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Aesop’s Fables

I have an admiration of Aesop’s Fables, and I believe that they would make a great reference for Christian households as they raise their children.

Why the admiration? Mainly, because the fables teach quite a lot of common sense lessons to children, and common sense isn’t so common anymore. Several famous lessons, like

  • The Ant and the Grasshopper,
  • Androcles,
  • Belling the Cat,
  • The Dog in the Manger,
  • and the Fox and the Grapes

can be found here – but many less well known fables, like

  • The Dog and the Wolf,
  • the Ass and the Lapdog,
  • The Cock and the Jewel,
  • and the Bat, the Birds, and the Beasts

are also here to entertain and educate children.

Something that helps to connect the children with the heritage of the West, while giving them a far more useful and powerful set of morals than most kids will ever get in any school, is a valuable jewel that we should be sure to provide for our own!


Youth & Space

From The Freeman, there are two articles I wish to note here, both from Paul Rosenberg:

Today’s Youth Have Never Been Young

My point here is this: Most young people today have never really been young. They have toed the line of the status quo, only leaving it for accepted debaucheries like booze and sleeping around.

True enough in the West. They are safe people, who will do the safe things, and never challenge the status quo.

Not a big problem for women… but for men?

Well, drink and whores seems to satisfy them nicely. And they can always prod themselves on by imagining a frowning Calvinist somewhere, disapproving their actions!


Well, if said Calvinist is their father or mother, they may even be right! Otherwise… most Calvinist I know understand the value of time, and have little interest in wasting it. There are some tender-hearted ones who care more, but naturally they are going to spend their time with those who show an interest in repenting.

Only a few hard-core believers will spend their lives trying to stop rivers of men marching into hell. I respect those scattered spiritual soldiers (“We’re here to save lives, not take them!”) a lot: but the vast majority of believers simply don’t care about the damned. “They made their choice. Let them burn.”

In We Were Young and Headed to the Stars, Rosenberg recalls the excitement of actual real space adventure and expansion, when we were, right here and right now, landing on the moon, setting up satellites, and readying to see the universe.

Each week there was a new step toward the stars. And this was not science fiction, this was reality.

Those days are gone:

And then, it all stopped. Skylab and the shuttle were steps backward, useful mostly for saving face. Humanity stopped progressing and pulled back from the stars. If any of us still need a reason to judge government as unworthy of our time and treasure, here it is.

Since space was closed, we’ve endured boring, washed-out decades, focused on anything but the awe-inspiring, the good, and the heroic. Four decades were stripped of the greatest excitement, discovery, and growth that have ever been possible to our species.

Our current decade features no goals save bodily comfort and no aspirations save existence and status. Underlying it all is a palette of manufactured fears that can only be salved by buying the right products or electing the right politicians. We are living though the triumph of manipulation and the disappearance of vigorous individuals.

Both Rosenberg and I think that those days will return.

However, speaking only for myself, those days will return only after we have gotten through the fall of our current, unsustainable social & political & moral systems. The economic displacement will be ugly, sad and painful.

But there is a good destination, at the end of it.

The stars will be ours then, God willing.



Actually, it really started with Noah, but this graphic isn’t too far off the mark, either.

A gentle old promise, that I’m glad to remember – no more worldwide floods, no matter how ugly it may get.

(True: nobody ever said anything about depopulation or destitution… but that’s by our own hands, driven by our own rank stupidity. Even famine is mainly a man-made phenomenon, nowadays.)