The Slow Way

As any Biblically literate man could tell you, we live in a deeply corrupt society – but not corrupt in the direct Eastern or Third World sense, where you bribe the policeman or the judge. The corruption isn’t face-to-face, it is impersonal, to avoid direct responsibility. The corruption is based on the religion of democracy: “Thou shall not steal, except by majority vote.”

Radicals will yell for revolution: and naturally so, as all revolutions – successful or not – end in more centralized power by authorities which are even less accountable than before. Tyranny is the goal for revolutionaries, and those who follow them will receive the wages they have earned.

So, while politics are an excellent method to debase, fragment and impoverish society, it is a rather poor tool when it comes to meeting Christian goals. At best, it can suppress evil – but it is unable to build up the good, the true, and the beautiful.

It is the Church that is the means of salvation for a society – and this is only true if the Church recognizes Jesus Christ as the only road to salvation, His lordship over all, and His expanding authority over all.

The Church is primary an educational institution, designed to teach nations, tribes, and peoples to uphold and obey what God has commanded, as outlined in the Old and New Testaments. Both are needed: as without the New Testament there is no upward movement or progress, and without the Law of the Old Testament there is no suppression of deceit and evil.

“It is insufficient for good men to win; evil men must lose.”

The Bible teaches that an evil government has its roots in an evil people. It does no good to replace evil men with another set of evil men who have access to better propaganda – “now with more God-blather and cross-waving!” – or more effective – read “more psychopathic and cruel” – violence. The hearts of the people must change.

That is what the Church is about – changing and redeeming the hearts of men. This is done by spreading the Word, living the Word, and humbling yourself before the Word of God.

God’s Law-Word, and the example set by Christ – is very demanding. But it is demanding, because God demands the best from us.

Certainly we will fail upon occasion. This is to be expected, as we are only sinful men. But we must rise, and learn, and fight more effectively – first against the wickedness in our hearts, and only afterwards against the delusions of the world.

And to fight in a worthy manner, it is obvious that we must believe that we can win.

I don’t expect premillennarians or amillennarians to stand with the Lord in the field of battle. It’s good if they show up – but that’s because, praise God, their actions don’t comply with their beliefs.

Same deal with atheists who stand up for freedom and liberty. Men like Mises and Rothbard certainly have made real intellectual gains at a time when most Christians were on their knees, begging for crumbs from the Power Elite: but that’s because the actions of those atheists clashed and conflicted with their formal belief in a meaningless world, where the life of a man and the life of a fly have exactly the same worth.

Again, praise God for such moral and ethical inconsistency!

Lesson learned? When God’s people choose to fear powerful men rather than God, God can and does use other tools to get the job done. Yes, even atheists, even Muslims, even law-breakers and perverts.

And, they even get blessings from God’s hand for their obedience. Mises’ name will be remembered with honour (and rightly so!) long after the go-along-to-get-along Christian economists have been completely forgotten. Mormons actually do believe in keeping their word: and are properly rewarded for doing so. The Japanese really do love each other and look out for each other: and their love bears real fruit, in time and on earth.

But the name of Christ would receive far greater honour, if His people would – for once! – take the lead for law and liberty, for peace and compassion, for truth and righteousness.

So why don’t we do what He says?

If they refuse to do so, why don’t they just ditch the Christian name, and publicly sign on with the Elite that despises Him? I can already see the oceans of Establishment praise that is theirs for the taking…





Regarding Christian politics:

H: “Week Reed: The Politics of Compromise.” Here, I survey the supposedly Christian politics of Ralph Reed, the Enron advisor and associate of convicted criminal lobbyist Jack Abramoff.

How typically pathetic… and typically Christian.

God expects more, and God demands more, than such third-rate pseudo-obedience.
It’s way past time Christians started getting serious about obedience to God, in all things.

By definition, this means a refusal to compromise to get ‘a seat at the table’ – and the willingness to pay the price for their defiance of the Established Order.

So, if you have no interest in joining in with the pleasures of the intensely evil, then what should be the goal of Christian politics?

Individuals must work to develop and master a comprehensive critique of the prevailing establishment’s worldview: salvation by legislation.

The correct goal is to shrink the state to where it won’t matter much who controls it.

Shrink the power of the power elite by shrinking the establishment’s lever: the state. Any other program is a waste of effort.

To reach this goal takes work.

“Pay your dues now, to reap the rewards later.”


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