Financing Black America

The Situation

As we learned in “Them That’s Got Shall Get”, White bankers, as recently as 2008, will cheerfully lie directly to Black “mud people” customers – especially women – and get them to sign wothless subprime loans – while carefully steering white customers from the same loan. And this happened in several major banks, including Wells Fargo.

This, folks, is a major establishment bank.

And only a fool will think that the financial system’s contempt for Black people has ended.

Or that White banks are any less tribal than they were before – regardless of all that insistent multicultural posing.


Frankly, I have greater respect for the Power Class before the civil rights era, where they were open with their hatred of the masses – especially the dark-skinned masses.

(…just as well, as we will be returning to that era soon after the Great Default occurs, when we discover that all those political promises were just wind: from Welfare, to Social Security, to Medicaid…)

Even so, I am still disgusted with the Establishment eagerness to steal from the poor – not because they need the money of course (for just how much money do Black women have, anyways?), but for power’n’pleasure reasons.

“Gotta show whose boss, you know.” Just like the civil forfeiture thefts, that makes sure to strip Blacks of their capital, without the need for any legal reasons or a single concern regarding property rights.

Hmmm… I wonder if the Democrats have done anything to stop this kind of highway robbery by men with badges and guns. Probably as much as they have done to stop the drug war… nothing.

This goes double for all those bought-n-paid-for kept “Black Studies” professors. Far safer to cry out for more government money, then demand actual freedom for imprisoned drug users (mainly Black, who committed no real crime), and actual justice that punishes bankers (mainly White, who willfully vaporized billions of dollars of Black wealth – but was careful to spare White wealth from the disaster).

So, what is to be done?

Well, I can say what should be done regarding the banking business.

It’s obvious that going to White bankers and assuming that they will give you a fair shake is a futile delusion. Always and everywhere, the smart thing is to assume that they will kick you in the teeth, good and hard, simply for the joy of it.

It has been fifty years since the civil rights era, and there has been no change. It is wise, then, to assume that there will never be any change. Just more pretty words, and a few Black tokens here and there.

The Superstructure: Credit Unions

Any business over a certain size will need to deal with the major “by Whites, for Whites” banks. There is no avoiding this, for the foreseeable future.

So, some Black businessmen, accountants, and  will need to really master the numbers, so they can know when they are being lied to. There may be Jews, Chinese, and other non-whites who may be able to assist with this: pay for their expertize.

But that’s for the big time. Most Blacks have very little, and need to build this up.

Simply in order to protect themselves against Friendly White Bankers Who Only Want To Help, it is necessary for more Black men (and Black women – leaders are what we need, but helpers have their place, especially when Black men simply will not lead…) to master the mathematical fundamentals needed to really get finance and economics. And then put that knowledge to work, to protect and build up the various Black communities of the nation.

They will have to set up multiple small banks and credit unions, and insure that the money of their clients is protected – because it’s obvious that no one will look out for Black money, except Blacks.

(And we can’t have just one such credit union: Black people are quite willing to crush each other, after all. For example, visit most black-ruled cities and counties in the United States, and see if their schools are worth anything at all. By and large, you will see that the KKK would approve of most Black-run school districts: “Keep ’em ignorant and illiterate!” is the motto, from the Black mayors, to the mediocre Black teachers, to the Black students… and their uncaring parents.)

The Foundation: Education and Fathers

Where will Black people find the men who are not merely literate and numerate (which cannot be taken for granted), not only able to knowledgeably manage the numbers and laws involved in banking and financing, but also have a high view of morality, ethics, and integrity?

These positions take years of discipline and study to get the minimum requirements – and then, there are the unspoken barriers and rules that must be mastered as well.

I can assure you, Black children will not get this kind of discipline and education from the public schools. The public schools were not set up to educate: they were created to indoctrinate and enforce control.

A real education will have to be gained at home. The Khan Academy is on Bill Gates’ payroll, so it’s going to do the worthless Common Core thing – it’s weak in a number of areas, especially mathematics. So for now you’ll have to turn to the economically & mathematically literate Ron Paul Curriculum to get a real education.

Fortunately, the Ron Paul Curriculum is set up to be 98% run by the student himself, so even working single mothers can push their sons higher. (I am not worried about the daughters.) But as the Stanford marshmallow experiment demonstrates, a family needs to have a father to teach delayed gratification, persistence, a rules-based view of life, and self-discipline.

There is simply no substitute for fathers, and family… and faith.

For there are all sorts of smart, knowledgeable, ethics-free White men who are willing to rob you blind with a smile and a handshake.

We don’t need a bunch of smart, knowledgeable, ethics-free Black men as well!

Postscript: On Banking

Unfortunately, the very nature of  fiat currencies, fractional reserve banking, and central banking are fraudulent. It is implicitly designed to strip the assets of the average family man, to hand it over to the government and it’s handmaiden major banks.

(Or is that “hand it over to the banks, and its handmaiden governments”? I get so confused sometimes!)

So, a serious network of Black banks will have to be actual bullion banks: some based on gold, and others on silver. Setting up a network of sound money institutions to protect the wealth of poor men from the inflationary, wealth-destroying policies of Our Betters is not impossible, but it will be difficult.

It is impossible for financial and mathematical illiterates to create any such network, though.

And finally, when I say Black banks, I actually do mean to exclude White people, from both employment and the client base. If after all these decades, major White banks remain far more eager to destroy the wealth of Black customers than to protect it, then it’s time to call the Civil Rights project a failure.

Naturally, as ‘There is Only One Law’, this means that White banks should be able to exclude Black customers, and refuse to lend to them or employ them, for no other reason than because they are Black.

Fair enough. So long as the insulting lies and the financial rapes come to an end.

But White money translates to White power, so it isn’t going to be as simple as just “Let’s part ways, and every man returns to his own tribal lands.”

True. But White power has been on the wane for quite a while now. And as more Whites follow Blacks into the ‘violent ignorant short-sighted bastard’ trap, they will find their power dwindle even faster before all those East Indians and East Asians.

But Whites are far more charismatic than those Indians and Chinese – so they are sure to get more political power.

Don’t be an idiot – it’s money that rules America, not charismatic men. It’s been that way for a long time, too. Money can buy the faces it needs to fill the empty suits – and it doesn’t care what colour the face is.

Do I think that any of the above will come to pass, pre-Default?


And afterwards?

I vote for the peaceful dissolution of the Federal government, in the style of the County Rights movement. No violence, or lying revolutionaries, or power-hungry politicians. Just ignore the bankrupted authorities in Washington and the State capital. In the end, every county can do their thing – grounded in race, or religion, or money, or something else.

And until then?

Don’t take the cheese.

Hmm…. I notice that you’re arguments are mainly based on the reasoning of White Christian thinkers, with some Atheistic Jews here and there. Does that show proper racial consciousness?

I want the truth. If White people have it, that’s where I go. It would be good for Black people to be a source of truth as well – but being a truth-teller worth listening to takes decades of serious work, and preferably a few generations of ingrained habits and ways of thinking. There are a few Black men out there worth listening to, but that amount to only a shadow of what it should be.

Most Black men are uninterested in this kind of hard, long-term work – and they won’t be interested, as long as there’s no father to teach Black boys self-discipline and self-control, in the service of a great but distant goal.

I will be happy when Black men choose to rise to the occasion. The more patient, far-sighted, hard-working men there are, the better! But I will not lie, to cover up the Black man’s failure to reach his potential.


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