Christians as Mass-Murders

Baptized Mass-Murderers

William Norman Gregg notes in his article “Crush the Seed of Ishmael”: A “Final Solution” to the “Muslim Problem” that some fearful Christians are willing to indulge in mass-murder to resolve “the Muslim problem” – and so open the door to another wave of stupidity and evil, now justified by Christian babble, instead of Islamic or Atheistic babble or Marxist babble.

Perhaps those Christians think that only innocent Christian & Jewish blood matters, and not innocent Muslim blood? The Law is only for me, and not for my enemies?

Trusting in the murderous ideas and tools of Man, and not in the power and compassion of God, is as foolish – and as evil – as can be. Why are we putting our faith in armies and guns?

For further reading: The Greatest Threat to World Peace (Paywall)

Played for Suckers

ISIS has gotten into the beheading business specifically to enrage Americans, and to get them to once again send their ground forces into Iraq.

A wise people might wonder, “Why does the enemy is going out of his way to provoke me?”

What’s going to happen? Exactly what happened last time – the US military will lose, and the locals will win. Just more brutally than before.

Bin Laden did exactly this ploy before, and it has paid off: compare American stature in 2000 and in 2011 (when he died), and there is no mistaking the loss of American prestige and power. A fall that has only continued today.

For further reading: ISIS Sends Bloody Messages; Washington Responds. (Paywall)

What should be done?

The Middle East should be abandoned, and the local Muslims be let alone to rule themselves (or fight amongst themselves) as they see fit, without interference from outsiders.

It would be just if the US government apologized for their unjustified war against Saddam Hussein, and paid repatriations to whatever governments succeed the now-destroyed nation of Iraq.

After the government has stopped “going abroad in search of monsters to destroy”, the American people can get back to the business of regaining their freedom and liberty at home.

What is going to be done?

It is exceedingly unlikely that the Empire will be abandoned willingly, and a near-impossibility that any attempt will be made at just compensation for damage rendered.

So, the Empire will be abandoned unwillingly, as part of the desperate process to protect the welfare state.

After all, if

  • you put Medicare and Social Security on one side of the scale, and the Empire at the other side, and
  • the increasing debt load means that you can only choose one;

The voters are going to choose to keep the Welfare part of the Warfare-Welfare State, hands down.

The debt load will still be too massive to bear, so the Welfare State is going down as well… but the Empire will be dumped to keep things going at home for a few more years.

One Law

The American Empire has murdered multiple millions of people over the decades. To avoid the usual payment for murder, repentance is in order. And the first act of repentance is to stop the evil you are doing, then admit you are wrong, and then attempt to make good on the damage you have done.

The Muslims have done many foolish things, and believe in some seriously corrupt ideas. But, they also are human, they also are made in the image of God, and also have the right to right, liberty, and property. This includes the right to enforce foolish, even evil laws in their own land – it is their land, and not yours or mine.

Denying a people their rights brings Christians in (rightful) disrepute in the eyes of God and the world. Everyone should be free to govern themselves as they see fit, even if you and I don’t like their choices.

And yes, this includes Muslims, and Atheists.

“There is only One God, and thus, only One Law.”

Of course, not all laws of a given nation are good and just – but it is the missionary who is to disciple the nations, not foreign men with guns. It is the truth that is the greatest weapon of the Christian, the Word that gives Life. Not murderous lies, from a perverse people who merely patronize the name of God as a tool to get what they want.

Hypocrisy, Stinking to High Heaven

Many Islamic men have committed great sins – but they are not the only ones who need to repent. For example, the Islamic nations did not kill 300,000 children of a nation that did them no harm, like Americans did in Iraq.

How can Christians demand the lives of millions of innocents Muslims, because they hold to bad or false beliefs?

As if Christians, demanding mass murder, are a perfect standard of righteousness.

Do American Christians have any fear of God? Any fear at all?

Why earn the contempt of God and Men?

Now is the time for American Christians to repent, and abandon all plans for wickedness and murder – and so gain respect, instead of contempt, in the eyes of God and Men.


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