Be Compassionate!

Lew has a good article today – on George Crosby, a good-hearted man, a farmer of Washington State who lived to be compassionate.

The writer speaks from a standard modern pantheistic perspective, and not a Christian one: but even so, I will grant that there are compassionate Buddhists, Hindus, even Moslems and Atheists.

However, there simply must be justice: compassion to the willfully evil merely supports the wicked, at the cost of the righteous. Theft in the name of compassion is just another “moral garment” to get what you want, as Saul Alinksy would say.So, every believer must understand that justice and compassion are not opposites, but different sides of the same coin. Justice, rightly weighed, is simply compassion to the victim of a crime: see North’s book Victim’s Rights for details. It is why abortionists – both the women who seek it, and the doctors who perform it – should be tried and punished as murderers.Compassion is a good thing. But there is no escape from the demands of Divine Justice.
But there is such a thing as repentance, and forgiveness, and the atonement of Christ, which is acceptable to God.A good thing too, or we would certainly all go to hell.


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