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More Truth Over Time: An Opportunity to be Seized

“Thoughts on the Fabrications of Neil Tyson,
Backed by Wikipedia.”

Where We Should Be, and Where We Are

With the behaviour of Dr. Neil Tyson, we can see the further Establishment-backed destruction of the concept of Truth, in favour of the far more useful (to the Establishment) concept of the Narrative. This shouldn’t be a surprise in a secularist-materialist culture, where Power defines Truth.

Christians are not to follow in the footsteps of Our Noble Leaders and Shining Celebrities. We have a different God to worship, a God that demands Truth – and will punish His Own if they depart from the way of integrity.

Now, are Christians ready to take their appointed place, as the priests we all should be? (With the blessing of God granted for obedience, regardless of institutional support or the lack thereof..)

No, we are NOT ready to take the seat of authority – spiritual and worldly – God has made for us.

  • Too many Christian cheats, charlatans and slackers. Christians have earned a poor reputation in both the business world and in the world of academia. (Nevermind the pathetic, subservient joke of fourth-rate Christian Colleges!)
  • Far too few Christians are willing to pay the price for victory — a price that, even with excellent work (rather than the slop-shod trash Christians usually prefer & produce), will often not be remembered a year after the worker has died. But then again, any Christian working for fame and public praise – instead of something worthwhile and enduring and of eternal worth, like the Glory of God – is going to find his reward in this life, not the next.
  • The cowardly twin delusions of

Can we get ready? Yes! But we simply must homeschool – rather than hand our children to the  God-despising, State-adoring collectivists – and we need those intact families. Not only because mother can focus on the children while father works (and so infuriating Our Masters), but also because it is the father who teaches delayed gratification. We need delayed gratification, to build anything worthwhile and lasting – including science worthy of the name (grounded in objective truth, not crowd- and elite-pleasing ideology) and to take back the culture a delusional and strong minority has stolen from weak and spineless majority.

(And rest assured, the culture will be inevitably fling aside by The Merciful Ones, once all the money and power has been completely sucked dry, leaving only a raped, impoverished, and ignorant husk, without God or Family or Church, or Children, or even Hope. Our Heroic Leadership, on the other hand, will simply be looking for the next useful set of lies to push, or the next power-centre to hijack and strip naked. I’m looking at you, third-world home churches, small local groups, and independent clubs!

On the other hand, after the Great Default and the decentralization that modern technology brings, the Establishment will never again enjoy the centralized, unquestioned authority it had in the 1940s and 50s. No matter how many small clubs and house churches it hijacks, it will never again have the sheer, above-the-law power it has today over hundreds of millions, even billions.

Shall we weep a river of tears for Our Master’s plight?)

The Rot in the Heart of Our Masters

When you read the article on Dr. Tyson, you will note that Wikipedia is intent on suppressing the easily verified truth of the many claims the good doctor offers.

Some atheists do want to extend fact-checking to their own people, like Hemant Mehta:

I give similar speeches at different places. Believe me, I’ve made mistakes in my talks before. But if and when someone points them out to me, I do my best to fix them. I would expect no less from Dr. Tyson.

Considering that Tyson is speaking at Apostacon on Friday night — to an audience full of skeptics — it would behoove them all to be on the lookout for these quotations or others like them. Do some fact-checking while you’re listening to him. Challenge him if you can’t verify what he says.

If a pastor or right-wing conservative did it, we’d be calling them out on it immediately. Tyson doesn’t deserve a free pass just because his intentions are pure. It certainly wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) get by in an academic setting, and just because he often speaks to a lay audience doesn’t mean he should make up quotations or fail to cite them if they’re real.

However, based on their assumptions on the nature of reality (and morality, of course), I don’t really expect a majority of atheists to do anything more than say whatever gets them what they want, in the here and now.

(The fact that most Christians behave no better is a reason for shame on our part. WE are supposed to serve a transcendent, uncreated Lord that we cannot touch, who created the universe and infused it with His Word (information). Who has established an unchanging Law, to which we will be held to account.

THEY can follow some charming political hustler with a fine suit (…or a fine uniform…) because they can touch and hear both the Leader, and the shiny black boots he (…or his friends…) are wearing.

  • ‘As for truth… what of it? That’s just cultural groupthink, nothing more.’
  • ‘Law? Oh, that’s just what the Right People say it is, today. Subject to revision to whatever gives them the most power’n’pleasure tomorrow. The destruction of any enduring Natural Law was the entire point of Darwin, of course!’

The faster Christians get into conformity with God – and out of conformity with the current (and temporary) Powers of the Age, the better!)

Admittedly,  I believe that there will remain a minority of atheists who will hold on to behaviour not supported by their beliefs, and rise above my expectations – paging George Orwell, Ludwig von Mises, and Murray Rothbard – but they are not going to be the charismatic leaders of any Bright, Shining Lie Future. Charismatic types with smooth words will be the Masters, and they will behave exactly as they have always done before – “Service to the State! Glory to <whatever>!”

However, I expect Christians who fear God as their Maker and Judge to do and act differently. The Christian assumptions on reality simply do not permit them to act like Our Loving Benefactors do.

(Especially as Our Wise Benefactors seems to be confused on evolution: is it an elegant marvel, or a wasteful process?)

Unlike the Darwinians and Darwin himself (being consistent with his materialistic assumptions), we must please God, and not Men.

Wikipedia Fun – and a Serious Aside

Wikipedia continues to follow the current trend of Saganizing Science, turning the discipline from a search for truth to a reaffirmation of joint beliefs.

Now, you can fix Wikipedia, or use Conservapedia. I myself am waiting for something else, but until then, I use Wikipedia – it remains useful, despite the Establishment fanboys with way too much time on their hands.

And sometimes, you can get a little treat like this:

Peter Mullen (born 11 January 1942) is a British clergyman ordained in the Church of England. He is the former Rector of St Michael, Cornhill and St Sepulchre-without-Newgate in the City of London. Mullen is Chaplain to the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators, one of the Livery Companies of the City of London and the Anglican Chaplain to the London Stock Exchange, a largely honorific and historical post.

Life and career

Mullen graduated from the University of Liverpool with the degree of BA, before obtaining a PhD from Middlesex University.

He was ordained into the Church of England in 1970. He became Chaplain and Head of Religious Education (RE) at Whitecroft School, Bolton in 1974. In 1977 he was appointed Vicar of Tockwith and Bilton-in-Ainsty with Bickerton, Diocese of York, where he remained until 1989. He was censured in 1989 by the Church of England for committing adultery with a parishioner, and as a consequence had to resign from his incumbency in Yorkshire. From 1989 to 1997 he was banned from performing priestly duties. Mullen has written an article on his adultery.[2]

He became Priest-in-Charge of St Michael’s Cornhill & St Sepulchre-without-Newgate and Chaplain to the Stock Exchange in 1998. He later was confirmed as Rector of St Michael, Cornhill. He retired on his seventieth birthday in January 2012, but remains the chaplain to the Freedom Association.


Mullen is noted for his criticism of homosexuality.[3] Writing on his online blog, he stated that homosexuals should carry health warnings, for instance, “Sodomy may seriously damage your health”. He later explained that his comments were ‘satirical’, and went further by saying that he has homosexual friends. Nonetheless, a spokesman for the Diocese of London made an announcement distancing the Bishop and fellow clergy from Mullen’s statements, following which these comments were removed from his blog.[4] He later apologized.[5] Mullen has also called for tax-payer funded homosexual parades to be banned, describing them as “obscene”.[6]

Mullen is Eurosceptic and in March 2010, he spoke at a United Kingdom Independence Party event in Chichester, where he denounced the European Union and Islam.[7] He has mocked Muslims, saying there could be an “agreeable carnage” at the start of the annual Hajj in Mecca: “They usually manage to stampede and slaughter quite a few hundred of their co-religionists. Just imagine for a moment what a field day the BBC and the left-wing press in England would have if anything even remotely as bad as that happened in Vatican Square at Christmas or Easter”. He added that Muslims “lend themselves to ridicule: sticking their arses in the air five times a day. How about a few little choruses, ‘Randy Muslims when they die/Find 70 virgins in the sky’?”[6]

Mullen is a frequent contributor to the Wall Street Journal.[8][9][10] He has also written for the Daily Telegraph in support of preserving traditional forms of Anglican worship.[11] Mullen has argued it should be permissible to use force against a burglar, even that resulting in death, and that burglars forfeit all their rights by their actions.[12]

Unusually for a Church of England cleric, Dr. Mullen steadfastly believes in God. This has made him unpopular with the ‘modernisers’ and left-leaning, politically correct twerps that now infest the Church of England, and who are destroying it day by day. Dr. Mullen insists upon using the King James version of The Holy Bible and will not use any text excepting The Book of Common Prayer for his services. This infuriates the Church heirarchy who prefer texts involving Noddy going to Heaven in a Little Red Car and similar nonsensical rubbish.

The above is of Sept 21, 2014, and I doubt that it won’t last long. But it was there for a time, and it was seen by more than the writer.

On the serious side… I must point out that this solid defender of the truth was himself an adulterer, much like King David was. Depressingly, those who stand with the Lord often give the Enemy the opportunity to accuse and attack them, and bring His People down, just as King David suffered. There is Only One Law – not ‘This Law for the enemy, and that Law for myself and my friends!’

God’s People really need to keep an eye on this!

On the other hand, I still respect that final paragraph, especially that bit, “Unusually for a Church of England cleric, Dr. Mullen steadfastly believes in God.”

It’s not that God’s People are perfect and just… it’s that God’s People believe that there is such a thing as Justice, the Perfection is worth perusing (even if we don’t get it in this life), that Truth IS, and it’s worth fighting for!

(Thank you North for bringing up the man to my attention!)

Postscript: Light at the End of the Essay

While putting this post together, I found a few articles that didn’t fit, but deserve more readers:

How Richard Dawkins made me a Christian: where the author contrasted the claims of Dawkins with what he saw with his own eyes;

Materialist Ethics and the “Except Me” Tradition: or, “Why life is completely meaningless… except for me, and the stuff I write, which you should read and take seriously.”

On not putting all your theological eggs into one basket: mainly because of the wonderful initial paragraph…

If you had to summarize your reasons for believing in God in ten words or less, how would you do it? Here’s what I’d say: “The world is contingent, complex, fine-tuned, rule-governed, mathematical and beautiful.” For me, these features of the world point towards a Being Who is necessary (or self-explanatory), perfectly integrated, and limitlessly intelligent, creative and bountiful – a Being in Whom we live and move and have our being (Acts 17:28).

I like it… I like it a lot!

But I admit, my reasons for believing in God is a lot more focused on the demand for Truth, Justice and Law that is not merely the Arbitrary Will of Powerful Men.

I demand something better, and God provides.

The Establishment… simply doesn’t.


From the Gutters, Aiming High

Going Up!

This blog is titled “Across the Stars”, because I am confident that God wants life to spread off this blessed little drop of life we reside on today. The stars and the plants cry out for life, and we are the ones who are meant to get it there.

I only have indirect Biblical evidence, with Christ having All Things – including the stars – under His feet, and we being meant to be co-rulers with Him forever. Also Adam was a gardener, cultivating the wild lands and turning them into a garden.

If I have it right, then our expansion into the stars is part of God’s hidden will, as opposed to His revealed will. A quick aside to Ligonier:

God has not told us everything that He knows. There are secrets that belong to Him alone. On the other hand, the Lord has revealed other things that are for us and our children forever (Deut. 29:29).

Our focus today is on God’s hidden, or secret will, which is alluded to in today’s passage and other portions of Scripture. Some theologians refer to it as the will of decree since the Lord’s hidden will encompasses His sovereign decrees by which all things come to pass (Ps. 33:11; Isa. 46:8–10). As we saw last month in our study of providence, these decrees are unalterable and are what Scripture alludes to when it says God cannot change His mind (Num. 23:19). We cannot know these decrees in advance, and they are, as Dr. R.C. Sproul teaches, “none of our business.” His sovereign will does indicate what the course of our life will be, but it never excuses our sin.

We must take care to not focus on the Lord’s secret will inordinately and at the expense of His will revealed in Scripture. Primarily, we remember His hidden will so that we will not forget that God has a good purpose for His people that cannot be thwarted (Rom. 8:28). But we are to live our lives according to His revealed will.

It is part of God’s revealed will that we should cover the Earth.
It was part of God’s hidden will that we should fly, even to the Moon. This would have been seen as utterly impossible before 1783, when the first successful hot-air balloon flight kicked in over France. Things have advanced since then – and I trust that they will continue to advance, far into the future.

Thus, I think that it is part of God’s hidden will that we should reach to the stars, and bring the worlds to life. But that is just my opinion: there is no force of Scripture to support me on this, just the observation of trend-lines and the belief that technological advances will continue to push ahead – coupled with the silence of the stars, a silence waiting for the children of their Maker to give them voice.

Where We Should Be, Pre-Parousia

If I am right, then we have an obligation to push forward, to reach the destiny appointed to us. And if I am wrong, it will be obvious soon enough – which would merely restrict us to only terraforming the worlds and moons of this solar system, or some other task suitable for our rapidly-expanding power over nature.

(Or perhaps you thought that God has ordained Man to play video games and drown in pornography for the rest of existence, while enjoying 3D printed food, robot service, and near-free energy? NO – we are put here to work, and to work well, to the glory of God!)

Or perhaps after reaching our highest state of perfection, we will reach the final rebellion of the last hold-outs against Christ – which then brings forth the Second Coming, the Parousia, and the End of the Age.

But I doubt that we will reach such a state of glory soon. The Bible speaks of generations – even thousands of generations – of righteous men, obeying God willing as they conduct their labours in Creation.

Pegging a generation at 40 years, that’s at least 40,000 years. But that’s just ‘a thousand generation’ (Exodus 20:6, Deuteronomy 5:10, 7:9): so it’s more reasonable to assume something more like hundreds of thousands of years of human history, possibly millions.

Thousands of generations of righteous men, with many (almost all?!?) having access to robotics and nanotech and (near) free energy and 3D printing and networked everything and an ever-expanding internet.

Almost all of whom would regard animals not as the near-direct handiwork of God (with only a few hundred generations of breeding at the hands of ranchers, etc), but as the partial or complete creation of labs and biological synthesizers, perhaps run by high-level computer programs, almost certainly run by robots.

The kind of people who would look upon you and me as near-contemporaries of Jesus Christ. “You mean, you walked the Earth – THE Earth, where we all came from – a mere two thousand years after Christ resurrected? With real, unaltered horses and grass?”


While reading North’s Moore’s Law and Our Lives, he mentioned that Cro-Magnon Man was as much under the Ten Commandments as us. It’s going to be the same for our genetically altered and cybernetic descendents. Sure, he may well have much more power at his fingertips – but that just means much more responsibility before the face of God. And before the face of eternity, a lifespan of 70,000 years is much the same as a lifespan of 70 years.

With that much power, it will be very very easy for that Future Man to destroy himself, in all sorts of ways. And quite difficult to hew close to the way of life, that Christ – the first Future Man – laid down for us.

“Truly, truly, I say to you, he who believes in Me, the works that I do, he will do also; and greater works than these he will do; because I go to the Father.” – John 14:12

Greater works than healing the sick by touch, and raising the dead, and walking on water?


…and as for the Black Americans…

We may reach the stars – I expect so.

But it is more likely that, before we even get decent sublight generation ships that can keep out the intense radiation of interstellar space, or finally get cracking on setting up proper settlement on Mars, we will simply eradicate poverty (as an absolute, not as a comparative measure) and be well on the way to seriously expanding our lifespans.

But long before widespread near-free food and energy, the Welfare State would have hit it’s mathematical limits, and promptly collapse.

A LOT of Black Americans have hitched their stars on this government gravy train, and they are going to suffer when it grinds to a halt. And not just by direct welfare payments and food stamps, either.

The thing is, False Gods have a way of falling apart.

So, what should they be doing now, in the last of the Indian Summer breezes before winter?

It is the Church – not the State – that should handle charity and care for the poor. Unfortunately, a lot of churches has chosen to follow the lead of Martin Luther & the Catholic Church, instead of what God has explicitly commanded. As noted in American Vision:

The Church is the “Heavenly Kingdom,” we are told. Everything thing else—all those “worldly” matters—pertains to the “Earthly Kingdom.” Thus we have “Two Kingdoms,” and never the twain shall meet until Christ returns.Meanwhile we have a world filled—and churches filled—with people who have needs: financial needs, health needs, debt needs, old age needs, etc., etc. These are all things addressed by both 1) Old Testament law, and 2) New Testament teaching (which is usually based on Old Testament law). But the “Two Kingdoms” mentality tells us that 1) Old Testament law no longer applies, except maybe the Ten Commandments in a vague moral sense (what you do in your private life!), and 2) all social and civil matters will fall out according to God’s will in the realm of nature and under the rule of earthly governments. Que sera, sera! So they ignore the vast majority if not all of the Bible’s social teaching. Then they direct their people to the pagan Welfare State for social needs.

So, for example, when Paul gives very clear directions to the Church on how to take care of needy widows, the Church today would largely ignore this teaching. If a Christian widow over sixty with no money, no family, and no prospects came to the church, what would the church do? Would it pour over 1 Timothy 5 for matters of principle? Would it be prepared to support her indefinitely if necessary? Or would it assume she should live off of the State instead? For most, sad to say, the question of supporting her would not even arise.


Today’s churches, like Luther, refuse to preach the law to the princes, kings, and themselves. They ignore laws that pertain to social issues, and abdicate their responsibility to the “other kingdom”—the State.

But they still pass the plate. They still want the giving. They still dress finely and build enormous buildings. This is not bad per se, but the Church building and the pastors’ salaries are historically the greatest portion of the Churches’ budgets. And when the church grows, what do we do? We take in more money and build yet a bigger building, sometimes borrowing millions—thereby pledging future tithes to the building. Money is drained and drained for these purposes. And what return do we get on these investments? What stewardship? A building that sits empty up to six days a week. And should someone in the church turn up with long-term health, insurance, or dependency issues, they get directed to the extorting State for their help: “There’s no program here for that.”

This behaviour has to stop.

And the first place it should stop is in the Black Church.

I will add that education should be placed in the hands of Black families as well, and the Black Church should draw up a useful curriculum for anyone who does not care to expose their children to the standard perversion, drugs, and bullying of the State Church, also known as the public school system.

Naturally, I recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum, on the menu bar of this page, but I would be quite happy if Black Christians decided to make their own.

It is the father of the household that should care for the family, not the State. From the Acton Institute:

 The poverty rate among married couples is less than half the average (about 6 percent). And for married couples who both have full-time jobs, the rate is almost non-existent (0.001 percent). The rate for single parents, though, is about 4 to 5 times higher than for married couples (25 percent among single dads and 31 percent among single moms).

Politicians and bureaucrats make poor substitutes for intact families.

And then what?

The time will come – in a generation or two – when the current depraved thugdom that makes up much of Black culture will be done, vanished with the welfare programs and the public schools that supported it.

Then what, for Black America?

Serious Thinking Wanted

It’s up to them, really. But personally, I would really like to see a tradition of Biblical scholarship rise up, that takes the Bible seriously.

The last great African Christian scholar I know of is Augustine. An exceptionally great man, but that’s over a thousand years ago, and having just one simply isn’t enough.

The life of the mind – yes, even the Black mind – is worth cultivating. Especially since the world could use their realistic-yet-faithful ways of thinking – AFTER it has been disciplined by the hand of Divine Law, and gained a respect for Logic, History, and Mathematics.

(There are a ton of State-adoring types who got rid of the “Divine Law” part. I have no use for such power-seeking tyrants who long only to steal God’s authority and give it to themselves, no matter how much they yell about how they Love the People or whatnot.)

And why should Walter Williams be the greatest standard-bearer here? Where are the Black men who should be standing with William Norman Grigg against the murderous, above-the-law police forces of today?

Many Blacks love both God and Liberty – why should I almost always have to turn to Godly, Educated White Men to get the information and support I need?

Why aren’t Blacks demanding the freedom of their brothers in jails? Why are they fighting against the wage laws that keep them unemployed? Why haven’t they made their own online schools, or leading the charge for homeschooling? Why haven’t they turned away from lying Black politicians – who keep them in a lower state than White ones would?

Why do they just stand idly by, while others fight the good fight? Must they always rely on others to give them their freedom? Or was Martin Luther King Jr good enough in the 60s, so there is nothing left to be done today – except to vote Democratic?

Turning the Ship Around

Blacks for the longest time have had an anti-literacy, anti-family, and thus anti-Biblical attitude. This is the way of failure, not success.

I am not a Darwinist, so I don’t believe that Blacks are simply genetically inferior, so there’s nothing to be done about it. I am a Christian, so I believe that individuals and societies make choices – sometimes, stupid, evil, and foolish choices.

But again, precisely because I am a Christian, I believe that people, nations, and tribes can repent, individually and collectively. They can turn from death, and towards life; from a self-centred life of sterility, to a life oriented to God and family and neighbours, and even the strangers in the neighbourhood.

They can stop living for immediate pleasures, and instead build for the future.

They can stop blaming society, or the White man, or whatever – even if justified, it’s a waste of time and energy.

Time to stop wailing, and start to take responsibility for their own lives, and their own people.

Black Americans can do this. Some already are doing so, to their profit and their blessing. But more must do so, if they (and more importantly, their future generations) are to reach the stars – or any other glorious destiny God has ordained for them, from before the beginning of the world.

Advances in Christian Theology

Any regular reader knows that I like to visit American Vision: and I am particularly impressed by their latest article: Is there such thing as “legitimate taxation”?

And as a libertarian, I approve of their initial sentence:

The answer is no. Now let’s explain.

It’s worth reading the entire article: but at it’s core, it pours contempt on both government taxation and the rule of the forever self-serving State.

Yes, even if said State blathers on and on and on about God, waving crosses everywhere as it goes around killing, stealing, and lying.

Mises would approve of this development, as would Rothbard, Nock… and even Lew Rockwell himself!

But most importantly, I am confident that Jesus would agree.

Jesus is God in the Flesh, yes?

Why then, He has no use for these blasphemous substitutes who dare claim to be the Source of the Law!

Christ is King, and really, it’s time Christians finally got around to ditching the diseased substitutes to His noble, glorious, and authoritative Law-Word.

Amen, and Amen.

Artifical Wombs

The State is Mother! The State is Father!

An article from Motherboard touches on the impact artificial wombs may have on the future.

I can willing to set some fairly specific predictions on the future development of this technology.

The technology will be introduced in the name of the freedom and liberation of women, as a way to assist homosexuals, and for the health benefits;

  1. It will start out expensive, but it will become cheaper and cheaper over time;
  2. Over time, government standards will be enforced on the production of children, to remove “genetic flaws that are costly to society” and to “insure the fundamental abilities and potential of every citizen”;
  3. Over time, the dangerous and primitive nature of actually bearing a child will be stressed, degrading and slandering the character and behaviour of actual birth mothers. The very term “mother” will be adulterated, for the same reasons “marriage”, “husband” and “wife” have been degraded since the 1960’s – less power to the family, more power to the State.
    1. “What makes something, owns something.” Expect the future Secular State – now 100% capitalist (see: the Collapse of the Welfare State, in the 2020s/30s) – to stress this concept almost as much as it will stress Darwinism and Materialistic Atheism as the foundation of reality.
    2. Protestants need to accept responsibility for the root of the problem, as they – read Luther – created the Two Kingdoms concept during the Reformation. This allowed the State to expand its power more and more, and the Church to evade the responsibilities of care and the requirement to oppose the State (and it’s naturally evil, power-n-pleasure drives)
  4. Feminists, naturally, will be at the head of the pack in leading this attack on motherhood.
  5. As with the homosexual propaganda campaign, expect only one side of
  6. Finally, after the groundwork has been laid in, natural motherhood – and the substandard products of this divisive and primitive practice” – will be banned, and only State-created children of untraceable parenthood will be permitted. Expect a push for some sort of “post-birth abortions” to be permitted by “licenses and responsible experts” – the same people who will be busy killing off the “costly, surplus aged population” by this time.

My personal timeline for this? Let’s say the technology is available at about 2030; so it should be cheap enough by the 2040s, allowing for attacks on motherhood itself by the 2050s, and the banning of motherhood in the West by the 2060s.

Now, Should the Christian fear this? Nahhh.

The Failure of Force

In the end of the day, this is something that will be left for the deeply anti-human culture of the West to pursue. Technological advancement by this time would have disintegrated those States that are held together by force, and the ability of the State to kill, rape, and steal with impunity would have degraded significantly over the decades.

We will now let the Muslims and the Renaissance Men weep over their lost worlds. For how can you slaughter the infidel, if they can all easily and effectively fight back? And how can the State enslave all in the name of the God(s)/Nation/Race/People/Tolerance/Safety, if the targets to be enslaved can not only easily defeat your efforts, but can easily see through your self-serving lies as well?

So, the ability to force this control tactic on the unwilling is going to be very unlimited. So, only those cultures who are truly willing to life this way for ideological reasons – the sterile West, forever despising the Unlimited God in the name of the Unlimited State – will actually put in the money and effort to create this society.

The Masturbatory Master Race

Invariably, the eventual goal of all this control and power over unborn children will be some form of the Master Race concept. I expect the citizens of this society to be hermaphrodites (if the State is pleasure-oriented – unlikely, but possible), or all men (“War is the Health of the State”) – as women will be only a disruptive force here, and unnecessary as well. (The final state of feminism will absolutely mandate the transition of all female fetuses into male ones, to finally achieve true Equality.)

The pleasure-oriented hermaphrodites will be despised by the rather religious cultures of the future (for who else will have children – and thus, shape the future?)

If they isolate themselves, they might hold out for a few centuries, but they are most likely to die out. Maybe because of an external attack… but that’s unlikely. (In a world of easily-produced warbots, cybernetic upgrades, and extensive networking, effective defensive warfare will be quite cheap and quite effective, and successful offensives far too extensive to be worth it in most situations.) What’s more likely is that they will simply choose to die childless, setting the value of the future at zero… just as consumption-oriented, anti-life Western cultures do today.

Who, incidentally, went completely out of the way to invite hostile Islamic minorities into their midsts… just as they went completely out of their way to destroy their own civilization in World War I (with World War II being the spastic thrashing of the mindless corpse)… completely out of their way to despise their own cultures… completely out of their way to abort their future and destroy the family… and completely out of their way to encourage complete dependence on a bunch of self-serving bureaucrats (being careful to put their economy into their trustworthy hands).

And Christians are supposed to fear these flawlessly rational fools?

Now, the pleasure alternative is possible… but governments love war. After all, war allows the State to better kill, oppress, steal, and rape more people… who, being created in the Image of God, are extremely repulsive to Our Leaders. The Pleasure Principle is good only for keeping the population docile and infantile – and doesn’t give Our Leaders the transgressive pleasures that give them the most joy, and the greatest opportunity to demonstrate their contempt and hatred of God.

So, like a dog returning to its vomit, there could well be one last resurrection of the Master Race – probably some kind of neo-Spartan warrior race. (Waves to the Draka…)

Of course, they will be all men, and quite homosexual to better build those bonds of brotherhood – and gut any ties to outsiders, civilians, targets, children, etc. They will be tailored for war, raised from birth to kill. The more educated ones will be trained in the art of fine, beautiful lies as well: something about The Spread of Civilization, The March of Science, The Unity of Man, whatever gets the job done. There will be no notion of sexuality as the siring and raising of children – “That’s the job of the State!” – but only as a way to extract pleasure and demonstrate dominance over others. “Just like in Classical Greece and Rome!”

Now, this Glorious Neo-Spartan Race will shout and yell about how mighty it is at every opportunity, and spend a simply huge amount of resources puffing its pecs and making its poses. A special delight will be evident in the killing of those who trust in God, just like always – and quite a lot of boasting will be evident. North Korea is actually a pretty good model of this kind of culture…

…and, after a few generation, the Master Race will prove to be as sterile and worthless as you always suspected. It’s all about obedience – so dissent will be crushed, and change hated as it weakens the power of Authority. Actually building a free-market economy would take power from the Philosopher-Kings who will rule the State, so some kind of parasite-economy will be developed instead (via slaves, tax extraction, extortion, theft, etc.)

And you can forget about all non-military innovation! (And, after a while, military innovation as well…)

The accomplishments of the Neo-Spartans will be quite puny compared to the White Men of c .1500-2050: no worldwide empires, no massive technological lead, no conquest of continents, no universal fear and respect, no viable claim of cultural or moral superiority… just a lot of hot air, and a bunch of high-tech atrocities in a small part of the world (the less-populated parts of Scandinavia, most likely, with those parts of the Northern European Plain that evade a shift to a primarily Islamic/Pentecostal African/Arab/Turkish heritage.)

Surprisingly enough, actual white people – especially those White Americans who hew close to Christ – are definitely going to get a better destiny than the Neo-Spartans. God sees, and God blesses, those who remain loyal to him… regardless of skin colour. An improved humility before God – and a greater respect for the lives and property of others – will help as well.

Now, will Black Americans do the same? Or even better? Or will they continue down the course to failure? The answer to that question is in their hands.

After all, most White Americans will increasingly become a set of anti-family violent bastards: and while the God-fearers will triumph, they will be victorious only after going through a period when lawless bastards dominate the State, a period that has already started. (The short-sighted bastards will destroy it in the end of course: but the time of their power will still be ugly, if in the end temporary.)

In the end, it depends on two questions: will the Black fathers repent, and take up their duties to their families? And will the children be schooled by the State schools that hates them (seeing them only as enemies to be crushed), or by those who love them?

And, After the State-Sponsored, Self-Fondling, Flatulent Foolishness?

A high-grade Christian culture of the future will of course insist that every child has a mother and a father, and will aggressively discourage the attempts of men to evade their responsibilities as men… and women to evade their responsibilities as women.

But as usual, being and staying high-grade takes a lot of effort, and – humans being slackers – some kind of short-cut will be sought out.

There are those Anarchists who are evictionist – who believe that mothers have the right to evict the child from the womb. There are also those women who love the sex, despise the natural result of sex, but hesitate to murder the innocent (but dislike giving up the child for adoption).

So, assuming that even the combination of high technology and the gutting of State Power won’t produce utopia – just more freedom, more power, and thus more responsibility – I’m willing to put up with privately-run artificial wombs, for the same reason Gary North endorses (highly profitable) day cares – it reduces the murder rate, and the shedding of innocent blood.

It’s a suboptimal and badly flawed solution… but it beats murder.

And God’s people – endorsing the behaviour of God Himself – has always supported adoption. After all, all of the Elect are Adopted (as oppose to Begotten) Children of God.

The Christians of Imperial Rome – another psychotic, violent, and doomed civilization – did much the same for the foundlings that the Sophisticated Ones would abandon to die. The protection of the innocent and the weak is one of the most uncompromising demands of God and His Justice: and thus, something Our Leaders instinctively hate with every fiber of their being.

A genuine solution involves men being fathers, and women being mothers: but this is something to be taught and modeled by the churches. And it will take time to build an enduring Christian society, while lives (physical and spiritual) need to be saved in the here-and-now.

(Well, in the 2040s, when the artificial wombs will actually exist… but you know what I mean.)

Stephen Langton

While watching North expound on Genesis, I heard him needle the audience (and myself) on our ignorance of one of the greatest Christians to walk the earth, Stephen Langton.

As Archbishop of Canterbury, he

  • substantially wrote the Magna Carta, a major advance in freedom, and the historical source of Anglo-Saxon liberty;
  • divided up the Bible into today’s current framework of chapters (including the huge mistake at Genesis 1… a chapter that should have ended at the Sabbath Day, at Genesis 2:3);
  • wrote Veni Sancte Spiritus, which is still sung today.

Of course, it is expected that the Knowledgeable Ones would keep us in ignorance of this man: like all pagans, they thrive and draw their power from ignorance and darkness. But it is disgraceful that Christians in general have no knowledge of the man.

It’s long past time that Christians started teaching their own, about their own, and stopped handing their children and their minds to State-adoring, highly-degreed ignorami who have nothing but malice towards you and yours.

As for the video itself, you can watch it below
(And see the original webpage here):

Small Hopes, Growing Larger…

The robots really are coming.

The system really is dying.

But, there are quite a fair bit of reality that cannot be quantified. In those areas, there is a living. Entrepreneurship, for example.

There is also a living in service, where your support cannot be successfully imitated by a machine and a program. But you need to be really good at this, in ways that can’t be explained or mathematically modeled easily.

The Empire is going to fall. Don’t put your trust in it.

God is watching.. and not only this…

God Acts.