1) Alternatives to Seminary 2) Sunday School

Alternatives to Seminary

Seminary is how Our Masters eliminate conservatives from the ministry, and load the rest with debt. North’s “Priestly Certification and Guild Control” is a good overview of the process – which included the neutering of the Calvinist churches, due to their obsession with Certified Education.

(So Thank God for Pentecostals – who have no time for seminary, remain uninterested in exalting some big-headed priesthood, and thus will become the dominant form of Christianity for centuries to come!)

That being said, there is a place for educated ministers. My own preferred minimal requirements include education in the Biblical languages of Hebrew and Greek, and a solid grip on John Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. There are some good software programs that will educate the interested student in the needed languages, and the Institutes are free on the web.

(I would throw in Calvin’s Commentaries on Deuteronomy, which you can download here. It’s actually better than the Institutes, in that there is no time for that Darwin-destroyed fakery about ‘Natural Law’ in the Commentaries.

There is no such thing as ‘neutrality’: all Law reflects a point of view. Between the choice of Smiling Men and a Serious Creator, I recommend that you stand with the Creator!)

Finally, I would recommend Rushdoony’s Institutes of Biblical Law – you can read the first volume for free here, or the book here – or in Spanish here.

“Hey! Where’s my Chinese and Hindi editions? And somebody get cracking on the Arab versions – there’s over a billion Arabic-speaking folks who desperately need a copy!”)

Now, if you aren’t interested in following the primrose path to crushing debt and a gutted faith lovingly laid out for you by the Respected Authorities, but you still want a piece of paper – “a job hunting license”, if you will, then there are some alternatives out there for you:

Reformed Episcopal Seminary – Christian schools (like most other private colleges and schools) are uniformly third-rate, so until God’s people get serious about education again, you just want to get it cheap. Reformed Episcopal Seminary is cheap.

University of London – good reading list, lots of solid Greek and Hebrew, and in the same price range as the Reformed Episcopal Seminary. On the liberal side (ugh!) but 100% online (yay!). If you must get a piece of paper from Europe, then you might as well get it here.

But really, it’s better to use the Web.

Sunday School

If you really want to change the world for the better, then please… PLEASE… create a decent set of Sunday School materials.

There’s a huge opening, the size of an 18-wheeler, for the right man who is willing to get the job done.

The world needs this – and no one is doing it.

But you might be interested.

North recommends:

  • an Intro,
  • 10 Lessons,
  • a Conclusion.

Make two sets of lessons a year. Do it for 50 years. Add YouTube – use ScreenCast, and a decent mike.

Bring joy in the hearts of many, perhaps millions, and open the door for God’s blessings to cover the Earth.

Change the world, for the better.


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