Vengeance and Power

Dearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but rather give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord. — Romans 12:19


When we see the rampant injustice around us, it’s easy to indulge in fantasies of retributive (or more-than-retributive) violence.

But outside of self- and family-defence, there is no room for violence in the Christian life.

Which makes the current love-affair some Christians have with Imperial Rome repulsive.

(And I’m speaking as a sci-fi writer, who works in a universe dominated by a similar space empire. Space Empires have long been popular in the fantasies of men: but some fantasies are best left in the world of fiction and computer games.)

All Under Law

Why we must not take vengeance?

If a single innocent life is taken, God will hold us to account. Just as He will hold us to account for every idle word we say, or every unclean thought.

Faced with such a standard, modern warfare is innately and irredeemably unjust – and will only become more so as robots are increasingly used to do the killing.

Yapping about Orders, Lawful Authority, and all the rest of it will not excuse us at all. Every word, every act, every thought is under observation and judgement of God Most High.

Since this is true, we must take responsibility for what we do, and what we renounce.

And since no innocent lives may be taken for whatever reason, war and vengeance must be abandoned: the piercing gaze and uncompromising commands of God demand it.

The Alternative: Slavery Under the State

We will now listen to the cries of hatred Freethinkers have for such an Almighty, Inescapable Judge . Using arguments of pragmatism and reason, they will follow Machiavelli, and speak nobly about Reasons of State, and why we should be realistic in politics – a realm above and beyond the authority of God and His Laws.

As usual, as soon as there is a general acceptance of these arguments, there will be immediate substitution of the State as the Lord and Master of our lives. And don’t fool yourself: as soon as the machines can reliably read thoughts – somewhere around 2040? – our thinking will be under government surveillance 24/7 as well, with Incorrect Thought being punished with increasingly severity.

(For some odd reason, the Servants of the People will never, ever be charged or punished for any thoughtcrime. Obviously, this proves the pure and noble nature of They Who Rule, and justifies their Loving Authority to dominate the rest of us…)

Godly Men

Wars exist because men demand it. And as the US is always entangled with some costly and worthless war somewhere, this means that a major percentage of American Christian men support these endless wars.

This must stop, as such Roman-style slaughter is against the will of God.

With obedience to God, there will be a steady return of peace and prosperity, and liberty as well. But so long as we insist on blaspheming God, claiming that our killing is done for some Glorious Vision, we will continue on the road of slavery and poverty. No different than in the Soviet Union of old.

Repentance brings life, liberty and prosperity; disobedience brings death, slavery and poverty.

So leave vengeance to God, ditch the Empire, and live.


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