with guns. Having armed citizens will only lead to chaos!

For someone who is willing to bring terror and suffering to his country in the name of freedom, Wilson is surprisingly accommodating. He offers water and chocolate cookies.

I am envisioning an 80-year old grandma in my mind…

Once something is online, it can spread like the bird flu.

…Grandma has been using the Internet for about two, maybe three years now, so she knows to be careful…

The tour ends at the desk and the bed, with Wilson, surrounded by guns, socks and underwear, standing there with a look of expectation on his face. For him, a day without provocation is apparently a lost day.

Grandma is very disappointed in her naughty grandson.

Whey you ask Wilson why he does what he does, and whether his motives are perhaps political, he says that he is a libertarian. Radical adherents to this political movement see governments as the stuff of the devil. Wilson also refers to his weapon, the Liberator, as the “great equalizer” and claims it proves that gun control by the government is an illusion.

Libertarians see the government as the stuff of the devil. Governments see armed citizens as the stuff of the devil. We know what the reporter thinks!

Wilson could be seen as a lunatic. But he’s more than that: He has introduced a new danger into the world, one that’s invisible and free. His story illustrates the risks that accompany technological advances — not those occurring in the secret laboratories of dictators and warmongers, but in a neighbor’s living room.

Grandma has a secret love of those risqué Bond movies.

It was more money than Wilson and his friends had, so they decided to place their campaign on Indiegogo, a crowdsourcing platform for raising money, hoping for donations — charity for a deadly weapon.


He programmed his own website and called it “Defense Distributed.” He asked for donations — and he got them. They were mostly small amounts, but there were many of them — two-figure proof that there are many people in America who think the way Cody Wilson thinks.


Wilson wrote about it on his website. He didn’t know what to do. But a community that was growing by the day, a community of people who wanted to print their own guns.

Teamwork for the win!

The instructions for making the Liberator went online on the night of May 5. Weeks earlier, Wilson had said that he didn’t expect the files for the weapon to be available on his website for long. “If the Liberator works,” he wrote, “it’s only logical that government will fight it.”

He received a letter from the US Department of State on May 9. The head of the criminal prosecution arm of the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs accused him of violating the terms of the Arms Export Control Act. Until the charges had been fully investigated, Wilson was ordered to remove the files from his website immediately. Wilson complied. For him, whether or not the files are available for download is no longer important, nor is the State Department’s final decision. He has achieved what he set out to achieve.

The government bureaucrats, led by competent professionals who were rejected by high-paying corporations, continues to react with their accustomed level of effectiveness.

At this point, the files for the Liberator are not just on more than 100,000 computers around the world. They are also part of The Pirate Bay, a file-sharing network that can be described as a criminal special economic zone of global proportions.

Where are their papers? They don’t have the right papers!

Wilson disseminates the links to such videos on Twitter. He says that the story of the Liberator is like Wikipedia: an individual’s project becomes the cause of a global community.

This is only the beginning, Grandma,,,

He is already thinking about new project. He recently heard from another Texan who wants to collaborate with him. The man makes do-it-yourself drones.

Dreaming big is the American way.


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