Black America, Post-Welfare State

Gary North has an interest in the success of Black America, the failure of the Welfare State, and has a few ideals on the matter.
I throw in my comments with the italics.

(All links paywalled, so only summaries are below)

In The Restoration of Order in the Ghetto, he notes the despair that leads to the loss of hope, and the destruction of any work ethic. North also notes the importance of black grandmothers: they are the ones who are raising the young boys, and if the black ghetto ever gets better, it will start with them. Not with the black churches, who are mainly filled with out-of-area parishioners who come back just for Sunday. North also touches on a point I strongly agree with: those kids will also have to be homeschooled, as the government schools are simply worthless.

My comment: Actually, worse than worthless: they stigmatize reading and learning as “acting white”, and introduce kids to drugs and gangs.

In How the Culture Battles Were Lost. The War Continues, and Birth Rates, Illegitimacy, and Social Stability, he compares the culture of 1954 and 2013, and fingers the main culprit: bastardry. The promotion of licentiousness, contempt for family (especially the father) on the one hand, while training fathers to focus on pleasure rather than responsibility on the other hand, has wiped out black culture as a upward and ennobling movement… and is rapidly doing so to the white middle class as well. Elite culture continues to promote this, while not indulging it themselves. Charles Murray in Coming Apart – that describes the expansion of this familial failure in White America – implores the elites to change their tune: “Preach what you practice!”

My comment: Of course, they won’t. “Power and privilege first, truth and external restraints last.”

(FYI: I also recommend George Gilder’s Sexual Suicide and Men and Marriage)

In How to Improve Inner City Student Test Scores, Cheap, he recalls what makes the number one difference in student academic performance: parental support. This ties in nicely with online schools: a computer and a high-speed link are far cheaper than the buildings, teachers, and administrators of the current incompetent public schools – and having the child under the eye of the parents (or grandmother) helps with parental involvement nicely.

My comment: And… hey, look! The school-based drug culture starts to crumble to the ground too! And the thugs & gangs that actually rule the inner-city schools have a lot fewer serfs and slaves than they used to have…

North also notes that the Khan Academy was founded by an Indian: so blacks need not worry about acting white, when they can act brown instead. Quite a number of Indians do well in MIT, UCLA, Harvard… To paraphrase: “If it can work for Bangladeshi kids, it can work in Chicago.”

There is no way that the public school unions will allow this voluntarily, so it will be done the hard way, during and after the Great Default.

In Nobel Prize Economist Offers a Grim Assessment of the Future of Inner-City Blacks, North points out the obvious: manufacturing jobs and factory jobs are on the way out. And with them, the last of the (legal) high-paying hands-on jobs that high school dropouts could get.

My comment: We are assuming that the high school graduates of inner city schools were actually literate. The low-paying service and caring jobs remain: but black women are willing to accept those, not black men.

In Memory Hole: Socialist Failures, we discover that the Indian Reservations were the first instance of socialism, built and bred to tie down American Indian men, and build in dependence on the State – and so, destroy their resistance to the conquerors.

My comment: It worked, so the policy was extended to blacks: but the inner cities are both 1) far closer to white neighbourhoods and 2) more heavily populated than the reservations are. And keeping blacks on the dole is far more expensive as well: an expense that can’t be borne in the coming failures of the Western welfare state.

The reason for the inner city welfare programs – keeping urban blacks quiet – still remains, with a few changes. First: there are far less hope for blacks now than at the time of the Rodney King riots, or the Watts riots. (North notes this in one of his essays.) Second: the black family structure is far worse now than then, as is the overall family and moral tone of society in general. Third: in a decade or so, there will soon be no welfare money for urban, welfare-dependent blacks.

Two good things remain, though: First, there are lower overall crime rates now than in the 1960s – in and out of the ghettos; and second, everyone – not just criminals – can be armed if they so choose. This isn’t only good for whites: law-abiding blacks who want to progress in life are better able to lawfully defend themselves, as well.

In Women in The Labor Force: The Next Generation, we see higher white employment for women than for men: much as it has been in Black America for a while now. We also see more white women going to college than white men; just as it is for black women and black men. The high elite of business and politics and science remains almost completely male-dominated: but very few men ever reach those positions in the first place. Everywhere else, they will be outnumbered by women.

My comment: How are we going to see black men take the lead, in employment and in family formation? First, they need the desire to do so, in an era where family is despised, church is irrelevant, sex outside marriage has long been the established norm, and learning is seen as “white”. Second, they have to have the reasonable hope of success, where the schools are worthless and there are few labour-intensive, masculine jobs left (essentially, the police and the military).

In Fred Reed on White Men, Economic Output, and the Coming Decline of America, North challenges Reed’s claim that blacks and hispanics will stand together against the white man, to build an extractive welfare state grounded in white labour. This won’t happen, as blacks and hispanics are competitive: and the current welfare state is mainly grounded in old people getting the money of young people, not poor coloured people getting into the wallets of white people.

(And poor people – including blacks & hispanics – don’t vote much in the first place.)

My comment: Anyone who relies on the welfare state is going to suffer. That will be blacks first, and the banks and the major corporations last: but everyone is going to get hit.

The non-racial basis of the welfare state is expanded in The Welfare System and Its Victims. It was whites – not blacks – who created the welfare state, the surveillance society, the public school system, etc. But there is a difference: corporate welfare queens use their subsidies to get fatter and build wealth, while keeping the usual income streams open: while black welfare queens don’t use the money to build wealth: instead, they stop working. Present-oriented behaviour leads to poverty and failure, despite thousands of dollars of subsidies; future-oriented behaviour leads to success in good times, and fewer difficulties in hard times.

When the easy money stops flowing, the corporations will merely lose one of their cash flows. Welfare-dependent people will have nothing. The young ones can hustle, and try to sell their labour in a tough economy where brains are far more desirable than muscle: the old ones won’t starve (there will be free food, and abandoned housing), but be in desperate straits nevertheless.

My comment: Above all, if Black Americans plan to get up from the bottom of the social and power scales, they must focus on the future, not on what’s before their eyes today. A minority have done so, and when times get really hard, even more will make the transition: but many will not change, and suffer greatly for it.

North also mentions Why American Women Will Be the Big Losers in the Great Default – if they don’t have husbands, they are going to suffer greatly when the welfare state crumbles and dies.

My comment: Most working class and welfare-dependent women have no husbands: and a substantial percentage of both groups are black. Modern Black America is a dysfunctional matriarchy, where the kids depend on their mothers and grandmothers, not the missing fathers.

Finally: The Failure of the Welfare System in the Inner City. This is the earliest of the essays in this list (2005), but it nicely points to the basic problem: authority flows to the government that writes the cheques (and thus destroyed the black family.) Despite the fact that the welfare state can’t fix anything (and hasn’t in generations), the civil service jobs continue to be secure, and the taxes continue to flow, thus satisfying the political order.

“Only more money can solve the problem! Wait… is that what I said last time? Then obviously, even MORE money is needed!”


So, what’s going to happen when the free money shrinks to nothing?

There will be a set of massive changes, that will take at least a generation – probably three or four – to properly work out.

I hope it will be largely peaceful.

I hope that blacks in the U.S. will place a higher value on education, family, and self-discipline.

But in the end, my hopes are of little worth.

It is the the actions of Black America will determine their destiny, for good or for ill.

Contrary to the claims of fair-weather welfare-state friends, no one else is responsible for their survival, or their prosperity. This will be exceedingly obvious when the money’s gone, and (excluding a few churches & charities) everyone is looking out for themselves… period.


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