The Idle Generation

A new article I spotted, A Generation of Idle Trophy Kids, suggests the likely future of the majority of the culture.

The kids 16-24 are increasingly forced into idleness – no job, no study, dependent on Mom and Dad. This is not as bad as it is in Europe, but it’s going to get there. Without jobs, there is no family formation: and there is no great pressure for marriage. Without the demands on the man to care for his wife and kids, idleness is the future.

God’s people had better be sure to avoid this trap. Maintaining a pointed, solid dissent from a basically evil and declining culture is part of the motivation. But working to build an local-based alternative, and using the increasing opportunities for freedom and liberty, is an even better reason to get out of bed and get to work!

The Stars declare the handiwork of God – and we aren’t going to get there by playing computer games in Mom’s basement!


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