The Sexual Revolution, Race, and the Future

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How we got here in a culture of large-scale official, sterile depravity is addressed by Gary North in his article “How the Culture Battles Were Lost. The War Continues.” as a partial response to Fred Reed’s “Surrender in the Culture War.

One of the sources Dr. North uses is an article from Touchstone Magazine, “Forty Years Wandering.” Unlike North, I see the crux of the seminal shift in sex and law here, not only with the rise of sex as recreation instead of reproduction, but with the destruction of law.

To quote from Touchstone:

Invented Doctrine

Government policy was set by default by an unhappy combination of Supreme Court decisions and tax-supported birth-control programs. President Johnson’s brief mention of population in his State of the Union message in January 1964 had been sufficient to stimulate would-be federal birth-control planners to start pushing.

They had a problem, however. Some states still had the remnants of nineteenth-century Comstock laws forbidding the distribution, sale, and use of contraceptive devices. Not to worry. The head of Planned Parenthood in New Haven, Connecticut, Estelle Griswold, had already filed suit against Connecticut, and on June 7 the Supreme Court ruled that laws against the use of contraceptives by married couples were unconstitutional.

Finding nothing specific in the Constitution against such laws, the Court invented its doctrine of the “penumbra” of the Fourteenth Amendment, which would have even more catastrophic effects eight years later in the Roe v. Wade decision. In 1970, Congress passed Title X to fund the distribution of contraceptives to all takers. In 1972, the Court ruled further in Baird v. Eisenstadt that laws against the sale of contraceptives to the unmarried were also unconstitutional. A year later, in Roe v. Wade, the Court struck down all state laws protecting pre-born human life.

Those in 1965 who sought to give a black underclass all the birth control that upper-class whites had been using—and for free!—thinking that it would solve the problems of illegitimacy, could scarcely have thought that their dreams would come true in less than five years. Nor could they have envisioned that easy access to abortion would be added to the birth control arsenal in less than a decade. But what they really could not have dreamed was that the effects of these “benefits” would be the opposite of what they had planned.

The Statistical Abstract of the United States tells the story. From 26.3 percent in 1965, the percentage of out-of-wedlock births to black mothers grew steadily: to 38 percent in 1970, 55 percent in 1980, 67 percent in 1990, and 69 percent in 2000. The white illegitimacy rate also rose dramatically. From a base of 4.0 in 1965, it grew to 6 percent in 1970, almost doubled to 11 percent in 1980, rose to 17 percent in 1990, and in 2000 reached 27 percent, higher than the black illegitimacy rate that concerned Moynihan in 1965. These figures include all social and economic classes. Friends at a pregnancy help center in Cincinnati’s black ghetto tell me that the illegitimacy rate in that area is at least 80 percent and may well be above the 90 percent level.

How did a contraceptively oriented sexual revolution result in more out-of-wedlock pregnancies, births, and abortions? As W. Bradford Wilcox pointed out in “The Facts of Life and Marriage” in the January/February 2005 issue of Touchstone, the sexual revolution changed the meaning of sex from a “marriage act” to a “recreational act” regardless of marital status. The number of people having sex outside of marriage increased enormously, and every form of birth control has its own rate of surprise pregnancies even if used (1) properly and (2) all the time.


So not only do we see the (accelerated) destruction of predictable law and local authority, ever further from its Biblical roots and ever more tyrannical and arbitrary,  but the destruction of marriage and reproduction itself. This vicious blow was dealt on all races, by the white establishment, in the name of destroying the black race.

Of course, most middle-class and lower-class whites at the time were racist. But they would not have made this choice knowingly. By their acceptance of the price for their choice, and their refusal to repent, the upper white leadership of the United States demonstrated their willingness to pay this price for their hatred of blacks. This remains true even today, even though Black America – while wounded – is definitely not falling in raw numbers as much as White America is.

(Justice Gindberg of the Supreme Court provided merely the most public and recent example of this attitude. Or, just watch the (rather disgusting) “Hooking Kids on Sex” video, previously censored by YouTube.

If out kind and compassionate wealthy white liberal friends (with plenty of support from wealthy white conservatives, true) actually wanted to help Black America, they would have pushed to shore up family unity and the ability of the black father to work – instead of emasculating him with welfare programs, enforcing the minimum wage (and destroying his ability to underbid white labour), and always stressing the pleasures of free love.

As it is, in 2013, the black family has been broadly destroyed – but despite all the plans of the wicked, including the countless anti-family black thugs and pro-thug entertainers – the black percentage of the U.S. population is holding steady. In the meantime, the white percentage of the population is in decline globally, and the white middle class and working class is in the process of destruction – and with it, most of the wealth generating potential of the United States.

(I am absolutely confident that God’s wrath is almost always intertwined with frank mockery and derision.)

In the public name of free love and the private name of black eradication, the ruling leadership of white America has effectively shattered the foundations of American authority, and – after most deliberately destroying the personal discipline needed to build and sustain a civilization – has handed economic and cultural leadership to the East Asians.


True: the God-State that is today’s Source of the Law is in the process of bankrupting itself. Just like the rest of God’s enemies – from Pharaoh to the Soviet Union – it’s going to become just so much forgotten scrap, another busted tyrannical (and mindless!) failure, as Christus Victor tightens His grip on the future.

And also true: the main intellectual enemy of the incompetent and failure-bound New Order, the Christian Reconstructionists, are mainly white themselves. And they (and their families) will be blessed for their fidelity to Christ, as surely as the sun rises in the morning.

Rushdoony himself was certainly a racist, but his followers are not: and as God respects repentance, so shall I. Nor am I interested in dumping all of Rushdoony’s work because of his racism, no more than I should attack Martin Luther King’s worthy achievements for Black America because of a fake doctorate and routine adultery. As the Biblical example of King David shows, Christian leadership does not require moral perfection: but the wise Christian leader will still shun all sins and unrighteousness, as they give an occasion for Satan and his servants to strike effectively at those who fear the Lord.

The Bible-Belt South is certainly in the process of disintegration, and is unlikely to exist as such by 2030 or so: but by that same point in time, the abject failure of the God-State should be largely complete, and homeschooled Christian families from the South and West – of all races – will be a major force in rebuilding America.

(That would be American culture and society: rather than again recreate a centralized, bloodthirsty, and  self-worshipping state, I advise that the county become the centre of American governance and sovereignty.)

Black preachers mainly fell into the Jesse Jackson mode, enforcing Democratic solidarity. It would have been much better if they demanded obedience and unity to Christ and His Command… but in the end, they didn’t. I trust that Black Christians – actually, all Christians – will be able to abandon the bankrupt denominational model – with their college-educated (and thus humanist) preachers – and move on to the home church model. See “The State of American Churches” and “The Unknown Christian Revolutionary Who Has Launched a Massive Recruiting System to Transform the Third World” for more.

Most White conservative preachers were just cheerleaders of the militarized State, and will fade with their master. Much like how most White liberal preachers were just cheerleaders of the welfare State, and will fade with their master. Surprise, surprise.

If you have a sneaking suspicion about the future of black churches, cheerleaders of the Democratic Party, you are correct: they will fade as they grow more liberal, and the Democratic Party, just like the Republican Party, is shown to be just a bunch of droning windbags at best, murdering, lying, spying, thieving, and oppressive windbags at worst.

The Future

The Rapture churches will continue to sing their fantasies of rescue from reality, and the flight from responsibility. In the meantime, there are quite a lot of tools – small and large – that can be used to build and strengthen the freedom and prosperity of yourself, your family, and your community, right now. And technology will continue to make more tools, and make them cheaper as well. Use them in peace and compassion and righteousness, and work for Christ in this world, so His Kingdom of peace and justice will grow strong and broad right where you life, unto the ends of the earth.

It all starts with knowing Christ’s will – in both the Old and New Testaments – and living it. Learn the Law and her principles, and steadily apply it. For beginners, American Vision and Blog and Mablog are quite useful for both light and in-depth material. Heavy books are available at Gary North’s Freebooks and Chalcedon.


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