Sacral Order: How Sex Roles Protect Life

I occasionally use heretics as a prod to shame Christians, and get them to act. If a Japanese Shintoist behaves more honourably, caring for each other after a disaster (instead of looting or ripping each other off) or if (especially) atheists do better work than Christians do in defending our God-given liberty – as Mises and Rothbard did – then I will certainly say something about it.

Fortunately, I don’t have to go outside the Faith today for the lesson to be learned. In Sacral Order: How Sex Roles Protect Life, Dr David Pence, a Catholic, points out the great degradation of sex roles today, and the fantasies they are based on.

Unfortunately, he does not stress that it was men, in their hunger for pleasure without consequences, that created the situation we are in today.

But he does point out the major loss of liberty and in reality we have sustained, all in the name of egalitarian fantasies. He calls to for men to be brothers, including Black & White, and that as men we can protect our families and build our societies.

I think that it will happen – but only after men decide to grow up. This means that they must defy both the Establishment and Establishment-backed feminism… and their own love of irresponsibility and instant gratification.

He closes:

Like the men of Israel, let the men of our land repent our many sins and let our voices stutter no more. In the words of the spiritual:

Rise up, O men of God!
The kingdom tarries long.

Bring in the day of brotherhood
And end the night of wrong.

Because I am a postmillennialist, I believe that the freedom to associate as one pleases – in our jobs and our businesses and our neighbourhoods – will again be regained, regardless of the desires of Our Betters.

Unlike the good Doctor, I do not see the likelihood of Black & White men, united under the Cross, moving forward to retake their culture – but perhaps God will be gracious and order it to be so. Certainly Black and White Christians could do so: but only the patriarchal types: that is, the Black men who marry and stand by their families, and White men who marry and stand by theirs. That is possible… but more like “separate nations & tribes, united by one code of justice and law” rather than different peoples under the same government.

But if it happens that both peoples can live under one God-fearing government and law? Fair enough: I have no opposition to this.

The key is repentance before God, humility before God – and the willingness to suffer  and sacrifice and fight for God and His right. Without this, there will be no victory.

But the men who do this? They can expect victory… after paying the price, as David and Moses and Abraham did.


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