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Towards a Better Understanding of our Glorious Masters

On Easily Refuted Nonsense

Of course, we all know that Our Current Lords – who only want what’s best for you and yours, of course – view Christianity with a comprehensive malice. As an additional illustration, I advice you to review the judicial rulings and legislative votes endorsing homosexual marriage – Iowa is a classic, of course, but Canada and New Zealand are worth reviewing as well.

Claims that homosexual marriage is somehow sanctioned in Christianity is, of course, hilarious and delusional, and obviously disproven by the intensely hostile words and attitudes of Our Noble Lords vis-a-vis Christian morality, beliefs, and liberty. (When they don’t hide themselves in bureaucratic bafflegab and doubelspeak.)

Now, while even the dinner talk of Our Loving Masters is far too exalted for prudish mundanes such as you and I, the actual motives of their actions have always been something of a mystery to some. I”m pretty casual about such things, and assume they are motivated by the same desires as all the other Lords and Baals, Fuhrers and Khans and Caesars we have seen come and go: Power and Pleasure. “Just hire some intellectuals at the usual dime-a-dozen rates, and off you go to the races!”

On Conspiracies… and their Failure

Gary North has generally taken seriously the more hidden motives of Our Kindly Beneficiaries, and maybe he’s right to do so. Tying elite goals to conspiracies, he writes:

It means that some people are deeply motivated by the goal of changing humanity by changing the world. They are willing to use political influence to re-shape the world, even when this goal is in opposition to the prevailing democratic majority. This would indicate that the democratic majority is not a reliable guide to shaping policy, because policy will be re-written, re-shaped, and re-organized by hidden groups that possess the real power at the top of the political hierarchy. In other words, a conspiracy theory is inherently anti-democratic.

Democratic theory is the reigning religion of the vast majority of those people who have been trained in the social sciences in higher education institutions. Anything that challenges the ultimate sovereignty of democratic government is regarded as evil. This is why social scientists are willing to follow the money back to the goal of making more money. This way, it is possible to expose the shapers of policy as self-interested people who were opposed to democracy. The critics assume that democratic voters will respond to such exposés. This outlook was basic to the Progressive movement a century ago. It is basic to all liberal reform movements’ official pronouncements.

But what if the special-interest groups are only marginally motivated by money? What if their goal is power, which means the ability to shape what the vast majority of voters want to do, irrespective of their interests? Then democracy is an illusion, merely a convenient tool of deception manipulated by elites. Democracy is a means to elitist power, not an end — just as money is. So, a conspiracy theory undermines people’s faith in the efficacy of democratic government. The high priests of the religion of democracy are appalled. Such ideas undermine the trust of the masses. — Gary North, Conspiracy Theories vs. the Religion of Democracy

He even provides a way to foil these conspiracies:

The best way to overcome a conspiracy is to take away its leverage: political power in defense of the existing distribution of wealth. There is a slogan for this: “You get your hand out of my wallet, and I will get my hand out of your wallet. Let us start with Congress, which has its hands in everyone’s wallet.”

Certainly, he was right about the crumbling foundations (both links Paywalled) the State’s inability to create Hell (Paywall). The ability to create Hell remains an incommunicable attribute of God — much to the fury of Compassionate Ones everywhere.

But heading back to the topic at hand…

Endless Chaos as the Road to Eternal Order

On his website today (Paywall), North addresses a recent article on Anthony Sutton (Read his books!) In the essay Sutton’s Theory of Elite Action, Sutton makes the interesting claim that The Elite are not motivated solely by the love of unfettered power and pleasure (and so, naturally, an uncompromising hatred of God), but a real and substantial belief of Hegelian action:

The elite ascribe to a brand of Hegelianism, where the dialectical process brings about an ideal synthesis out of conflict. Hegel himself had strong statist streaks to his philosophy and approach, and his philosophy could be considered as actualization through contradiction. It bears a striking similarity to the gnostic traditions of chaos bringing about perfection by manifesting opposing forces. As the Enlightenment cults borrowed heavily from Gnosticism, both in their belief in an “enlightened few” and in the universe as self-ascending toward some quasi-divine perfection, it’s fitting that this dialectical process be the mentality of the elite.

Indeed, one could argue that this whole approach is a product of their occult views, instead of merely being adapted to it.

Those who aid this process – who move society toward its final actualization and unity – have a sort of “divine right” to rule by law of nature. This very line of thinking is the inspiration for the Communist Dictatorship of the Proletariat, and their “ends-justify-the-means” thinking for their cause. Sutton again:

“Furthermore, the Illuminati principle that the end justifies the means, a principle that Quigley scores as immoral and used by both The Group and The Order, is rooted in Hegel.”

Moral absolutes, to them, do not exist, except insofar as an action aids the inevitable course of history. To the elites, the inevitable course of history is a final synthesis of all contradicting political ideas: freedom and tyranny, individualism and collectivism, agency and slavery, and so on. It is in their view neither of these things. The final society transcends these things.

What that means in short is simple. If you like any of the things on this list, the elites want them to go away and become merged with their contraries. And this process cannot be theoretical or abstract, no – all of these dialectical philosophers that Sutton mentions, from Hegel to Fichte to Marx to Engels – held that the abstract was meaningless of itself and only the first step in the process. It is the thesis or the abstract, which must be followed by the antithesis or negation, and then from conflict be synthesized or concretized into something greater.


I too am very much inclined to this way of thinking. The operations of the elite are self-interested, but only in the greater sense. They have worked toward consistent goals over timescales that surpass many lifetimes, which is the one thing pure narcissism is incapable of doing. They are selfless in the cause of their own collective selfishness, in a word, which requires some deep belief in the rightness of their cause. Whether the philosophy merely justifies the actions or the actions are driven by the philosophy, I can’t say.


If I had to summarize Sutton’s Theory of Elite Action in a paragraph, I would explain it just so:

The powerful elite families, consisting of bankers, a few powerful businessmen, and second-level politicians, have an end goal of a unified Statist society. They operate through a chain of influence and a number of closed-door organizations to impose their ideas on society by controlling key positions of power. Using the dialectic method of Hegel, Marx, Fichte and Engels, they foment conflict by funding and arming antithetical organizations to create a synthetic unity, as seen in the EU. This process will continue – thesis, antithesis, synthesis – on greater scales until a one world Statist system is established, or they are stopped.

To many this may seem simple and even obvious. But the ideological framework provided by Sutton allows us to understand the actions of the elite with greater precision. I’ve posted this, above all, in hopes of facilitating discussion and opening up a wider, more welcoming umbrella for anti-Statists to gather under. The above has been proposed and extensively researched by Sutton (and others) to the degree that most honest parties should see its truth. If they don’t, I think they must be either ill-informed (and likely new to the cause) or believe our leaders to be spectacularly incompetent.

Our Clever, Clever Masters

Actually, I’m leaning to the ‘spectacularly (and increasingly) incompetent’ thesis myself. At least, if the goal is to gain eternal wealth, power, and fame for themselves – coupled with Above-the-Law status, as usual – they are far less intelligent, thoughtful, and far-sighted than the Roman emperors or the Chinese ruling classes.

After all, you can’t dominate the world with a declining and aging population, a failing economy, an increasingly disrespected culture & political system, or a pronounced inability to win wars.

So in my eyes, The Establishment are not a group of clever Hegelian Statists. Their State-adoring credentials are unquestionable, of course, but their use of power is simply disorganized and driven by the ever-shifting, short-term need to Look Tough (and bedrock anti-Christian hostility, as always), without concern for the future.

The Elite’s far more powerful and sophisticated forefathers destroyed European dominance forever in the German Wars, and now the pathetic heirs (with their increasingly bankrupted American cousins) play their games of decadence, biding their time until the welfare state grinds down to a halt.


Judges and Warriors

It has been a long time since Western Europe could be called Christian… but it really was so, once upon a time. This means that believers around the world can sometimes glean some useful lessons from that distant era, when upon occasion some kings and lords would value Christianity as a definitive guide to life and law – a far different attitude to the “Glory to the State, Service to the Race People” era of today.

One long-dead king I have a certain respect for is King Alfred, the only king worthy of the title “Great” in British history. Not only was he an actual believer himself, but strove to integrate the commandments into everyday life. And he was not merely respectful of the Higher King’s prerogatives, but not slack in defending his own realm from Viking marauders.

I’m sure you can google-up the details, but just gleaning from the Strategy & Tactics wargaming magazine (#287, Jul-Aug 2014), we see that King Alfred set up a number of mutually-supporting fortified posts, some of them refurbished Roman forts. The forts were not meant to repel an invader themselves, but to slow the Vikings down long enough for reinforcements to arrive.

This was a Big Deal at the time: the manpower needed to keep these forts up were 30,000 men, or 6% of the Wessex population. (To compare, the number of young men of military age makes up 10% of the population in most times.)

The Viking threat would persist, reaching its climax in the Danegeld of the following century, but Alfred was the first to turn back a determined invasion. In the process he unified much of England, fortified it against attack, and built an army capable of hunting down and destroying raiding expeditions.

Three cheers for Christian Civilization!

The Black Man, Political Dead Ends, and the Future


There was a time when the simple destruction of Jim Crow, the end of official discrimination, busing Black students to White schools, and the War on Poverty was thought to mean the end of the low status of the Black man in America.

Now, there is a Black President, numerous Black legislators and lawmen, generals and sportsmen. And in truth, there has been a great increase in the status and wealth of about 30% of Black Americans.

So, politics (or, more precisely, Equality before the Law) really did help Black people… but the political linkage between Blacks and the Democratic Party (who first stood against Jim Crow) helped some connected Blacks a lot more than others during the Golden Age of Black Politics.

But Salvation by Politics is coming to an end…

When was the Golden Age of Black Politics?

A case can be made for the start of it, from anytime in the 1950s to the 1980s, and for the end of the Age from the 1990s to the future end of Obama’s second term.

What it Wasn’t

What Blacks needed was Equality Before the Law.

Black Americans got part of that birthright that all men, male and female alike, have been granted by God.

(Islamic, Communist, and Tolerance-committee lies to the contrary.)

But it wasn’t the straight goods: it was adulterated with Affirmative-Action quotas and the violation of the rights of racist whites to choose who they wish to associate with.

(Strange thing, that: if you violate the rights of your enemies, if you treat them unjustly,
that injustice will eventually come back to bite you, good and hard.

One more time: One God, One Law!

NOT “One Law for people we like, and another law for people we don’t like!”

NOT “One Law for the Right Sort, and another law for the Other Kind of People!”

Reality is based on this principle: One God, One Law!)

In the end, even white racists have rights to life, liberty, and property: once blacks got the same rights, they should have pushed to stand on their own two feet (and get to work making money and building an educated, morally upright generation), and forget the resentments of the past.

Build, work, learn, love, forgive, protect… to publicly bless the good, and to publicly damn the evil (regardless of its skin colour, voting patterns, or preferred religious symbols)… that is what was needed… and what is still needed.

Roads Not Taken

If the only result of the Civil Rights era was Equality before the Law – and no Drug War, no War on Poverty, no vast expansion of State Power – then Black America would have freedom… but still relative poverty. And, they would still be kept out of many White areas, towns, and businesses.

With the easy way of “Robbing Peter to Give to Paul” cut off (and so no dependency on Our Political Saviour in Washington), and without any Affirmative Action, the following can be avoided:

1) a major source of continuous White resentment as everyone knows that The Right Sort have their own elegant, indirect ways to cut out undesirables (Paywall), from in-the-know social circles, to the right ZIP codes, to the requirement for degrees;

2) inflated aspirations followed by crushing failures;

3) the insinuation against Blacks who actually earned their degrees – and are unable to properly defend themselves.

Black America would embark on the only real road to wealth: education, united families teaching their own people, productive local communities, taking responsibility for your own, and serving the customer well with their own businesses – and reaping the inevitable rewards.

Instead, Black America went on the road of government handouts, no-strings money… and public disgrace.

Black support of politicians who have done little or nothing for their ordinary constituents is by no means unusual. Blacks are chief executives of major cities, such as Philadelphia, Detroit, Washington, Memphis, Atlanta, Baltimore, New Orleans, Oakland, Newark, Cleveland and Cincinnati. In most of these cities, the chief of police, the superintendent of schools and other high executives are black. But in these cities, black people, like no other sector of our population, suffer from the highest rates of homicides, assaults, robberies and shootings. Black high-school dropout rates in these cities are the highest in the nation. Even if a black youngster manages to graduate from high school, his reading, writing and computational proficiency is likely to be equivalent to that of a white seventh- or eighth-grader. That’s even with school budgets per student being among the highest in the nation.


Black people would not accept excuses upon excuses and vote to re-elect decade after decade any white politician, especially a Republican politician, to office who had the failed records of our big-city mayors. What that suggests about black people is not very flattering. — Black and White Standards by Walter E. Williams

What it Was

There’s a saying from American Vision that I respect: Don’t take the cheese.

Unfortunately, at the moment of decision, Black America took the cheese.

Dunbar can be seen as the canary in the coalmine, and the War against Poverty as the poisonous helping hand. The War on Drugs – and the mysterious lack of outcry among the Friends of the Black Man, for the imprisonment & destruction of uncountable black lives in the name of a non-crime – is merely the icing on the cake.

Assuming that most politics is mainly about getting the cheese – and not about the demands of God regarding justice, and suppressing public evil – then the Golden Age of Black Politics was around 1964 – 2008 or so, starting with the Civil Rights era, growing more and more perverse with the War on Poverty, and ending with the election of Barack Obama (when homosexual issues eclipsed Black issues.)

In my eyes, the definitive marker of the end of the Golden Age is the recent finding that public support for the disproportionate imprisonment of Blacks strengthens, when most Americans are told of the racial bias of the drug war. This speaks to the end of White guilt. Without the politics of guilt and pity, the liberal wagon Black America has hitched it’s star to is stuck in the mire.

(If Black America puts its muscle only and solely behind Equality Under the Law, this story might have has a better ending. But, when offered the sweet, sweet cheese of racial set-asides and quotas, Black Americans chose to bite down, good and hard.)

The media continues to play up the sorrows of teaching Black sons about the reality of America, but – despite official suppression – The Talk: Nonblack Version continues to resonate across much of America.

(A look at the comments on both articles is an informal indicator of the new winds of change. There is no media-led outcry over the death of Chris Lane, no riots… but the blood of the innocent is the blood of the innocent.)

The New Racism: This is how the civil rights movement ends is a pretty strong hint of the future of the Black political class: after spending the precious decades of white guilt in getting pork (instead of getting liberty and local self-governance), Black politicians are now sidelined in their own isolated districts. As the money continues to fade away, this sidelining of Black concerns will only continue. Without any power over the shrinking purse, Black politicians will eventually become mere tribal symbols, without even the ability to pass the pork to their allies.

Hope, and Reality

Nobody – black or white, Republican or Democrat – much cares if black people kill black people.

Only a Black America interested in standing on its own two feet, aspiring to be something better than it is – even if it means emphasizing literacy, numeracy, family, and self-discipline (gasp!) – would ever achieve such a goal.

Can this be done? Yes.

Will it be done? Only by a minority of hard-nosed, determined, unsentimental Black communities, I believe.

Remember Dunbar, that school of Black excellence… that was probably more hated by low-minded Blacks than by racist Whites?

Remember the cries of Acting White, directed at any Black man who put in the effort to get up from where he is?

Or, for that matter, how about Black schools run by Black teachers, protected by Black mayors?

You say, “What do you mean by educational fraud, Williams?” There are many inputs to education that are beyond the control of educators, such as poor home environment, derelict parental oversight and students with minds alien and hostile to the education process. But there’s one thing entirely within the control of the education establishment. That is the conferral of a high-school diploma. When a school confers a diploma upon a student, it attests that the student has mastered the 12th-grade levels of reading, writing and arithmetic. If, in fact, the student cannot perform at the seventh- or eighth-grade levels, the school has committed gross fraud. Even worse is the fact that black people, including those holding fraudulent diplomas, are completely unaware. It has absolutely nothing to do with racial discrimination. In fact, black education is the worst in cities where blacks have been the mayor, chief of police and superintendent of schools and where most of the teachers and principals are black. — Do Blacks Need Favors? by Walter E. Williams

This – not the Ku Klux Klan – is the kind of thing that has destroyed hope from about the late 60’s onwards.

Fortunately, there is the homeschooling alternative. Being Christian and Libertarian, I stand with Ron Paul: but Black America can still do far, far better than the public schools with the more mainstream Khan Academy. Science-oriented homeschoolers , on the other hand, can’t go wrong with the Robinson Curriculum.

(I will be more than pleased when there is a demanding Black Christian homeschooling program, with a strong emphasis on Math, Entrepreneurship, Rhetoric, Logic, and History. A powerful set of Sunday School lessons, scalable from age 5 to age 18, would be greatly appreciated as well.

With a Calvinist, post-millennial viewpoint, obviously: no “Everything we do is futile, let us cringe in our closets and cry for a Rapture escape from Reality!” delusions allowed!

I wonder when all those dedicated, experienced Black Christian teachers out there will get together and make one. Hint, hint…)

My prayers are with that small but hardy group of Black Americans who aim to be better than they are, and plan to train their children to reach higher yet. Fear God, push on, and never give up.

Postscript: The Bright Future

P.S: Gary North just published an article – The Elite in the Digital Age (paywall) that stresses that the future belongs to those who can read books, who can concentrate for long periods of time. These are skills that must be mastered, to grasp complex concepts.

Homeschooling women who make sure that their children read and understand the Bible – who take Bible study seriously, and teach their children to do so as well as a direct commandment from Gos (which it is, by the way) – are going to give their children a good strong push in the right direction. As God spoke of His Word and His Commandments:

You shall teach them diligently to your sons and shall talk of them when you sit in your house and when you walk by the way and when you lie down and when you rise up. – Deuteronomy 6:7, NASB

You shall teach them to your sons, talking of them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road and when you lie down and when you rise up. – Deuteronomy 11:19, NASB

Leave the flickering distractions and fantasies to others.

YOU read, as God commands.

Read, Understand, Obey, Serve… and then, Lead.

Postscript: The Dark Future

Like most humans most of the time, only a minority of Blacks are interested in getting prepped before the whirlwind is upon them.

Like most people most of the time, they will not change – until it is entirely too late, and an irrevocable disaster is upon them.

The Model Man

Even for the most seriously disciplined, drug-free, God-fearing ghetto dweller, it’s getting harder and harder for even an hardworking and honest illiterate to get and keep any sort of job.

Unless he uses that discipline to get a GED – a wise decision, but how will he even know of the existence of the GED?

One good thing: is he is a seriously disciplined God-fearing illiterate ghetto dweller, he won’t stay illiterate for long, as he needs to read his Bible. And if he values his life the way God does, there’s a good likelihood that he’s going to leave that urban ghetto, one way or another.

“To succeed, all you need to do is
1) Graduate from high school;
2) Get a job and never leave it, except for a better job;
3) No children before marriage.”

That second spot is going to be very difficult to get in the automated future. But after some mass inflation, it should be doable again.

I believe in miracles, that windows open when doors close.

But you have to be ready to dive through that window when it opens.

How many Black men have the patience and the tenacity for that?

How many Black men are willing to grit their teeth to fight a cold and pitiless reality, when a drugged escape is a gesture away?

The Off-Model Reality

How is the majority, the illiterate, hopeless, drugged bastards that now dominate far too much of the urban ghettos (Paywall), supposed to adopt to the future, the future of massive automation and a demand for a high-tech, self-motivated, innovative, continuously learning workforce?

They won’t.

Moreover, they can’t: so long as the minimum wage laws (Paywall) exist, uneducated Black labour will never be able to compete with the machines.

On the cold, slippery, increasingly rusting ladder out of the ghettos and the ‘hoods, a good number of the initial rungs are simply missing.

And without any hope in the future, without a family to drive them forward despite the pain, without a faith to that rewards self-control today for a better tomorrow, burdened with a hatred of literacy and civilized behaviour in fear of Acting White – or Asian, or Indian, or any other successful minority…

Only despair and the grave beckons.

“Harvest is past, summer is ended, And we are not saved.” – Jeremiah 8:20

“Winter is coming” – Motto, House Stark, Game of Thrones

Repentent Pastors Needed…

…and repentant congregations too!

From American Vision:

Barna has revealed the heartbreaking facts of a two-year long research project on pastors and social policy. As reported by, Barna said,

What we’re finding is that when we ask them about all the key issues of the day, [90 percent of them are] telling us, “Yes, the Bible speaks to every one of these issues.”

So these pastors know the truth. But the problem comes in the preaching of it. According to Barna:

Then we ask them: “Well, are you teaching your people what the Bible says about those issues?” and the numbers drop … to less than 10 percent of pastors who say they will speak to it.

Since we can safely assume that the 10 percent who do preach it are also among those who believe the Bible addresses these issues, this means that a whopping 80 percent of pastors do not preach what they know they should be preaching—what they acknowledge to believe the Bible actually says.

But the poll gets even more revealing. It goes on to discover what these pastors consider “success” in their churches. According to Barna:

There are five factors that the vast majority of pastors turn to: Attendance, giving, number of programs, number of staff, and square footage.

Success is therefore determined by how much money comes in, how many people come in, and how big the building is. Clear enough.

Standards for success are clear indicators of motivation. Barna connects the dots:

What I’m suggesting is [those pastors] won’t probably get involved in politics because it’s very controversial. Controversy keeps people from being in the seats, controversy keeps people from giving money, from attending programs.

Thus, the motivations for self-censorship are more money, more people, and bigger buildings. Don’t shoot me for saying it. I am now just the messenger.

I have been sure of this for about a decade now, but it’s good to have hard numbers and facts to back up suspicions.

Dr. McDurmon recommends that the pastors repent before God – and that the congregation, which often chooses the pastor and supports the ‘non-controversial’ ones, also repent before God. This is good advice, which I don’t believe will be taken. Why?

  1. People want peace and safety when they go to church, not challenge and hard work.
  2. Of course, if you want a warrior-church, then you want a church dominated by men: something that’s mighty hard to find in the gelded, blatantly disobedient, and dying Western church.
  3. And Christians simply must stop tithing their children to the State. Again, returning to the article: “And I’ll tell you where the deepest part of the problem really lies: it lies in the abdication by Christians and pulpits alike of Christian children to the government school system. This single factor has contributed more to the decline of our culture than just about any other.”

Instead, I recommend house-churches, much like those they have in China. (They will go well with the homeschools that are practically mandated in a rotting culture such as ours…) These are the churches that grow, the multiply, that preach. They can afford to cut down concerns with “Attendance, giving, number of programs, number of staff, and square footage” and focus on the majors: preaching & studying the word, obeying God, giving, conversion & discipleship, and mutual support.

The Old Order is dead. Time to ditch the body, and get right with the Living God.