Star Empires

I write a fair amount of science fiction for a fanzine on my other blog, Stellar Reaches. Following classic mid-20th century tropes – see Asimov’s Foundation series – the setting is based on a sprawling interstellar empire, the Third Imperium, which is fairly closely based on Rome.

Now, for some silly reason, some Christians think that they should teach their children a good classical education – based on Greece and Rome. Gary North in a series of articles (paywall) explains why this is an amazingly stupid idea, with the crowning article (so far) being Classical Christian Education: The Real Deal (free).

Now, I am happy to agree with North that Classical Education is Statism (paywall), As he wrote in yet another article (free) against these ancient packs of State-adoring rapists, now wrapped in Christian clothing:

What if I came before a group of Christian mothers at a home school convention and asked this question?

Would you spend money to buy a curriculum program based on a philosophy of education that assumes the following? (1) The legitimacy of homosexuality, especially the seduction of teenage boys by men over age 30; (2) warfare as a man’s supremely meaningful activity; (3) polytheism; (4) a personal demon as a philosopher’s source of correct logic; (5) slavery as the foundation of civilization; (6) politics as mankind’s only means of attaining the good life, meaning salvation; (7) the exclusion of women from all aspects of public religion; (8) the legitimacy of female infanticide.

Preposterous, correct? On the contrary, at least a third of them have already decided to adopt such a curriculum. It’s called the Christian classical curriculum — also called the classical Christian curriculum — and it’s all the rage these days in Christian home schooling circles and day schools.

I wish why conservatives had such a love of war and killing, and such a reverence for deeply evil societies such as Rome and Greece.

As for the fictional far-future Third Imperium? In the end, it ripped itself apart in a civil war, and then overrun with a plague of malicious AI viruses. Centralized pyramids have a habit of collapsing in a nasty fashion.

The Third Imperium was a pagan culture, but banned chattel slavery, and was not particularly oppressive for a aristocratic military/corporate dictatorship, all things considered. It is certainly better than, say, some kind of Christian Conservative takeover or revolution of the American government, which most certainly means nothing more than an even more oppressive band of overlords, killers, liars, thieves, and adulterers – but now blathering about God instead of blathering about Equality.


What we need is to let the empire die. Not by revolution, but by simply abandoning it, and removing any consent or recognition of its authority over our lives.

Liberty is what God’s people need, not some delusion of power without limit.


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