William Penn, Prisons, and Justice

I was recently reminded that in prisons, men who rape other men are never called “homosexuals” – only the victims are.

This is the perfect example of modern, power-adoring definitions of righteous, where

  • the blessings – including the blessing of being recognized as the victim – God gives to the victims are instead taken by the wicked,
  • and the curses God gives to the wicked are instead placed on the innocent.

While the people with the power laughs and laughs and laughs, enjoying their pleasures.

Taken at the cost of others, of course.

The main thief is, naturally, the State, which calls itself the avenger of the innocent while gathering wealth and power to itself.

But all this would stop, good and fast, if Christians

  • Would recognize that they could be shoved in the prison system, for whatever reason Our Leaders choose. After all, Our Friends can read into the Constitution precisely what they choose to, regardless of what that piece of paper actually says.
  • Understood that Christ’s authority involves all of life. Nothing and no place is to be consider outside of the dominion of Christ’s Law-Word.
  • Actually obeyed God’s commandment to visit the believers in prison. Far too many times, we simply ignore God’s will here because it would be uncomfortable. So we abandon believers – even flawed believers, who truly committed real crimes – to rot there. We refuse to shine our light, and so allow great cruelty and wickedness to fester and grow.

But all this is only the beginning.

As Gary North spells out in his book Victim’s Rights, the law is not supposed to do what it is doing today:

  • taking money from the victims to feed, heal, and house criminals;
  • inflict grotesque punishments for non-crimes: i.e. sending 14-year old boys to be raped as the consequence for selling drugs;
  • despise the Law, letting go who God said to execute, and impoverishing, bankrupting, even executing, those God said to spare;
  • be rewritten to please powerful men or the baying mob, when the Law must be defined and protected by the Bible alone.

For only the God of the Bible is interested in Law as Justice, instead of Law as Power’n’Control tool, which is how Our Leaders use it.

Now, most people simply don’t care at all about any of this. “Obedience to Authority” – the (visible) men with the nice suits or fine set of badges and guns , and not to the (invisible) Maker and Judge of Heaven and Earth – is the safe route, and thus what shall be propagated by both the common folk, and the Leaders they have chosen to support.

Christians may not follow the masses, nor the direction of Our Betters. They aren’t to make trouble for the sake of making trouble, and should get along in peace whenever possible – as unnecessary strife and trouble is just an unneeded cost and distraction of doing the Work of God.

But when the chips are down, we do what God commands. His will is higher than that of men, be they few and powerful, or many and violent.

One thing we don’t need are more ‘reformers’ like William Penn.

The prisons of his time were hellholes. But instead of abolishing them – the Bible permits restitution, slavery, or execution as punishment for wrongdoing, not imprisonment (for only God has the right to establish hell), Penn decided to try to reform these prisons into Workshops, complete with puritanical rules – from no swearing, to no cockfighting – to insure the penitence and reformation of the prisoners.

What a crock these ‘penitentiaries’ have turned out to be.

It’s well past time that Christians stopped running away from the commands of God – in both the Old and New Testaments – and started obeying them, instead.


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