The Future, with Baseball Bats

From the Testosterone Pit:

Fast food workers have been in the news recently, wanting $15 an hour minimum wage. Also in the news was an article on an automated machine that can make 360 perfect hamburgers an hour and put them on a bun with any toppings you desire.

30 years ago, just getting a computer system to run reliably was a full time job, not to mention the cost. Just the memory to run a complex program would break the bank. Today, that is not a problem. Applebee’s is already running trials where you order off a tablet and later your order shows up. The waitress is missing.

The fast food workers may get $15 an hour, but it will be short lived. I think within a few years, you will place your order on a tablet, and a machine will cook and deliver it just as ordered. It will probably also ask “Do you want fries with that?”

The first operation to do that will have a few problems, but they will work them out, and then all fast food will go that way. It won’t be long before “burger flipper” is a machine, not a teenager. The equipment is already available at a decent cost. The only thing left is getting the customers to accept the changes.

The future is coming. It’s coming with a baseball bat, and it’s coming with many muscular friends, with heavy weapons.

The future is going to be a wonderful, amazing place – but if Christians want a say in it, they had better be prepared to put in a lot of sweat and think work to get on it’s good side. Trying to hide behind legal barriers and political promises isn’t going to help, not even a tiny bit.


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