Black Fantasies

Technology continues to move towards decentralization and disorder, the crumbling of distant authorities while strengthening the authority of the man-on-the-spot. This tends to play up the strengths of most black people, who are interested in seeing things as they are, right now, and moving immediately to deal with it – and not in vague abstractions that are detached from reality.

Unfortunately, Black America is simply not prepared to deal with it.  That’s because they are either late adopters to technology (like computers) or, sometimes, completely miss the boat due to a resentful attitude to White accomplishments (from reading, to speaking in an educated fashion).

This is a shame. The era of distant lords and grinding bureaucracies, of mighty Empires and unaccountable bureaucrats… all that is dying before our eyes. The world could use some righteous Black men to point – and, more importantly, to demonstrate – the way forward.

(And hopefully, away from the imperial power fantasies of Europe. That trash didn’t help the White Man… and it won’t help the Black Man, even reskinned in a darker hue. All humanity exists to serve Christ Jesus for eternity as righteous judges and princes, and not to pleasure themselves for a few years or decades.)

Instead, we get ignorant thugs, illiterate and unemployable men, and busted families. Without the father, the children do not learn patience and long-term thinking. In the very short term, they fail the Marshmallow Experiment:

Mischel reported a significant ethnic difference, large age differences, and that “Comparison of the “high” versus “low” socioeconomic groups on the experimental choice did not yield a significant difference”. Absence of the father was prevalent in the African-descent group (occurring only once in the East Indian group), and this variable showed the strongest link to delay of gratification, with children from intact families showing superior ability to delay.

(From Wikipedia, quoted by Gary North here. Other confirmations of the need for fathers to learn to delay are here.)

If you want to master technology, reading, numbers & accounting… even the Bible… you must have patience, you must learn, you must accept discipline and correction. It takes time and determination to get anything worthwhile in life.

And this determination, this control of your own behaviour, this delayed gratification, this low time preference… this is the mark of the upper-class personality.

And this is taught by the father.

And not the mother.

Black Americans now live in a time where technology and history is going their way, strengthening the small and weakening the great… but because they have no father, no family, no community, they are simply unable to use the gifts that surround them.


In the Bible, it takes ten generations before a bastard is permitted to join the community of God, to become a leader.

We can’t really look to White people to lead forever: they are rapidly joining Bastard Nation. Typically, they are a generation behind in the disintegration of their families, but they are definitely catching up.

The welfare state that the Social Gospel types created will fail, and only then does the possibility of a broad-based recovery open up. But until then, God demands that His people start laying the framework for recovery.

It’s the time for small things.


If you want the stars – as the title of this blog declares – you are going to need a sound foundation. Not only the money and the technology and the science – but the years, the decades of effort and labour to get everything in place.

And not just that: you need the society that values the Lord of Truth and Progress, the respect for truth and integrity, the willingness to admit you were wrong and start again. Freedom, Property Rights, Self-Governance, the Rule of Law.

The invisible capital, needed to get the visible capital, to get to the stars.

Or even a lesser but better goal, like free and prosperous black counties, at peace with themselves and the other races, making the world – and maybe the worlds, one day – a better place.

A fantasy? Perhaps. But certainly a better one than what’s being pushed on ‘urban radio’ today.

If the effort is made, in accordance to the Law, even the failure to reach the stars will bring great benefits – a more godly society, a respect and pursuit of education, more wealth for all, and an optimistic view of the future.

And if success is gained? I can’t even imagine the benefits…

But the thing is, even if there is real success, a terraformed Mars (say) is something for AD 3000, say. It would be a long walk… and we simply can’t get there if fathers and family and the future continue to be despised, in the name of pleasure today.

Without fathers and commitment, rooted in the fear of the Lord, there is only failure in the future of Black America – no matter how many Black Presidents get elected. Not even a noble failure, of trying to be better than you are. An ignoble failure, of disgrace and contempt before the eyes of the world.

And in our own eyes, as well.


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