A Coming Tragedy

A Coming Tragedy

From the Washington Post:

— Day after day, the gory confessions spill out from China’s newspapers — rape, murder, beheadings, even a plot to infect villagers’ chopsticks and kitchen knives with typhoid bacteria. The crimes were committed by Japanese soldiers seven decades ago, but the stories are being dusted off for a new era of confrontation.

The confessions — appearing one a day, for 45 days — are part of a relentless drumbeat of anti-Japanese propaganda here. The campaign is partly timed to coincide with the 77th anniversary this month of the start of China’s war with Japan, but it is also part of a longer war of words with Beijing’s main Asian rival. The campaign is supposed to force Japan to come to terms with its wartime past, but it is also meant to inspire domestic nationalism and bolster the Communist Party’s credentials as defender of the Chinese people.

Of course, this is rank hypocrisy, with the Communist government killing more Chinese than Japan did.

But that doesn’t matter to the government… and, even if you told them, probably not to the Chinese people either. An alarming percentage of whom are poor and working-class young men without any possibility of marriage, and little to lose…

Better to keep the people – especially the young, trouble-making men – united against the common foe. Keep the hate away from the State, and focused on over crimes done 70 years ago. Strange, seeing the increasingly wealthy China build as much hatred over the dead past as the Muslims do. Two dead ruling, power-centred ideologies/religions, dwelling on the past.

And so it goes, in cultures without the forgiveness of Christ.

It’s not America’s fight, and I hope America doesn’t get into it. Most likely, there won’t be a war so long as the US-Japan security guarantee endures.

But as soon as that guarantee is gone, Japan will get her nukes.

Nationalism kills. Astonishingly, the East saw this play out in the West, in the World Wars – and has learnt nothing.

Lessons for Christians:

  • Don’t blame others for your problems, or your powerlessness. As a rule of thumb, obedience to Christ bring increasing wealth, honour, and power. Again: God rules this universe, not the Enemy. If there is no success, if this isn’t happening, then there is some kind of corruption in the camp. Root it out.
  • Forgive your enemies, as Christ instructs. This frees you from the chains of the past, and allows you to redirect your energy, to build up your house today to master the future. This does not mean trust your enemies – that’s just foolishness, especially as you are only to trust in the Lord your God.
  • Don’t worship power. All power and authority is in God’s hands. Power-worship leads to blindness, delusions, and an increasing inability to adjust to the future – as both Islam and Communism demonstrates. Don’t worry too much about the sins of others – dig out the sins of your own heart first and foremost. Afterwards, you are better able to carefully and with just the right amount of force – not too much and not too little – help in removing the sins of other, repentant people.

The future beckons – but we can’t seize it, if we insist on holding on to the hatreds of the past.



I love both the Chinese & Japanese peoples: but my writing above placed all the blame on the Chinese. This is wrong.

  • Had the Japanese not invaded China & Korea, and committed their various and ugly war crimes, this level of hatred would be impossible. Instead, they would have been admired and highly respected across Asia, and eventually (as white supremacy faded) around the world.

    Instead, they decided to emulate the powerful white man. The Americans firmly put them back in their place, and there is only enmity from China & Korea, when they see the land of the rising sun.

    Lesson learned: NEVER abandon righteousness, in the name of power, or to gain the favour of the powerful.

  • Many of the Japanese were – and, sadly, are – too full of pride. The more conservative & reactionary among them know full well how marvelous their nation is, and intensely love their nation: but – just like American conservatives and their nauseating love of pagan Rome – they still insist that their nation did no wrong in war.

    They need to repent: but, Shinto has no moral structure, something God is judging that beautiful nation for right now. For what is the use of beauty, if it hides the slaughter of the innocent? It merely adds to the revulsion of God Most High, nothing more.

    Shinto – especially State Shinto of the Imperial Era – was and is simply a man-built religion, to gain man-centred goals. For State Shinto especially, the focus was on the power & supremacy of the Japanese. As such, it was all about the uniqueness of the Japanese, their racial glory, and their destiny to rule the world (or at least Asia).

    (In comparison to folk Shinto, which is more about good harvests, fertility, the sacredness of nature, and passing exams. Still a false faith, but not nearly as far off the mark.)

    The Japanese need to ditch the pride, kneel to Christ, and repent. THAT will open the door to life and hope. If they really think that their covenant with death will provide a gentle, comfortable, relaxed fading away – the Age of Evening Calm, as depicted in the graceful and beautiful (and perverse and sterile) Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou – they have another thing coming.

    (…and so does Western Europe. But they already know this, since 2007 at least. Japan still has several delusions that still remains to be popped…)


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