An Offer to Take Up

Gary North wrote an article that’s well worth reading, ending on how Blacks can get out of the invisible walls of ignorance that’s all around them.

It ends on this note:

Here is my message to Blacks.

1. Get your house in order.
2. That’s because it’s your house.
3. It’s not my house.
4. If I can help, invite me in.
5. Otherwise, I will stay out.Here is my recommended strategy for Black mothers on welfare.

1. Ask the Salvation Army for a used computer for each school-age child.
2. Ask for Internet service.
3. Pull your kids out of the public schools.
4. Get them using Khan Academy.
5. Take the courses yourself.If inner city churches came to white churches in the suburbs and asked for donations of used computers to be used this way, they would get all the used computers they could handle. Used computers are cheap.

There would be hard-core atheists who would donate used computers for this program.

This is real welfare. Khan asks to be invited into homes. They should accept the invitation.

Khan is not white. He is a Caucasian, but he is not white. All the better.

What Blacks need is an inner city church-sponsored free K-12 curriculum on the Web. It should be taught by Blacks who climbed out of the inner city. The project should be self-funded. It would take only time to put this together. YouTube is free. is free.

I know how to launch an Internet-based curriculum: the Ron Paul Curriculum. I am here to give free advice. Just ask.

I hope that a Black activist will contact North and work out a program. Inner city blacks who got out of the ghettos will then teach the program.

If this doesn’t happen… well, the Khan Academy is still far better than the inner schools, despite it’s flaws. Although I would still recommend the Ron Paul Curriculum over it.

So, Mr. Activist: Ask North, get it done, and get your people out of the impoverished, ignorant, dependent hellhole they’re in.


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