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The Major Hurdle for Freedom

Looking at the County Rights, and North’s recent post on Secessionism, a point that stuck in my mind was this:

The centralization movement that has been orchestrated by the federal government ever since 1788 is visibly running out of money. It will go belly-up: the Great Default. In the Great Default, the flow of funds from Washington will either cease or will not buy anything. That will be the window of opportunity for secessionists.

Secession must begin with this manifesto: “No more state or federal money.” Until local voters are willing to shut the door to the welfare handouts from on high, secession will remain utopian.

When the flow of funds ceases, the price of secession will fall like a stone. There is an unbreakable economic law: “When the price of something falls, more is demanded.”
Do a web search for this phrase: “county rights.” The first link is American Vision’s county rights project. That is where to begin a movement toward functional secession in your community.

You can prepare politically for the Great Default, or you can sit on the sidelines when it happens. I recommend the former.

It isn’t just the death of the welfare state, although that’s going to be the big tsunami for liberty. There are also important ongoing projects, from the Internet (which overran the information gatekeepers, regardless of NSA/mainstream media action) to 3D Printing to LENR (crosses fingers), all of which tends to take wealth and power away from some central authority, and back to the locals. Even homeschooling, the Internet-based workforce, and Internet entrepreneurs have important roles to play here!

I wonder just how many people are ready to do this part, before the Great Default: “Secession must begin with this manifesto: “No more state or federal money.” Until local voters are willing to shut the door to the welfare handouts from on high, secession will remain utopian.” Individuals and families who are willing to go this route have a head start, but is it possible that small towns and counties could do the same?

Education is really hard, and I suspect that the moral basis of this campaign demands that it start at the church. It’s may be harder to educate an existing community, than to create a new community based on this principle.

In any case, the dead weight of the grasping, bureaucratic, lawless secular state will be off our backs, almost completely due to its own incompetence. Time to plan out – and better yet, build up on a local scale – a far better, small-scale, liberty-grounded alternative! The coming pain is real – a LOT of people receive some subsidy from the State – but it’s the era after the welfare system that real, enduring prosperity and liberty comes into play…


Government: Incompetence & Evil Without Repercussions

Looking here, it’s obvious that the State – regardless of the party in charge – is rampantly evil, cruel, and lawless.

  • incompetence is not sufficient to lose a job
  • criminal activity is not sufficient to lose a job
  • rampant waste is not sufficient to lose a job
  • the loss of life is not sufficient to lose a job

It is a natural consequence of having the State make and enforce the laws, when it is incompetent to do the former, and slack in the latter. There are no consequences against evil in the current era, so we get more of it.

But evil leads to death and poverty. It’s power is temporary, and it can’t even keep itself alive in the long run. No matter how much money is stolen, how many are killed, how many lies are spewed.

Some form of monarchism or libertarianism is the future. Simply because the current political structure is so rampantly self-destructive, self-serving, and profoundly worthless.

What should be the goal of Christians in the future? To turn the supposed secular saviour, the State, into the Post Office – neglected, forgotten, and irrelevant.

Of course, the State itself – with it’s drive to bankruptcy – is the main factor in its own demise. But believers, who hate idols, should help the process along. Not by any violent means, but by simply revealing the truth of what it is, and what it does.

The pen is mightier than the sword – and the Internet mightier yet!

On Malala, and Standing on Your Hind Legs

Chelsen Vicari writes

It is time the international community, national leaders, and the mainstream media acknowledge the suffering of Christians in the Middle East, North Africa, Southeast Asia, and dare I say, the United States. Too many Believers are being kidnapped, tortured, raped, murdered or ostracized for simply standing up for their faith in Jesus Christ.  But most of all, it is time the church stand up for those persecuted in the name of Christ.

Religious liberties – Christian liberties — are their own unique culture battle. One in which Christians cannot afford to stay silent. We are winning the sanctity of life debate because we are bold enough to speak out. But we are losing the marriage debate because we are afraid of being called intolerant or bigoted. We cannot be afraid to call out Christian persecution. Because if we lose the religious liberty debate, then we will lose everything.

The world knows Malala. We must never forget her courage. Now, what about the Christians?

The thing with freedom is that you either use it or lose it.

The Establishment, as always, is looking to take away the liberty of its enemies, as a tool to reward its friends…

…while expanding its power. Which was the fundamental goal of the entire exercise.


If you don’t like it, you’re going to have to get up on your hind legs, and do something about it.