Dust – Eleyium

I was pleasantly surprised by the Xbox game Dust: An Elysian Tail™. Quality artwork, quality fighting, some good music, and some good set design – with all but the music and the voices from the mind of one man. (Well, the story credit is shared, so it isn’t ALL one man’s work over four years.)

The storyline was rather bare in the first half of the game, but the second half is more interesting. The hero manages to go the right thing often, but twice – perhaps three times – it’s too late. His work is generally good, but he is coming from a bad background. His name, Dust, is indicative of his origin, with two souls – a weak good man, and a strong bad man – in one body. And the big bad would much rather have Dust on his side than against him.

It is good to see some quality Christian game artists out there (Like in the Ps3 game Journey™), which I have spoken of before. The producer of the game is called “Humble Hearts”, and the creator does thank God – but really made the game for his daughter Elizabeth: I have no particular problem with this: so long as God is remembered as the source of all good things, we can certainly take what He gives us, and then give it again to our loved ones.

I am somewhat annoyed by the “weak good man” stereotype. Certainly, they exist; but this is not the essence of what God wants men to be. God’s men should be strong, but with gentle hearts: noble and upright, but familiar with how the grim power and poisonous nature of sin can harm us all. The sinner C. S. Lewis is not too far off, with his early sexual failures and his money troubles stemming from his oaths before God.

(And in the end, his drive to persuade English intellectuals of Christ was a failure. But in America, the seed fell on some fertile soil: and we already know that a prophet – even a spiritual crippled God-fearer like C.S. Lewis – is never welcomed in his own country. The English power-elite will enjoy spitting in God’s face until they die, and then enter to their final reward, laughing at the ruins of the fair nation they inherited: but C.S. Lewis is likely to be enrolled with the other major Christian philosophers, and be remembered millennia from now.)

I am a sci-fi writer over at Stellar Reaches,, writing free articles for a sci-fi game. I happen to know that there is a fairly large set of covenant-keeping believers who like sci-fi, and I hope that they take a look!

Anyways, I recently read the article by Evan Wheeler, Elysium: An Empty Promise, which mentions on how both the ruling authorities of Elysium, and the political revolutionary/redeemer of the People, are basically failures. Escapism fails; Power fails; and nobody considers faithful following of God, a.k.a. Dominion Religion.

(North wrote a book on it: Moses and Pharaoh: Dominion Religion vs. Power Religion. You can download a free copy here.

Also, see his website of other free books!

And don’t forget Chalcedon! )

Anyways, the point I am making is that even high technology, even great advances, will not guarantee Paradise. If everyone had food, clothing, and all the pleasures they desired, will that make them happy?

Not if they are still sinners! There’s always the need for another law – another regulation – another way to control others, no matter how much you personally have. Envy, hate, greed, and the desire to murder and steal, inflict pain and show your power: even 3D printers, synthetic bodies, cheap & smart robots, and cold fusion cannot cure sin.


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