Furiko (Pendulum)

I wish Christians would make movies like this…

…and I wish that Christians would care more, to insure that old loving couples like this would enter the Kingdom.

Sadly, just “being good” or “living a good life” isn’t enough to please God. Christ is the key.

This has advantages: even distasteful people like me can enter Heaven, if I open my heart, life, and soul to Christ and His Holy Spirit. I don’t need to be perfect, but I can have the Perfect Man stand in for me, in the piercing eyes of God.

This also has a lesser, but fundamentally real, downside: we can’t make our own way to Heaven. We can’t make our own lives worthwhile. We can’t do it alone. And other sinners – our family, our nation, our race – can’t help us where it really, really matters.

Poor Black in American have it bad. Their families are busted up; their men don’t stand with their family; far too many are thugs; and so much black culture has turned to degrading filth. All of this displeases God, and they suffer under His wrath.

(Don’t waste my time talking about racism. Black Americans suffered far more racism in 1940 – even openly murderous racism – but they had far more hope then, and they were definitely on the way up. They had real families, and truly had each other when things were tough. Now, they fear each other far more than they fear whites (and rightly so); so many are illiterate, without any hope in a high-tech economy; so many chase a life of flash and failure, joining the gangs and obedient to the songs of death.)

Poor Black Americans have it tough… but they let their children live, and many still have some respect for God. A small blessing: but that is why they will most likely exist in 3000, when the Japanese people & culture are gone – a culture which is in many ways far more inspiring, successful, and self-disciplined than Black America.

God sees more deeply than I do, and catches what I miss.

He is a mysterious God.

Meditation: Deuteronomy 7:7-10; but also Deuteronomy 8:17-20. You can’t get the blessing without being subject to the curse, if you disobey: and indeed, this day we are cursed for our wilful disobedience…

…and having a Black President is no substitute for strong families, strong communities, honest and honourable work, and a solid future.


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