As we already have discrimination against those who are public with their faith when looking for a job, and I have no intention to hide who I am, no more than any other minority (or majority) should, I think that it’s high time that the ridiculous and unbiblical laws regarding discrimination be struck from the law books.

Part of the very essence of property rights is to say “You can come in, but this other fellow cannot.” The destruction of the right to discriminate, to associate with who you like – and not who the Smiling Ones like – is simply evil, and must be rectified. Certainly, the evils of racism – which shouldn’t be considered a crime in the first place – cannot be fixed by creating even greater evils!

So let’s agree: you choose to be who you want to be, and I choose to be with whom I want to be, and we can all live in peace and happiness with our friends and supporters (and not our enemies or those who hold malice towards us, for whatever reason.)


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