The Murdered Get a Voice

The video:

The great article on American Vision continues…

… the mainstream pro-life movement assumes that every young lady who has ever gotten an abortion has been deceived into believing that her pregnancy is just a lump of tissue and not a baby. Therefore, the industry maintains, every woman getting an abortion can be exonerated as “deceived” and therefore not culpable for murder or any act of aggression against here child. Murder requires intent, after all, and therefore these ladies cannot be called murderers and held accountable.

BAMH explodes this myth. Relating personal testimony, eyewitness testimony, and argument, it relates that the vast majority of aborting mothers—even the young ones—know exactly what they are doing. They are killing, murdering, their child.

In one case, a young lady defiantly taunts a group of protestors yelling, with middle-fingers raised, “Yes! That’s what I do! I murder babies!” It’s not a joke. It’s not sacrcasm. She clearly understands what she’s doing, and sees no wrong with it. She’s quite proud of it.

The original website, Crown Rights, and the Facebook link, is here.

My addition?

  1. Societies and people who kill their children don’t get a future – certainly, they don’t get to grow and expand to the stars!
  2. I am amazed how quickly Christians kneel to evil – even supposedly hard-core believers.
  3. God’s wrath is sure. “Does not He who makes children in the owmb know what happened to them?”

You can either believe that this society will repent (I doubt it – especially when abortion pills become popular), or you can believe that this society will crumble into dust.

I believe the latter. After all, even in the communist nations, the abortions continue – long after the gulags were closed, and the secret police defunded.

But I also believe that the end of this society is certainly not the end of humanity, or of the church. It’s just some murderous, lust-addled, and vicious sinners, marching smartly to their end.



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