Trade and Science!

First, for the visitors who didn’t come in from the Stellar Reaches site, two interesting videos I will be addressing:

OK, now let’s take a short, shallow dive below the surface.

On the Science:

This video is just a pretty quick, fairly ‘skim the surface’ look at modern genetics.

Can you believe that people still insist that all of this is simply by random processes?


All by random matter and motion, over as many uncountable eons as you care to name?

Compared to a single strand of DNA, my computer is nothing but a pile of flung around chunks of steel and plastic, casually created by tossing pieces of garbage on a pile. And does anyone, anywhere, claim that my computer is the result of a random process?


Now, the media likes to push some sort of science & religion conflict, mainly because religion insists on limits to power, while science is about gaining tools – but not telling authority what can be done with the tools. Ignoring the fact that a lawful universe demands a Lawgiver, and a moral universe demands Moral Laws, as well as Physical Laws – the mere demonstration of all sorts of priests were involved in scientific advances puts the lie to the claim.

Fifth, systematics is necessary if men are to think intelligently and logically. Without the concept of systematics and the God it sets forth, we cannot hold to a rational and understandable universe nor to any meaningful order therein. Unregenerate man’s reason and logic operate against the background of chaos and a meaningless void, so that reason and logic are in essence more than irrational: they are absurd. Systematics not only makes reason reasonable, but it declares that there is a necessary and meaningful connection between all facts, because all facts are the creation of the sovereign and omnipotent God and are thus revelations of His purpose and order. The idea of preaching the whole counsel of God is only a possibility if systematics is a reality. Otherwise, there is no necessary and real connection and unity in the word of God, and we have instead a developing, changing word and plan under different dispensations. We have then a fragmented word, not a whole counsel which is a necessary and authoritative unity.

– R. J. Rushdoony, The Necessity of Systematic Theology

Evolution — the religious vision of power without ethics or accountability to a creator — is coming up a’cropper. Like all forms of power-worship, it is heavily dependent on a centralized State to maintain its authority: and the God-State is falling apart, like all the other idols. (A nice article on this is publicly available here.)

Boo Hoo Hoo.

Lessons for Christians: It’s perfectly fine to seek power, knowledge, and even to delight in the pleasures of wine, song, and the love of your wife… but that all of the above is tied to responsibility, and accountability, to God your maker. Worshiping knowledge & power & pleasure, in and of itself, is a fool’s delusion.

Real power, real knowledge, real pleasure — the kind that endures, that blesses, that is worth fighting for — is all tied to exalting God above all, and love for your fellow man as well. Respect the ties of covenant and creation, law and grace, justice and mercy according to Divine standards as opposed to the self-serving, ever-changing measures of men.

It is in worshiping God alone, and in obedience to His Holy Word, that knowledge, power, and pleasure become something joyful and life-giving and – if truly rooted in His will – even everlasting. Worshiping anything else is just a road to something delusional, life-destroying, and eventually soul- and civilization-damning as well.

On the History:

You might suspect that the narrator is a common enough liberal, with a better education in history than most. And you’re right. But he still gets across a lot of useful and true information in an interesting and charming way. That kind of result does not happen without a lot of hard work, mastering the material and taking it seriously.

So I want to know, why haven’t Christians decided to knuckle down, and do the kind of work that these folks have done? Sure, they are backed by more money than you and I – but with the cost of technology crashing through the floor, (registration required) you should certainly be able to master the technology to get your message across. (And fiverr could give you a hand in this, as well. And did I mention Screencast-o-matic? Or how you can – for a manageable investment in time – get blogging for dollars?)

Aside: Actually, even the government funding that sustains most of anti-Christian culture in the West is on the steady downtrend. On the other hand, God expects His people to be capitalistic, gaining wealth by serving others well. “The Goods you promised, At the Time you promised, at the Price you promised.”

I hope that it isn’t because we’re still dug in, expecting Christ’s Soon Return. Because that simply isn’t what Christ taught.

The Mark of the Beast? The Beast has been dead for about two thousand years now – and his Empire, for centuries as well (despite numerous attempts at a revival). Christ’s men and His Kingdom, on the other hand, continue to push back the Night to this very day – and will be making progress long after you and I have been long dead, until the earth is filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters cover the sea.



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