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The Sadness of the Ark

As McDurmon noted, the churches of old were often modeled after Noah’s Ark:

But more importantly, this anti-culture “sinking ship” metaphor is simply nowhere found in Scripture.

Has ever a single non-Scriptural piece of pulpit poetry ruled such a large portion of Christian thought for so long (60+ years)?

Think about it. In Scripture, the image is just the opposite—that of an ark which remains afloat despite the greatest of storms and floods. Peter calls upon the image of Noah’s ark in order to assure his persecuted readers and hearers that Jesus has prevailed over the grave (which the flood symbolized, in part) and by His resurrection has saved us, His baptized (“flooded,” so to speak) believers, as well.

Traditionally, therefore, the “pew” or middle-section of a church building has been called the “nave.” The word is brother to our word “navy.” Both derive from the Latin navis, meaning “ship.” The Church in which baptized believers receive God’s Word and Sacraments is, figuratively, the ship, or ark, in which we are saved.

The same Jesus who overcame death has power over the forces of nature. Thus, while the sea-faring disciples despaired as “there arose a great storm of wind, and the waves beat into the ship, so that it was now full” (Mark 4:37), Jesus had no concern at all.

But the ship was full of water, about to sink! And what was Jesus doing? He was doing something significantly less productive even than “polishing the brass”—he was sleeping. He was fast asleep, as the text says, “on a pillow” (Mark 4:38).

And I read at Answers in Genesis

According to Scripture, Noah’s ark was a safe haven for representatives of all the kinds of air-breathing land animals and birds that God created. While it is possible that God made miraculous provisions for the daily care of these animals, it is not necessary—or required by Scripture—to appeal to miracles. Exploring natural solutions for day-to-day operations does not discount God’s role: the biblical account hints at plenty of miracles as written, such as God bringing the animals to the ark (Genesis 6:20; 7:9, 15), closing the door of the ark (Genesis 7:16), and causing the fountains of the deep and the windows of heaven to open on the same day (Genesis 7:11). It turns out that a study of existing, low-tech animal care methods answers trivial objections to the ark. In fact, many solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems are rather straightforward.1


Was every species on the ark? No! From chapters such as Leviticus 11, it is obvious that the created kind (min in Hebrew, in Genesis 1:11–12, 21, 24–25) was a much broader category than the modern term of classification, species. Current baraminological2 research suggests that the created kind most closely corresponded to the family level in current taxonomy. However, to be conservative in this study, the genus was set as equivalent to the original created kind. As for the clean animals that entered the ark in seven pairs, this added a modest number of additional animals, notably bovids (cow-like mammals) and cervids (deer-like mammals). Under these conservative assumptions, there were no more than 16,000 land animals and birds on the ark.

According to the Bible, the ark had three decks (floors). It is not difficult to show that there was plenty of room for 16,000 animals, assuming they required approximately the same floor space as animals in typical farm enclosures and laboratories today. The vast majority of the creatures (birds, reptiles, and mammals) are small. The largest animals were probably only a few hundred pounds of body weight.

It is still necessary to take account of the floor spaces required by large animals, such as elephants, giraffes, rhinos, and some dinosaurs. But even these, collectively, do not require a large area. God would likely have sent to Noah young (and therefore small, but not newborn) representatives of these kinds so that they would have a full reproductive potential for life after the Flood to repopulate the earth (Genesis 7:1–3). Even the largest dinosaurs were relatively small when only a few years old.

Without tiering of cages, only 47 percent of the ark floor would have been necessary. What’s more, many could have been housed in groups, which would have further reduced the required space.

What about the provisions for the animals? It can be shown that the food would have filled only 6 to 12 percent of the volume of the ark, and the potable water only an additional 9 percent of the same.3

So, besides the lack of supernatural miracles needed to keep and feed the animals of the Ark, what does all this mean?

It means that there was lots of extra space in the ark. A lot of space.

Space that was unused.

I suggest, space that was meant to be used for more than just a single family of eight.

If you are assuming ~500+ year lifetimes for humans between the Fall and the Flood, and an ordinary reproduction rate, than you are talking of at least hundreds of millions of people alive at the time of the Flood. Possibly a billion.

These are people who knew that there was a garden out there, guarded with a flaming sword, that they could not enter.

They could actually talk to Adam..and Cain… and to those who spoke with God directly.

With Enosh, son of Seth, there were men who called on the name of the Lord. Preachers, if you will. So the people again could know of God.

I happen to believe that they were also very intelligent as well. Smart enough to avoid falling into traps we often do – like poisoning the land, or wiping out animals (instead of tending the land well, and domesticating all sorts of animals.) Intensely evil, but ecologically wise, and very health-conscious. Low-stress, high-pleasure living, for century after century.

And finally, everyone knew of some kook who was building a boat… on a planet without a sea or an ocean. (Rivers, yes. Maybe lakes.)

The very fact that Noah was able to do his work, even in a willfully evil culture, means that there was no atheistic, self-adoring God-State out to crush any suggestion that the Real Thing exists. Everybody knew of the Garden that was guarded by cherubim with flaming swords.

No rationalistic Total State means that everyone was free to enter the ark, if he wanted.

Everybody knew…

Everyone was free to enter…

…and nobody came.

Every Christian that has saving faith in Christ today stands not because of the power of his intellect, but because of the work of the Holy Spirit.


Yet More Perversion… and yet…

In the article, “How liberals are unwittingly paving the way for the legalization of adult incest” we get to hear of the rise of legalized adult incest, starting from Germany – no doubt paralleling the rise of state-authorized homosexual unions from the Netherlands, and various forms of restricted speech stemming from northern Europe as well, notable France, Germany, and Sweden – with the UK doing its bit as well.

The author of the article is quite correct: there is no logical reason to ban it, as it is fundamentally little different than homosexuality. He thinks that the sexual revolution won’t spread to the use of the young for the pleasures (and power) of the old: it would be nice if he is right on this.

Couple this with the unceasing desire of Our Loving Masters to expand the killing from the unborn to the “expensive old people” and we are sure to enter the secular Promised Land somewhere in the late 2020s-2030s. If not sooner.

On the other hand…

The power of Our Masters is still on the wane. For one thing, they would dearly love to kill off the unfit as well… but this is now impossible. They still long to deal directly with those dark-skinned breeders under some pretext or other… but they just don’t have enough young men to do the job right. (See: Iraq, Afghanistan.) The desire to control Forbidden Speech (and thus, Forbidden Ideas) is also falling apart, mainly due to the Internet.

And critically there is still no way to bring back the economic rate of growth back to the way it was in the 1980s – never mind the glorious 1950s, when Keynesian beliefs and liberal assumptions were simply the only ideas around. This means that the Authorities can’t just ‘stuff their mouths with gold’, it costs far more to send men with badges and guns to their enemies, than to just cut a check and buy their obedience and silence.

(Back then, there wasn’t even an organized creationist movement, no talk of God’s Law, no homeschooling, and only the authorized media – newspapers, TV, and radio – existed. Mises and Rothbard were just some powerless professors in New York no one had ever heard of. Rushdoony? Some preacher on the Indian reservations.

The true Paradise of the Masters is not when Bad Thought is suppressed – it is when Bad Thought is inconceivable.

But they made a mistake – they really did think that ever-expanding technology meant ever-expanding centralized authority, ever-greater power in ever-fewer hands. But the worm turned…

It’s too late to change things now. But, if they ever get the chance, they’ll set up something like North Korea or the Japanese Shogunate. Or maybe Sparta, where there is no trade and no money economy, only Masters and Servants.

In the coming age, when our massive government bureaucracies are but a memory – see Another Defeat for the New World Order – those Masters who still hold on to the Old Ways will be able to set up their small utopias in various places – the Rockies, small islands ‘cleared of the indigenous population’, etc. To get more human souls to crush, they will sent highly-paid propagandists to tout them on the ‘net and in person – “Finally! Real Freedom from the capitalist system!”

I advise you to avoid these hellholes.)

More and more, freedom – first in thought, and I feel in the flesh soon enough – will be the natural state of mankind. You will be able to do just as you please, with your own property – but don’t expect to escape the natural consequences of your actions.

This definitely includes the right of association – or, more precisely, the right not to associate with people you don’t like. The right to say no, with your life, your property, your business.

I have no worries about the coming wave of sterile, self-deluded pleasure’n’power seekers – their power is rotting away as we speak, and the pleasures they offer are stale and futile. What is important is that people – especially Christians, who God is closely watching (and will reward and punish, giving us the wages we have earned) – hew close to the way of life.

As Gary North notes, there will be trouble enough in the World of the Far Future he dates it at about AD 2055, forty years from now) – but some mindless, above-the-law State Bureaucracy won’t be one of the problems.


…and now, the Fatherless Girls

We all know how much trouble fatherless boys are in – repeat after me, the Marshmallow Experiment –  but the girls aren’t in much better shape.

For example, we can see the Russian gold-diggers – women who, let it be said, live in a noticeably more God-fearing society (on the surface…) than most of my readers do.

Do I even need to mention that Oliona grew up fatherless? As did Lena, Natasha, and all the gold diggers I met. All fatherless. A generation of orphaned, high-heeled girls, looking for a daddy as much as a sugar daddy. And that’s the funny thing about Oliona and the other students: her cunning comes with fairy-tale fantasies about the tsar who, today or tomorrow or the day after, will jet her off to his majestic Maybach kingdom. And of course it’s the President who encapsulates that image. All the shirtless photos hunting tigers and harpooning whales are love letters to the endless queues of fatherless girls. The President as the ultimate sugar daddy, the ultimate protector with whom you can be as “behind a stone wall.”

Russian women are more direct in their fantasies than Western women, and have no illusion on how the State will save them. (Besides their infatuation with Putin – who definitely plays into their fantasies, along with his gymnast girlfriend.)

As I research the show I get to know more graduates from the academies. Natasha speaks decent German. She works as a translator for visiting businessmen. The translation agency only advertises for girls with “no complexes”: code for being prepared to bed the client. Everywhere you see advertisements for secretaries or PAs with “no complexes” added in small print at the bottom. The phrase somehow transforms humiliation into an act of personal liberation. Natasha is working for a German energy boss. She hopes he’ll take her back to Munich.

“No complexes.” Freud would be laughing in hell reading this, if the flames didn’t hurt so much. But there is always the modern psychological establishment…

Helpless Against the State?

From Lew’s Blog:

A man I had never seen before in my life touched my 14 year old son’s genitals today right in front of me. I was ashamed, angered, in fact saw red with fury. If my intentions at that moment had been read by some sort of brain scanning device (which is certainly being developed) I would no doubt not be at liberty to write this.

It was the most vile violation of his privacy, his person, his innocence. There was not a single thing I could do about it.

He worked for the TSA.

It is the laziness of God’s Men – who are supposed to be caring & protective fathers – that has let such abominations such as this come to pass. We have forced decent men to be humiliated, forced to choose to obey and continue to feed their families, rather than follow their natural emotions and spend years in jail.

No men should be forced into such a position.

It is the wrath that God has for such perversions that we should fear. Compared to that, all the terrorists of all human history, past and present, Islamic and anything else, don’t amount to a hill of beans.

To regain dignity and liberty, we simply must fear the invisible Creator more than some boogeymen of flesh & blood.

Any serious, consistent effort by American Christian men, willing to peacefully organize and sacrifice money and time, can drive such demonic acts back to the shadows from which it crawled out of. I don’t think it would take a year to stop such perversions.

So why hasn’t it been done yet?

What excuse are you going to offer your son?

To your daughter?

To God?


And do you really think the Republican Congress will put a stop to this?


Not unless Christians get hustling a lot more than they have done!

“When we feel the heat, we see the light!”


An Offer to Take Up

Gary North wrote an article that’s well worth reading, ending on how Blacks can get out of the invisible walls of ignorance that’s all around them.

It ends on this note:

Here is my message to Blacks.

1. Get your house in order.
2. That’s because it’s your house.
3. It’s not my house.
4. If I can help, invite me in.
5. Otherwise, I will stay out.Here is my recommended strategy for Black mothers on welfare.

1. Ask the Salvation Army for a used computer for each school-age child.
2. Ask for Internet service.
3. Pull your kids out of the public schools.
4. Get them using Khan Academy.
5. Take the courses yourself.If inner city churches came to white churches in the suburbs and asked for donations of used computers to be used this way, they would get all the used computers they could handle. Used computers are cheap.

There would be hard-core atheists who would donate used computers for this program.

This is real welfare. Khan asks to be invited into homes. They should accept the invitation.

Khan is not white. He is a Caucasian, but he is not white. All the better.

What Blacks need is an inner city church-sponsored free K-12 curriculum on the Web. It should be taught by Blacks who climbed out of the inner city. The project should be self-funded. It would take only time to put this together. YouTube is free. is free.

I know how to launch an Internet-based curriculum: the Ron Paul Curriculum. I am here to give free advice. Just ask.

I hope that a Black activist will contact North and work out a program. Inner city blacks who got out of the ghettos will then teach the program.

If this doesn’t happen… well, the Khan Academy is still far better than the inner schools, despite it’s flaws. Although I would still recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum over it.

So, Mr. Activist: Ask North, get it done, and get your people out of the impoverished, ignorant, dependent hellhole they’re in.

Financing Black America

The Situation

As we learned in “Them That’s Got Shall Get”, White bankers, as recently as 2008, will cheerfully lie directly to Black “mud people” customers – especially women – and get them to sign wothless subprime loans – while carefully steering white customers from the same loan. And this happened in several major banks, including Wells Fargo.

This, folks, is a major establishment bank.

And only a fool will think that the financial system’s contempt for Black people has ended.

Or that White banks are any less tribal than they were before – regardless of all that insistent multicultural posing.


Frankly, I have greater respect for the Power Class before the civil rights era, where they were open with their hatred of the masses – especially the dark-skinned masses.

(…just as well, as we will be returning to that era soon after the Great Default occurs, when we discover that all those political promises were just wind: from Welfare, to Social Security, to Medicaid…)

Even so, I am still disgusted with the Establishment eagerness to steal from the poor – not because they need the money of course (for just how much money do Black women have, anyways?), but for power’n’pleasure reasons.

“Gotta show whose boss, you know.” Just like the civil forfeiture thefts, that makes sure to strip Blacks of their capital, without the need for any legal reasons or a single concern regarding property rights.

Hmmm… I wonder if the Democrats have done anything to stop this kind of highway robbery by men with badges and guns. Probably as much as they have done to stop the drug war… nothing.

This goes double for all those bought-n-paid-for kept “Black Studies” professors. Far safer to cry out for more government money, then demand actual freedom for imprisoned drug users (mainly Black, who committed no real crime), and actual justice that punishes bankers (mainly White, who willfully vaporized billions of dollars of Black wealth – but was careful to spare White wealth from the disaster).

So, what is to be done?

Well, I can say what should be done regarding the banking business.

It’s obvious that going to White bankers and assuming that they will give you a fair shake is a futile delusion. Always and everywhere, the smart thing is to assume that they will kick you in the teeth, good and hard, simply for the joy of it.

It has been fifty years since the civil rights era, and there has been no change. It is wise, then, to assume that there will never be any change. Just more pretty words, and a few Black tokens here and there.

The Superstructure: Credit Unions

Any business over a certain size will need to deal with the major “by Whites, for Whites” banks. There is no avoiding this, for the foreseeable future.

So, some Black businessmen, accountants, and  will need to really master the numbers, so they can know when they are being lied to. There may be Jews, Chinese, and other non-whites who may be able to assist with this: pay for their expertize.

But that’s for the big time. Most Blacks have very little, and need to build this up.

Simply in order to protect themselves against Friendly White Bankers Who Only Want To Help, it is necessary for more Black men (and Black women – leaders are what we need, but helpers have their place, especially when Black men simply will not lead…) to master the mathematical fundamentals needed to really get finance and economics. And then put that knowledge to work, to protect and build up the various Black communities of the nation.

They will have to set up multiple small banks and credit unions, and insure that the money of their clients is protected – because it’s obvious that no one will look out for Black money, except Blacks.

(And we can’t have just one such credit union: Black people are quite willing to crush each other, after all. For example, visit most black-ruled cities and counties in the United States, and see if their schools are worth anything at all. By and large, you will see that the KKK would approve of most Black-run school districts: “Keep ’em ignorant and illiterate!” is the motto, from the Black mayors, to the mediocre Black teachers, to the Black students… and their uncaring parents.)

The Foundation: Education and Fathers

Where will Black people find the men who are not merely literate and numerate (which cannot be taken for granted), not only able to knowledgeably manage the numbers and laws involved in banking and financing, but also have a high view of morality, ethics, and integrity?

These positions take years of discipline and study to get the minimum requirements – and then, there are the unspoken barriers and rules that must be mastered as well.

I can assure you, Black children will not get this kind of discipline and education from the public schools. The public schools were not set up to educate: they were created to indoctrinate and enforce control.

A real education will have to be gained at home. The Khan Academy is on Bill Gates’ payroll, so it’s going to do the worthless Common Core thing – it’s weak in a number of areas, especially mathematics. So for now you’ll have to turn to the economically & mathematically literate Ron Paul Curriculum to get a real education.

Fortunately, the Ron Paul Curriculum is set up to be 98% run by the student himself, so even working single mothers can push their sons higher. (I am not worried about the daughters.) But as the Stanford marshmallow experiment demonstrates, a family needs to have a father to teach delayed gratification, persistence, a rules-based view of life, and self-discipline.

There is simply no substitute for fathers, and family… and faith.

For there are all sorts of smart, knowledgeable, ethics-free White men who are willing to rob you blind with a smile and a handshake.

We don’t need a bunch of smart, knowledgeable, ethics-free Black men as well!

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