Advances in Christian Theology

Any regular reader knows that I like to visit American Vision: and I am particularly impressed by their latest article: Is there such thing as “legitimate taxation”?

And as a libertarian, I approve of their initial sentence:

The answer is no. Now let’s explain.

It’s worth reading the entire article: but at it’s core, it pours contempt on both government taxation and the rule of the forever self-serving State.

Yes, even if said State blathers on and on and on about God, waving crosses everywhere as it goes around killing, stealing, and lying.

Mises would approve of this development, as would Rothbard, Nock… and even Lew Rockwell himself!

But most importantly, I am confident that Jesus would agree.

Jesus is God in the Flesh, yes?

Why then, He has no use for these blasphemous substitutes who dare claim to be the Source of the Law!

Christ is King, and really, it’s time Christians finally got around to ditching the diseased substitutes to His noble, glorious, and authoritative Law-Word.

Amen, and Amen.


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