Paying Your Dues… and Your Children’s

As I insist on banging on, families need their father. Especially Black families, as they are the ones who most lack fathers – and suffer the most from it.Sexual license, cheerfully encouraged by feminism, encourages the tide of either 1) no future at all, via abortion, or 2) short-sighted, violent bastards that fatherless families naturally produce.

All peoples and all tribes have some value to God, so no tribe should make such a foolish choice. This is especially true of Black families, who are generally more vulnerable and less well-established than others. Others need their father… but have enough moral capital to get by without one, for a time. (See the Scandinavians for example.)

Black Americans simply don’t have that kind of moral capital to blow. They used to have a good deal more of it – back in the 1930s & 40s, they married at higher rates than whites; certainly had high levels of patriotism and religiosity, despite the unjust blight of segregation; and didn’t have nearly the level of criminal activity they have today.

But, thanks to the welfare state (and the minimum wage… and the government schools… and the still-ongoing sexual revolution), much of that invisible capital is gone.To get back the moral capital, you need to have self-discipline, and the willingness to Think, Work, and Wait to get what you want.

To get that self-discipline, you need the father in the house, both disciplining & protecting his children. If the household is chaotic, so will the beliefs of the children – who will most likely turn out to be losers. Illiterate and innumerate losers.

I am tired of Black losers. I want to see Black winners.

But there are no short-cuts to winning. You must work, and serve others, and learn, year after year after year, and ignore passing temptations to get the distant gold ring. It’s hard to do this when the entire culture, led and directed by wealthy whites, joyfully and vigorously pour contempt on fathers, and morality, and self-discipline, and family, and law – and God, the very source and definer of what is good, and just, and right.

(The Christian God, of course, and not the anti-Christian State, is the source of our life and our security. But if you listened to CNN, you’d think that the Welfare State is our heavenly provider… and if you listened to Fox, it would be the military/police who are our divine protector. Both groups, of course, point to men in robes as the Source of the Law.)

Still, it must be done, if you want a future worth talking about.I have no illusions that only a minority – possibly a tiny minority – of Black Americans will choose the hard road to success. That only a minority have the desire and the drive to see their children do better than themselves, and their grandchildren to do better yet.No matter. God has often taken great delight in putting His Spirit on stubborn minorities who refuse to bend the knee to the Baals.

Over and over again, it is those who resist, who stand on principle, who shape the future……but only if they believe that the future is theirs: they – or their descendants – will stand victorious above the Loathsome Ones.

But to win, they must be willing to fight.

And to fight successfully, you need to suffer defeat… and get up again, and grow from it. You have to pay your dues. You need to put in the years, even the decades, needed to build the spiritual and intellectual tools you need to gain an enduring victory, and to permanently take ground from the enemy.

This includes well-trained, covenant-keeping, entrepreneurial, and family-building personnel: a.k.a. children raised in the fear and admonition of the Lord (as opposed to the preferred idol of the age, the State). Generation by generation, the land slowly shifts from the rule of covenant-breakers to covenant-keepers.

(And if my sci-fi dreams are indeed correct, the stars themselves will shift from dead balls of rock to living gardens. Just personal speculation, true – but why not aim high?)And you need to ignore the Establishment-backed noise machines and flashy distractions, black and white, waving crosses or waving the flag… or a welfare cheque.Winning comes first: the rest is tinsel.

So, no Rapture people need apply: “Why shine the brass of a sinking ship?” These pietistic types are never going to challenge Our Betters, or dare to face the hostile mobs. Safer to wring your hand, moan about the world, and hide in your prayer closet!But God’s people are not called to lead a life of safety.That is not what Jesus did, that is not what the prophets and patriarchs did, and that is not what the apostles did.



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