Helpless Against the State?

From Lew’s Blog:

A man I had never seen before in my life touched my 14 year old son’s genitals today right in front of me. I was ashamed, angered, in fact saw red with fury. If my intentions at that moment had been read by some sort of brain scanning device (which is certainly being developed) I would no doubt not be at liberty to write this.

It was the most vile violation of his privacy, his person, his innocence. There was not a single thing I could do about it.

He worked for the TSA.

It is the laziness of God’s Men – who are supposed to be caring & protective fathers – that has let such abominations such as this come to pass. We have forced decent men to be humiliated, forced to choose to obey and continue to feed their families, rather than follow their natural emotions and spend years in jail.

No men should be forced into such a position.

It is the wrath that God has for such perversions that we should fear. Compared to that, all the terrorists of all human history, past and present, Islamic and anything else, don’t amount to a hill of beans.

To regain dignity and liberty, we simply must fear the invisible Creator more than some boogeymen of flesh & blood.

Any serious, consistent effort by American Christian men, willing to peacefully organize and sacrifice money and time, can drive such demonic acts back to the shadows from which it crawled out of. I don’t think it would take a year to stop such perversions.

So why hasn’t it been done yet?

What excuse are you going to offer your son?

To your daughter?

To God?


And do you really think the Republican Congress will put a stop to this?


Not unless Christians get hustling a lot more than they have done!

“When we feel the heat, we see the light!”



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