Feelings and Law

Yet Another Weapon to Keep an Eye On…

The Telegraph discusses the finding that an electrical cap can create feelings of communion with God, and insists that this disproves the existence of God.

No wonder, then, that neurotheology (or biotheology), with its implications that the brain is merely a “computer of meat”, is hugely contentious in the US, where only 1.6 per cent and 2.4 per cent of the population declare themselves “atheist” or “agnostic”, respectively.

We will pass over the confusion between computers and brains, or the problem of the supposed “completely random and naturalistic’ creation of non-material information & wildly unnatural levels of organization (for details, see Uncommon Descent’s Mind category).

Nor will we discuss the mysterious absence in the article of “The People”, “The State”, “The Race”, “Gaia”, or “The Caring Leader” as approved atheistic substitutes for God, creating a similar focus for such feelings of unity and communion.

Instead, this is simply a head’s up on another control tool which will be deployed on behalf of the State and the People, just as surely as improving attempts to read dreams and memory modification/removal will be used “to protect the security of the public.” (See the NSA/Homeland Security for the usual outcomes of new fun tools of mass control/monitoring).

Should we fear these tools? I wouldn’t – technology has been working to break down centralized control since the 1950s. See North’s “Hierarchies and Networks in the Digital World to Come: Why Ferguson Is Wrong” for details.

Still, even if eventual victory for liberty and the rule of law is a certainty (so long as the good guys restrict violence to only the protection of their own lives, family, and property – and never use it for revolutionary ends, like the Marxists & Muslims do), there will be setbacks, and the enslavers will come up with more tricks and techniques to hold off the inevitable for as long as possible.

And even after liberty is regained… the work to protect and shelter it, and strengthen it against any and all enemies – regardless of the symbols they wave about, the rationalizations they come up with, or how flattering their lies are – will continue for untold generations to come.

The fight gets easier – especially as Gutenberg and the Internet (and camcorders!) are the rightful weapons of the Christians, not the psychotic futility of bombs and the pathetic failure of political saviours – but it’s still a fight, and the Enemy still seeks to kill, steal, and enslave.

(And be very careful: the most useful tool of Satan isn’t the power of the State or the violence’n’lies of the Other, however defined, but the deceptive wickedness and lusts of our own hearts. Christ’s victory starts in our hearts, and then spreads: it is not forced on the Other, while our own disobedience and evil is explained away with any series of empty words.)

Golden Idols of the Space Age

Just as the author of the Telegraph story is willing to permit the use of soft-Buddhist religion as mental therapy for better health and beneficial exercise – but specifically despises any (non-State) transcendent authority over her life – so we get the article “Of Astrophysics and Atheism: Wherefore Religion in the Space Age?”

This humanistic writer carefully denies that God either made – and therefore owns – the universe, preferring modern materialistic explanations of the origin of the universe. Then, he insists that this God made no rules or laws that all men must obey, much preferring the State to be the Source of the Law (and thus, the Rightful Lord of our Lives).

Yes, there is a certain kind of faith that has no place in the age of space: it is the kind of faith that seeks to limit us, to shrink us, and to disempower us by treating us as irredeemable sinners.

Men do love their power, of course. Lots and lots of power. Especially power over those who measure their actions to a ethical/legal code the Right Sort didn’t create, and so find Our Benefactors wanting.

But still, this God-concept is still useful as a tool to maximize the power of (the Right Sort of) men, so some powerless, gelded idol of their own making is worth creating, in the eyes of the article. Something without any authority we didn’t give it, and without any ability to judge or sanction, but still useful to prod the masses to go to space (or whatever project Our Masters come up with).

Not because God commands it in his Inscripturated Word – the Right Sort prefer that God remain silent, so the Proper Voices can be heard without challenge. No: instead, the idol Our Masters wish to create is to be just another tool to control the masses (and never restrict themselves from anything they desire), some kind of teddy bear that will comfort us (but never rule us) and an object to get the kind of obedience Our Friends long for (and rightfully belongs to God Alone.)

Lords that Cannot Save.. and the Lord that Can

Thinking about this, I realize why The Ruling Class never really cottoned on to Shinto. Yes, Shinto has zero moral content, and so passes the basic tests of our legal and cultural systems: it also has a lot of beautiful forms and ceremonies, and so has a certain attractiveness.

But what Our Rulers really want is to steal the creative, world-shaping, commanding Law-Word authority of the Christian God, and use it for themselves, for their own corrupt, perverted, self-pleasuring, self-enriching, and inevitably sterile, impoverished, and exceedingly dead ends.

(After all, much as I love Japanese culture, I know as well as you do that they have no future. A tragedy that grieves me, but at the end of the day, only obedience to Christ gives life.)

Something similar is going on with Buddhism. Buddhism is mainly an escapist religion, and I suspect that as the failure of the State becomes more and more obvious, more and more of our Masters will turn to it. But this is a fall-back position, and not the original goal: enslavement of all by command of the Best Men, for the greater good of all. (With ‘good’ defined solely by the Best Men, as usual.)

In the face of these failures – and don’t forget the ongoing disaster of Islam! – what can Christians do? Obey Christ, sanctify their lives, and teach others to live holy and God-adoring lives. By example and with faith in God (and not in Our Masters) we will build a better future, as we act today, step by step, soul by soul.

And God rewards obedience with blessing – and greater obedience is given greater obedience.

Does this even include the stars?

Well, didn’t Christ make them, too?

Even if we can’t get them, it would be awesome to strive to reach them, with our hearts and minds, in love and righteousness and holiness. “His lord said unto him, Well done, thou good and faithful servant: thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord.”
– Matthew 25:21

And if, no matter what, we are still denied the stars, and can only build a noble, prosperous, blessed, compassionate, and rewarding life in the oceans and lands of Earth? Well, I recognize God’s authority to give – and deny – His property to whosoever He wants, and I will be exceedingly thankful for every blessing God grants to me from his kind-yet-just hand.

Let all men submit to Christ our King, Master & Maker of Heaven and Earth!

Amen, and Amen.

The Ownership of the Stars Means the Right to Deny the Stars

God didn’t command us to expand into space.

That doesn’t mean that He won’t expand the Dominion Mandate to include this, but let’s not lie about what He does or doesn’t say in Genesis 1:28. I suspect that it will be permitted – God did not make all those empty worlds for nothing! – but I think that men, writhing in envy, are still too eager to tear each other down, and so will fail to reach the stars before the coming of Christ generations from now. Of course, if men choose to keep the Law the article claims doesn’t exist, God may choose to permit it, as all obedience to Himself is blessed: but the exact nature of the blessing is His call, not mine.

Until then, remember that the power to go to another world by definition means the power to destroy that world. And I see no reason why God should permit sinful men to cover the galaxy in blood and violence.

If men – Our Masters, and the Masses that follow and empower them – insist on wallowing in their sins, they can do it on their own world, and spare the rest of the universe their viciousness, perversions, cruelty, theft, murder, and rampant evil – ever cloaked in pious and/or rational and/or loving language, same as always.

So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life. – Genesis 3:24

…except this time, a flaming sword simply isn’t needed: our own refusal to exalt and obey Christ the King will cripple, impoverish, enslave, and blind us.

God used the dust to create Adam. “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Gen. 2:7). God did not speak man into existence, unlike His creation of the cosmos on days one to five. He also intervened directly to create Eve out of Adam’s body (Gen. 2:21–22). Put explicitly, God used existing resources to complete the creation. He adopted a system of ends and means. He then progressively limited Himself to what was available in the creation. He added His own breath to the earth to create Adam. Next, he used Adam’s body, which was alive, to create Eve, but without adding His breath. This leads to a conclusion: God has progressively restricted His intervention into history by restricting Himself to using previously created means. He intervenes in history more and more indirectly. A good example is the entrance of the Israelites into Canaan. The miracle of the providentially and miraculously supplied manna ceased forever (Josh. 5:12). God substitutes previously created means for miracles. This does not reduce the degree of providence. It does lure covenant-breakers into denying providence (Rom. 1:18–22).[9]
— Gary North, The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics

Christ says that we must serve Him, if we wish to rule with Him.

Not the State, the People, the Race, the Party, the Leader, or Gaia.

Not men in special gowns, be they black, or be they white.

Christ, Alone.

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