One of the major benefits of the Christian faith is that you know where “up” is. That is, you know that:

  • God exists – this is self-evident;
  • God created Man in His image: and so the life of Men – both male and female, young and old – matters to Him;
  • God directed Men to live in a righteous fashion – and so, we must shun evil and pursue good;
  • God defines what is good and evil – and not the power-seeking State, or it’s kept caste of intellectual/academic/religious prostitutes;
  • God’s definitions of good and evil do not change, but are only more clearly seen – especially in the life, death, and resurrection of Christ; the destruction of the Second Temple (and thus the burning of the old Bride of Christ for adultery, and her replacement with the new Bride of Christ, the Church)
  • God punishes evil, and rewards good – rather more often than you’d expect in this life, even more certainly over generations (for nations and tribes have no souls, so they MUST be judged on this world), even more so immediately after Men die, and then once and for all in the Last Judgement
  • God did not remain silent, but speaks to us – most clearly with the Holy Bible (including the Levitical Code – without which, there is no liberty, only an ever-expanding self-worshiping State), but in a more limited way by the Creation which, even though crippled and twisted with sin, still points to her Creator.

Since Christians have the irreplaceable treasure of knowing what “up” is — a standard of justice and a goal for our lives and our societies — we can aspire to draw closer to what God wishes us to be: holy and perfect before His eyes. We know that we can’t get there in this life, but we can be closer in the future than we are today, and – God willing – our children can draw even closer yet.

We have a standard – the humanists who rule do not. Only convenient beliefs of today, which will be immediately dumped for a more politically expedient belief tomorrow: and the only consistent thread in all of their actions is more centralized power, wealth, and pleasure for the Better Sort.


You can take torture for example. God simply forbids it, as only He can decide what level of pain can be justifiably applied to a man. Sending someone to hell is His prerogative: any human attempting to take the kind of power that belongs to Him alone is simply blaspheming – regardless of whether they are showing out His name as justification (and so blaspheming again), or tell tales about the newer, better gods of National Security, Racial Purity, Democratic Rule, or the Needs of the Working Class.

No true Man of Reason can tolerate Christian restrictions on the Power of the State: after all, it is the State that is the only true Source of the Law, and thus the only True Lord of modern cultures. So, God and his Law-Word must be dumped, and the State – in the name of whatever – must take its place. And just like that, you get your secret services, the torture chambers, the prison rapes, the relentless surveillance, and all the rest.

All lovingly justified by highly educated and highly placed intellectuals, who were so hostile to the commandments of God because ‘they were so cruel and unjust’. Or maybe we will mourn and mope over this ‘helplessly’ – but carefully despite the one tool that would put an end to it.


A Wicked Generation

It would be easy to put the blame on all this solely on the Ruling Classes. But it would be unbiblical.

As North pointed out over 20 years ago – following the teachings of Isaiah, Elijah, and Samuel – the Ruling Elite only rules by the desire of the masses, and is free to do only what the masses wish it to do. If the general population simply decided – even (and preferably) non-violently – that they would not tolerate corrupt rule and lawless masters, the Elite would soon buckle.

But our ugly and evil masters come from an ugly and evil people. This is true for us today – but it was also true for the Third Reich, modern North Korea, Pharaonic Egypt, the Confederacy, and the Aztecs. Wickedness calls forth judgement from God, which is what we will receive. But we must repent, if there is to be any end of the judgements short of complete destruction.


The current New World Order is simply a dead man walking: even a secularist could know this, due to technological , demographic and financial trends. But if there is no repentance, there will be only a more openly vicious, more loathsome, and more God-despising culture arising from the coming economic crisis – and then a shattering, and then a complete end to our culture.

For there to be change, there must be repentance. A great, widespread repentance, and a turning away of evil, and towards the good. (As defined by God, and not the State-adoring Establishment).

The modern denominations have no interest in rocking the boat: that must is obvious. It will have to be done by home churches and home schools, spreading across our nations. (More innovative, independent businesses would be a smart move as well).

Fortunately, technology and the fragmentation of society will help to push this along nicely. Centralized power and authority has been on a downturn since at least the breakup of the European empires in the second quarter of the 20th century: and has only been accelerating since the end of the Soviet Union.

Step by step, the work is done. The increasing failure of the State educational system, the increasingly tyrannical nature of the government, the failure of both the Managed Economy and the Welfare State, all joined with the inability of the government to protect anyone but the Right Sort from criminal activity: all this, mixed with the Internet, leads to the end of the Modern Establishment… just like all of the other Ruling Establishments in history.

What will replace it? God knows – and He has directed His people to get what they know out into the world.

There is a new kingdom on the move – a kingdom that isn’t about power and control, but love and justice. A people that will bear God’s love and law in their hearts – and from their hearts, bring it into the world, replacing oppression and lies with freedom and truth, collectivist poverty with liberty and wealth, and the power of the Establishment – religious, scientific, democratic, whatever the lie of the week is – with the power of God, as manifested in his only begotten son, Jesus Christ.

THIS is the future.


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