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Future Visions

I really should note that in the latest issue of the Stellar Reaches sci-fi fanzine, Issue #25, I sketched out a somewhat fanciful (i.e. extremely high-tech) Christian interstellar civilization in the article “Lossi Space”. If the level of technological advancement continues and we don’t manage to destroy ourselves before reaching the stars, something like that scenario may actually happen in the next 5,000 – 10,000 years.

If our rate of technological advancement merely holds steady for longer than that, the future becomes almost impossible to predict. All we really will know is that God will remain the master and judge of men, however ‘men’ will be defined in that era.

There will be an interesting point in time to watch for: the transition from the Old to the New Creation, as marked by the Second Coming and the Final Judgement. In post-millennial theology, we will come close to true moral perfection, but finally fail at the end: thus marking the point when the full manifestation of Christ as King becomes necessary, and soon after the end of human history.

That will be an interesting day to see.


Our Masters’ Emnity

Daily Bell: Will the curriculum emphasize spiritual or religious issues?
Gary North: Every issue is religious. Commitment to the free society is deeply religious . . . and not widely shared.

The Hatred of the Masters

Hostility to Christianity – and thus, the free society and the free market – runs deep in the education system, dating back to at least the Academies of Ancient Greece.
(And don’t forget the homosexuality of that dead culture: first rooted in the academic… then entertainment… then legal… then the general upper-class environment of today.)
… Once again I found that Atheists was the group with the most disaffection – 45.5 percent of the respondents ranked them a standard deviation below the mean. They were followed respectively by Christian fundamentalists (32.2 percent), Muslims (31.2 percent) and Mormons (19.6 percent).
Beyond basic stereotypical descriptions, these individuals tended to label fundamentalists as those who believed the Bible to be the literal word of God. According to the 2012 ANES, about a third of Americans have such a belief. If the respondents in the ANES use a similar definition of fundamentalism then the animosity exhibited by them is not directed at an extreme Christian fringe but against a substantial portion of the population.
What is as important as the extent of this animosity is who tends to possess this animosity. Those who listed Christian fundamentalists a standard deviation below the mean of the other groups are 79.4 percent white, 47.6 percent with a bachelor degree, 64.5 percent make at least $50,000 a year and 29.2 percent make at least $100,000 a year. All of these numbers are significantly higher than the percentages in the population without this animosity. Thus, those with anti-Christian hostility are whiter, better educated and wealthier than others in our society. These are majority group qualities indicating that those with anti-Christian animosity have more per-capita social power than the average person. More.
Quite interesting.
I need to point out here is that the hostility isn’t so much to the religious: liberal Christians, Muslims of all stripes, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists, etc are not particularly loathed. Proper anti-religious scorn in the style of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins et. al. is a minority opinion among the Ruling Class, who prefers a bit of spirituality in their lives ‘so long as it doesn’t tell me what to do’.
(Jumps up and down, pointing to Shinto: “Deep connections to nature… beautiful rituals… zero moral content… a perfect fit!”
But in truth, it will never happen: the Establishment insists on moralizing poses when manifesting its hatred to opposition – as if it had any basis of authority besides its hold on money, elite friendships, the major political & academic institutions, and media control –  and Shinto won’t allow moralizing at all, empty or otherwise.
So, we remain stuck in the rather repulsive world of Cultural Marxism until the checks bounce. Bleh! At least European poetry and abstract art will be much better, after the Jihad has settled into power…)

Now, if this was the early-to-mid 20th century – with it’s highly centralized communication systems, and its masses that deeply trusted the Legitimate Authorities – then yes, I would be ringing the bell of inevitable persecution that Elite Hostility naturally leads to.

But that was then, and this is now.

Why Fear the Masters, When They Can’t Reward Your Obedience?

First off, in the West, Our Masters have found it a lot more easy to simply stuff the mouths of their enemies with gold than use machine-guns… but the money for the bribes is getting harder and harder to find. Somewhere between the next recession (2017?) and the one after that (2025?), the welfare state is going to start falling apart, and a lot of people who had their mouths stuffed with money are going to find that they can speak again.

Especially when they realize that they aren’t ever getting back on the gravy train again, as it has gotten a lot shorter than it was.

And it won’t just be the impoverished men of the ghettos and the hoods who will lose  the buy-offs of the welfare cheques. Below the 1%, is the 4% that act as their right-hand men, and the 16% below them who are the (ever-shrinking) upper middle class.

That 16% is in for a world of hurt in the next financial crisis. A lot of government employees are going to be cut off. And a lot of oldsters. Tons of medical professionals.  Academics. Policemen. Clerks.

And it won’t just be them. The major corporations – who fully back the Establishment Vision of Our Tolerant Future, by the way – are going to do a major burn-off among the ranks. The top will be safe, and a few indispensable support staff (usually sales). Everyone else is going to walk – especially those with a nice salary, who can be replaced for 1/3 the cost, or less.

This includes the media, academia, and the entertainment complex, as well as taxi drivers, fast-food workers, and restaurant servers.

It’s ALL going to go.

And a LOT of people will look at Our Masters with great hostility.

Why Fear the Masters, if They Can’t Hurt You?

The bureaucracy can destroy any single man, with ease. But if you have millions of unemployed and angry men, old and young, White and Black and Hispanic…it’s going to get risky. Too many people  foolishly trusted The System, and they are going to turn on the Masters who promised them the world.

The more the bureaucracy acts, the more likely it’s going to get exposed on the Web. With a billion websites out there, there are simply too many things to monitor – and nobody is going to hire a million sensors, a la China.

With the failing economy, comes the shrinking police forces, and a surveillance network that’s shriveling on the vine – either via inflation, or by cutbacks, or both. A proper tyranny costs real money… and the Masters simply won’t have it when they need it. Nor will they be able to enforce a univocal media complex, when the mainstream media can’t get it together even today!

When words gets out that Our Masters have neither carrots nor sticks, they will be revealed to be the empty shells they always were.

Why Fear the Masters, When They Can’t Even Speak in One Voice?

Not even China can properly silence the web: it acts mainly to stifle and muffle dissent, but even this has some gaps and leaks.

But China has a (fairly) unified race, culture and belief system. Our Masters have worked for decades to break up the unity of the old culture – racially, religiously, morally, ethically, and in all other ways. The goal was to have the State – and ONLY the State – as the True Judge and Master of All Men.

But with the State busted financially, there won’t be a single voice, a single church, a single race that can act as a power base for a New Establishment. It’s all shattered, and increasing technological change will insure that it will stay shattered.

You can’t obey the Masters, if you can’t understand what they are saying!

Why Fear the Masters, When Christ Didn’t?

Christ already told us that His people must be ready to bear the cross. His people shall call Christ their true Master: and, as there is only room in our heart for one Master, those men who rule our society will have to take second place.

(And now you know the real reason for Our Masters’ Enmity: “He who fears God, has no need to fear Men.”)

As the only Worthwhile Master – the One who gave His life for the sheep – said:

A disciple is not above his teacher, nor a slave above his master. It is enough for the disciple that he become like his teacher, and the slave like his master. If they have called the head of the house Beelzebul, how much more will they malign the members of his household!

Therefore do not fear them, for there is nothing concealed that will not be revealed, or hidden that will not be known. What I tell you in the darkness, speak in the light; and what you hear whispered in your ear, proclaim upon the housetops. Do not fear those who kill the body but are unable to kill the soul; but rather fear Him who is able to destroy both soul and body in hell. Are not two sparrows sold for a cent? And yet not one of them will fall to the ground apart from your Father. But the very hairs of your head are all numbered. So do not fear; you are more valuable than many sparrows.

Therefore everyone who confesses Me before men, I will also confess him before My Father who is in heaven. But whoever denies Me before men, I will also deny him before My Father who is in heaven.

Do not think that I came to bring peace on the earth; I did not come to bring peace, but a sword. For I came to set a man against his father, and a daughter against her mother, and a daughter-in-law against her mother-in-law; and a man’s enemies will be the members of his household.

He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me. And he who does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He who has found his life will lose it, and he who has lost his life for My sake will find it.

Ever since the 1950s at least – and, more likely, the early 1800s – most Christians in high positions have been quick to crawl before their enemies, as standing for Christ simply isn’t worth the price of losing their cushy jobs (Academic, Bureaucratic, Corporate, or the State Church in Europe).

When you are looking for High Courage and Unusual Integrity, Atheists have handily beaten Christians in this century – both for the good guys and the bad guys.

Fall of the Masters

If American Christians actually voted and acted in accordance with the beliefs they claim to have, it wouldn’t take one year to ditch 50% of the cultural trash that dominate our culture today, and no less than 40 years to change this culture immeasurably for the better.

But currently, there is a price for doing this – perhaps a loss of a good job with medical benefits, losing important friends, or being cast out of the academic establishment for forty years. And for most Western Christians, any price paid at all is simply too much.

(In his article “Why Tax-Funded Education Is Doomed” (paywall), North notes that people claim to act morally, but their morals seem to be determined by their paycheques. I can only agree.)

And yet, I think that people will actually re-establish a Christian society locally – in their town, county, or neighbourhood – so long as it doesn’t cost them anything significant to do so. And with technology moving along as it is, coupled with the financial bankruptcy of the bureaucratic state (and the resulting loss of trust and legitimacy) the cost of establishing such societies is going to fall rather sharply over the years.

You can’t look for the Beltway Conservatives for salvation: that conservative movement was last seen floating by face-down in a pool of money. You’re going to have to break with Your Masters yourselves: by local action, or by peaceful secession in the style of the anti-Empire Vaclav Klaus.

Fortunately, the price for freedom will continue to decline: gradually for now, and rather sharply later. And as any capitalist could tell you,”the lower the price, the more it is demanded.”

I hope you will get in early: maybe just a blog for now, but later with a work crew with your friends and allies, in your neighbourhood or town. Wishing won’t make it so: but good ideals, followed by good action, will get the job done over time. First toddle, then walk, then run.

“I will drive them out before you little by little, until you become fruitful and take possession of the land.”

1) The Sweden Report 2) Titanism

I just spotted The Sweden Report, the news of an American living in Sweden. And looking at it, the entire nation is turning into a running disaster.

A quote from a Guest Column there:

Three men have gathered around his iPhone. They watch a video of a funeral of a religious leader. A man in the funeral procession is holding up a black Islamic flag and shouting, weeping as he speaks to the dead: “We will do our utmost to fulfill your dream of an Islamic state!” There are about a hundred people at the funeral. The funeral is taking place in Sweden.

The hairdresser is so angry and upset that I get scared that he’ll slip with the scissors and hurt me when he’s cutting my hair. That, or he’ll cut off a finger.

“What’s with the Swedes? Why does not the government anything? Why are these people not in jail? Will they really get to threaten us and get away with it? Anyone wishing for an Islamist state in Sweden will also demand that we all bow down to Islam or die, whether you are a Muslim who refuses to follow the extremists, Christian or atheist. That’s what we have fled!”


The men in the hair salon are getting fired up. They are all Christian Assyrians / Syrians / Chaldeans and has fled the international Jihadist atrocities in the Middle East. The new arrival who just recently passed through the asylum housing interrupts the others. Almost shouting, he exclaims: “Sweden must either keep close watch of the Islamists who come here, or close the borders completely!”


One of them turns to me: “My cousin got married in Skåne a month ago, my second cousin from Södertälje was present at the wedding. At a nightclub afterwards he saw his brother’s killer, an al-Nusra member. Is that how it’s supposed to be?!”

This frankly insane immigration policy is nicely coupled with traditional PC hostility to families and children, so new immigrants simply overwhelm children born in Sweden.

The Bible teaches that those who hate God love death. Communism and Islam makes the lesson crystal clear, but it’s astonishing to see Western atheistic evolutionists so aggressively prove the truth of the Bible as well.

Like “completely break all sorts of commonsense rules”. Rules you don’t even have to be a Christian to know.

Now, I agree that – just like here – there is aggressive press censorship in regard to Islamic crimes. But the level of insanity needed to open the gates to the likes of the Islamic State, Boko Haram, and al-Shabaab is mind-boggling.

(And notice: the Muslims followed the Christians fleeing the Islamic lunacy.)

I picked up the Swedish Report link while looking through the comment section of the National Review. I also wish to copy here another post from the comments section:

Sweden is a country in complete decline and has started to break apart – you don’t read much about it in US media due to that your journalists are uncomfortable reporting that this Left/Liberal utopia doesn’t work any longer.

Things to write home about on Sweden could be :
1.About one school a day is set on fire
2.Most schools have stopped educating children in as much as its considered un-democratic for a teacher to teach from the pulpet and “force” knowledge into the children, instead the children are to find knowledge themselves, home work doesn’t exist – not surprisingly Sweden is at the bottom among comparable nations – one example is that at the top engineering university in Stockholm 20% of the students don’t even master 9th grade math.
3.Crime is out of control, police don’t enforce the laws and the courts very reluctantly put people in jail – despite spiralling crime never have so few been put to jail i.e. 4500 today vs 6000 en years ago – just for the record, there are 8000 rapes recorded every year in Sweden compared to 700 during the 1970’s which is a world record.
4.Immigration out of control, a nation of 9.5m received some 100 000 migrants per year, year after year, some 80-90% are muslims and they go directly into the welfare system where they have to be supported by the Swedish tax payers – the immigrants are placed all over Sweden, even the smallest village can have an immigrant population as big as the ethnic population – schools, military barracks, castles, hotels, conference centers are all full of immigrants and with a housing shortage which is the worst in history there is no way out since only 15000-20000 new dwellings are built every year.
5.Sweden has 55 no go zones and some 150 “sensitive areas” where Swedish law doesn’t apply, the police don’t dare to send in routine patrols, the fire brigade and ambulances must have heavy police escort in order to do their job, mail service, social workers and maintenance workers refuse to enter.
The main hobby in the zones is to set cars on fire so thousands of cars burn every year and the police can’t do anything about it.
6.Sweden is a haven for terrorists, they can come and go as they want despite that the security agencies brief the government – per capita Sweden is the largest supplier of fighters to ISIS.


Sweden is a disaster.

But this is a disaster, brought on by the Swedes themselves.

Traditionally, I always thought that God smites his enemies. But after reading North’s book The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics, I realized that there will be less supernatural smiting over time, and more grinding down of the wicked. To quote:

God used the dust to create Adam. “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Gen. 2:7). God did not speak man into existence, unlike His creation of the cosmos on days one to five. He also intervened directly to create Eve out of Adam’s body (Gen. 2:21–22). Put explicitly, God used existing resources to complete the creation. He adopted a system of ends and means. He then progressively limited Himself to what was available in the creation. He added His own breath to the earth to create Adam. Next, he used Adam’s body, which was alive, to create Eve, but without adding His breath. This leads to a conclusion: God has progressively restricted His intervention into history by restricting Himself to using previously created means. He intervenes in history more and more indirectly. A good example is the entrance of the Israelites into Canaan. The miracle of the providentially and miraculously supplied manna ceased forever (Josh. 5:12). God substitutes previously created means for miracles. This does not reduce the degree of providence. It does lure covenant-breakers into denying providence (Rom. 1:18–22).

More and more, the wicked directly bring doom onto themselves, and this doom can be logically predicted from any reasonable understanding of reality. No extraordinary miracles needed, besides the usual ones of

  • A lawful universe, instead of a random one
  • Things existing, instead of complete non-existence
  • The miracle of birth and life
  • The astonishing existence of intelligence and information
  • The impossible usefulness of mathematics
  • The existence of love, instead of complete self-centredness

etc, etc.

If the Swedish people knew that this is a predictable disaster – and decided to do the insane thing anyways… well, why did they do so?

Rushdoony had an interesting idea to describe the utterly insane self-destructiveness of God’s enemies: Titanism.

(You can find the article ‘Titanism’ in the November/December 2014 issue of Faith for All of Life, and also in Roots of Reconstruction)

In a nutshell, Titanism is “….glorifying as a virtue all attempts to do the impossible.”

This can cover all sorts of things, but especially attempts to circumvent God’s commandments. This foolish nonsense seems to be at the root of much of modern Western culture, eager to defy God at every turn – regardless of the cost, regardless of the consequences.

Men wish to be gods, and wish to bend the law to their will. And they are willing to destroy themselves and their nation to do so.

Christians would be wise to regard both the cost and the consequences, and work with God’s law, not against it. It makes for a much better life: and this, coupled with the recognition of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, is the very key to eternal, everlasting happiness, productivity, joy, and love.

Wealth & Religion

A professor gets a brainwave, and thinks that morality – grounded in the drive for wealth – is what created today’s moralistic religions.

Nonsense, of course. Confucianism disdains traders (instead revering farmers and king), while Buddhism is all about detachment from the world.

Islam does believe in trade between Islamic merchants, but its legal system is based on terror (cutting off a thief’s hand), not victim’s justice (restitution of what was stolen, plus 20%). As for Infidels… “Why trade, when you can kill, enslave, and take?”

(Also, Islam forbids usury: a great way to cripple economic growth, if you ask me…

Oh, don’t forget the utter contempt for “equality under the law” in Islam, an absolute necessity for any serious economy. Islamic Law is all about “Muslim men get to win, and Muslim men get justice; Muslim women get to obey Muslim men; Infidels get to lose, and Infidels get whatever Muslims choose to rub into their faces – nothing more.”

Exactly why the writer thinks that Islam is about generating wealth (instead of simply stealing it) is a complete mystery.

In contrast, there are those religions who are grounded in Divine Law (not man’s moralistic preening: that’s what socialism is for!)

Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism (which is far older than the supposed “Axial age” the professor blathers about): and Divine Law (not ‘Jewish morals’) is the essence of a just society. And part of that essence is the concept of Equality under the Law.

And finally… the professor gets the order wrong. It is possible that someone will desire wealth, and so obey the Commandments of God as a route of wealth: but while obedience is quite likely to lead to wealth, it is not guaranteed. (See Job, or the lives of the Apostles, or even Jesus Himself for examples.)

Instead, we are to seek God first: and all these other things will be added onto you. God first: He will not tolerate any believer who places money above His holy name. You can worship God, or you can worship Money. Not both.

For more detail:

North’s Economic Commentary on the Bible….

The Bible mandates free market capitalism. It is anti-socialist.

And of course

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money (2002) by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

The Bible insist that hard work, equitable justice, and just measures are required for wealth generation. This is opposed to (broadly atheistic) modernity’s love of socialism: Communism in the old days; soft-core Fascism and Keynesian today.

Fascism is just another name for the “business/government partnership” that has been crippling the world since Rome: just further developed, with pretty new ideas provided the the usual intellectual whores to justify State Power without limit.

Keynesian theory is more about confusing money with wealth: Stones into Bread. The kind of miracle a modern rationalist professor can back 100%!

Ditching Evil, Envy and Ignorance

Excerpts from an Article

With the ruling of Griggs vs. Duke Power Co, a Black man – angry at being passed over for promotion – shifted the focus of work from aptitude and ability to ticket-punching credentials.

The 1971 Supreme Court decision remains largely unknown, but no ruling of the past forty-five years (except for Roe v. Wade) has done more harm to the American way of life. It changed the way companies hire, pay, and promote workers, ensuring that America would be a country defined by credentials rather than merit. Griggs is why we’re wasting money and time on a dubious good like a B.S. degree—pun intended.

The saga began in 1969 when Willie Griggs, a black man born in the segregated South, decided he was overdue  for a promotion. In order to get one, per Duke Power Electric Company rules, he had to pass two aptitude tests and possess a high school diploma. Griggs smelled racism. The tests surveyed employees on basic math and intelligence questions. None of Duke’s fourteen black workers passed. Griggs and twelve others sued the company for discrimination. A district court and federal appeals court accepted Duke’s claim that the tests were designed to ensure that the plant operated safely. Duke bolstered its case by pointing out that it offered to pay for employees to obtain high school diplomas and that white applicants who failed to meet the requirements were also denied promotions.

Because forcing the company to promote you, regardless of your lack of qualifications, is so much better than getting that high school diploma.

The Supreme Court wasn’t buying it. This was North Carolina after all. The court compared the tests to Aesop’s fable of the Fox and the Stork, in which a fox offers a dish full of milk to a stork, whose beak prevents it from satisfying its thirst. The implication that black and white workers were of a different species did not strike any of the justices as racist, unlike the objective tests. Griggs found that if blacks failed to meet a standard at a higher rate than whites the standard itself was racist—a legal doctrine known as disparate impact.

“What is required by Congress is the removal of artificial, arbitrary, and unnecessary barriers to employment when the barriers operate invidiously to discriminate on the basis of racial or other impermissible classification,” Chief Justice Warren Burger wrote in Griggs. “Diplomas and tests are useful servants, but Congress has mandated the common sense proposition that they are not to become masters of reality.” Burger may have intended to free America of bureaucracy, but his decision in fact bestowed that title—“masters of reality”—on college administrators.

Diplomas do little to alter the dynamics of innate ability and intelligence—even less so now that institutions have lowered standards. The knowledge gap between college seniors and freshmen is negligible (see: Academically Adrift: Limited Learning on College Campuses). Other studies have found that class ranks at graduation closely mirror testing ranks upon matriculation. If businesses could recruit and screen candidates using testing metrics, it would allow workers to begin their careers earlier, advance quicker, and do it debt-free.

It would be nice if Blacks – especially Black Men – could get jobs based on their ability, without having to get the massive debt loads needed for today’s credential-based promotion system.

I can guess God’s answer, though: “They made their bed. They can now lie on it.”

Well, I’ll wait until Blacks – especially Black Men – decide to repent of their sins, turn away from evil, and again choose what is good, now and forever.

I won’t be holding my breath for Our Black Leadership to do this. But a few scattered families, here and there… that is possible.

No group has been hurt more by this arrangement more than black men, those Griggs was supposed to help. Chief Justice Burger noted in his decision that whites had an innate advantage over black workers because 34 percent of white males in North Carolina had high school diplomas, nearly double that of blacks. The gap remains roughly the same in Bachelor’s degrees today among black and white men, while both groups lag far behind women.

“That so many employers require college diplomas, tacitly or otherwise, means the court decision accomplished very little in blunting biased company hiring practices,” reads a 2011 editorial at the Vault Education blog. “In fact, it’s probably true that it’s only helped make discrimination more rampant. The more the college degree became a standard employee-screening device, the more college degree holders there were vying for jobs of comparable skill level, jobs which weren’t increasing at a equivalent rate. It was really only a matter of time before the bar raised up again, and again, giving employers more factors to discriminate against.”

The Law of Unintended Consequences strikes again!

The up-by-your-bootstraps mantra of America wasn’t killed by businessmen; it was killed by the lawmakers and regulators who made the diploma into the bootstrap. So why are the same politicians and pundits who condemn inequality zealously defending credentialism?

Well, for one thing, there’s money in disparate impact for the Department of Labor.

The State, Our Friend, Comes to Save the Black Man. Again.

The Right Sort of White People benefit the most. Again.

The Black Man still remains at the back of the line. As usual.

The government has made it so that you cannot be paid based on your individual performance. Businesses need to craft ever more narrow metrics that lump all employees together by education, job title, race, gender, sexual orientation, and whatever aggrieved labels politicians award with protected status next. Your negotiations with the company will not reflect your impact on the bottom-line, but your impact on the payroll. MIT summa cum laude or record sales growth may be a big deal where you come from, but in the business world it won’t mean a thing if your salary brings white males too far ahead of the demographics Democrats treat like endangered species.

Workers already suspect that meritocracy no longer governs America’s economy—more than half of respondents to a 2011 Yahoo Finance survey said “office politics” was responsible for how people are promoted, double those who said hard work. And when they say office politics, they’re referring to the illegitimate monarchy installed by government regulations that rewards the man who waltzes into a company with documents that trace his educational bloodline to Yale or Harvard, a lineage that makes him the rightful heir to the management throne. The company obliges, breeding distrust among the workforce.

An End to the Lies

And so, we wait for this “disparate impact” nonsense to finally die.

What will it take?

I’m betting on the Great Default. When the money just isn’t there to fund this nonsense, then it will stop. And not a second before.

Until then, I am certain that our Glorious Black Leadership will fight for disparate impact, just as surely as they will

  • fight for the minimum wage (and thus price Black labour out of the market),
  • the unions (who will make sure that union will underprice free labour, thus again cutting down the Black man),
  • and the welfare state (and so make certain that Black families stay broken and powerless).

So there you go. Blacks are supposed to be a humble yet righteous people: that’s how they were maid. But as a group, they have chosen to turn their backs on God, and chase after lying silver-tongued politicans instead. An evil and envious leadership for a evil and envious people, just like the rest of the world, from the United States as a whole – Black and White alike, inside and outside the church – to North Korea, to Europe, and all the rest.

I will let someone else determine if all this envy, all these lies, and all this slackness have benefited Blacks – especially Black Men – in any way, whatsoever.

(Change the nature of the lies, and you can say the same for any race and any nation, as we will soon see. But I expect better from Blacks, seeing how many Black pastors claim Biblical warrant for their leadership positions. A lot of pious words… and looking around, we can see just how greatly God has blessed all this visionary rhetoric.

Are Black people the head, and the enemies the tail? This is how God has promised to bless those who obey Him.

Or are Black people the tail, and their enemies the head? This is how God has promised to damn his people, when they disobey Him.

Let us look around, and see for ourselves.)

National Failures Today, Local Successes Tomorrow

If I were a betting man, I would put good money on almost no one learning the lesson after bankruptcy. Long after being kicked in the teeth, most Black people will still put their trust in a Future Messiah who will Restore the Welfare State, just like…

  • most Russians will still long for a Strong Leader
    • yes, even after Putin is gone, leaving Russia as much a failure as before – with an additional 10 (20?) years of time wasted in corruption, and still dependent on oil and gas
  • the French will still long for a leadership position in Europe after the collapse of the Euro
    • yes, even after losing out to Germany three times now…
  • the Arabs will still dream of a Restored Caliphate
    • grinding its heel in the face of the infidels. “It’s so much easier – so much more manly – and so much more pleasurable – than working for a living!”
  • patriotic Japanese will still insist that East Asian Co-Prosperity Sphere was the best thing in history
    • instead of the lie that gutted the future of the Japanese people

…blah, blah, blah.

Fortunately, I am not writing for the majority who will die in the desert of their dreamworld fantasies, but for the minority who want to get to work, and change things where they are, for themselves and their people, starting today.

[Insert “The Parable of the Mustard Seed” here.]

In Closing

When God’s people crossed the Jordan into the Promised Land, the only divinely-blessed welfare system in history vanished. ‘No more manna from heaven: from now on, you work to get your daily bread.’

Couple with the doctrine of One Law for all – especially Deuteronomy 25:14-16 in this context – and a believing and obedient Christian has all he needs, to step forth and prosper.

Without any special pleading, or begging, or political favours from Our Compassionate Friends.

Wealth Generation

Black Americans are too enamored with political salvation: most probably, because the Democratic Party desperately needs their votes, and the Black leadership loves the preening White Democrats give them – even though it means that Black votes are now irrelevant in the South’s national and gubernatorial elections.

(But there are still Black-dominated, Black-run cities there. I strongly believe in local rule for all, so the basic foundation is there for a Black Renaissance. But if you tour those cities and towns, will you see a society working hard to build up their culture, their wealth, their way of life? Of just another bunch of dependents, busted families rendered worthless by government handouts, sitting down and waiting for Master to come save them from themselves – just as they have been taught to for the last 300+ years?)

One day, Blacks will no longer wait for the Democratic Party to save them. That day could come right now if they chose, but I bet that it will come the moment the welfare cheques stop.

Then comes the riots, which will change nothing. Except insure that no non-Black business (and few Black businesses) will work in Black neighbourhoods.Why take the risk of theft and violence and death, when there is 85% of America to work in and safely earn your daily bread?

“Oh, so this mean there is no way for Black girls – and especially Black boys – to learn the lessons of the working life, and get their foot on the first ladder up from poverty? Oh, well. We all make our choices in life.”

So, let’s say we are at about 2030:

  • Welfare is dead,
  • universal Social Security and Medicare are dying (probably by increased age requirements, decreased payouts, and a ever-shrinking level of medical coverage),
  • and even corporate welfare – the true heart of the welfare system (a.k.a. the government-corporate partnership, a.k.a. fascism) is starting to look real shaky.

So now, with the end of the State as Saviour delusion, what should Blacks do to build wealth, and thus build their civilization, their culture, their future?


I’ve already covered some pointers, for the road for middle-class wealth:

  • Graduate from high school
  • Get and keep a job. Never leave your job, except to move on to a better job.
  • No children until marriage: then, get and stayed married.

There are two routes to wealth: real estate, and starting your own business. For real estate, I recommend subscribing to Gary North’s Real Estate department: his focus is on John Schaub’s way to wealth. “Making it big on the little deals.”

From Gary North: Jack Miller says, “The best way to become a millionaire is to borrow a million dollars and have your renters pay it off.

The other route is to start your own business. Again, North has tons of great advice on starting up your own business. (Don’t let the ‘Post-retirement program’ fool you. Why wait till retirement until getting up some additional revenue streams?)

But even if you don’t subscribe – it isn’t that expensive – you can’t go too far wrong if you keep these points in mind:

  • Do what you said you will do.
  • Do it at the time you said you will do it, or a bit earlier.
  • Do it at the price you said you would do it, or a bit cheaper.


But what I want to focus on today is an article North recently linked to: These 5 questions predict how rich you’ll be

1. Did you save any money last year?
Yes = 1
No = 0

2. Did you miss any payments on any obligations in the past year?
Yes = 0
No = 1

3. Did you have a balance on your credit card after the last payment was due?
Yes = 0
No (or don’t have any credit cards by choice) = 1

4. Including all of your assets, was more than 10% of the value in liquid assets?
Yes = 1
No = 0

5. Is your total debt service (principal and interest) less than 40% of your income?
Yes = 1
No = 0

There is also some demographic analysis for these questions. Let’s ignore the White Man for a moment, and see who the Black Man should focus on, at the top of the pyramid:


Asian/other, 62 and older, with graduate/professional degree

Average financial health score


Median net worth (2013 dollars)


This is what Black people need to gain for themselves, if they plan to reach the prize God has set for them. And neither welfare cheques, criminality, the Democratic Party, or wailing for reparations will get you this kind of wealth.

You know the road you need to walk on. No matter how low you are right now, no matter how hard things are right now, you need to get on the upward road, and start walking on it. And teach your children to do so, as well.

A Good Future

Gary North pointed me to a great post from Paul Rosenburg, where we learn of Thomas Jefferson’s architecture for a truly free American Republic.

While admitting that his initial dream for American freedom was over by 1810:

Letter to John Holmes, April 22, 1820:

I regret that I am now to die in the belief that the useless sacrifice of themselves by the generation of 1776, to acquire self-government and happiness to their country, is to be thrown away by the unwise and unworthy passions of their sons, and that my only consolation is to be, that I live not to weep over it.

Letter to Nathaniel Macon, 1821:

Our government is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction. That is: by consolidation first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.

He did send a letter to John Tyler on how a better Republic would be designed:

I have indeed two great measures at heart, without which no republic can maintain itself in strength.

  1. That of general education to enable every man to judge for himself what will secure or endanger his freedom.
  1. To divide every county into hundreds, of such size that all the children of each will be within reach of a central school in it. …

Every hundred, besides a school, should have a justice of the peace, a constable, and a captain of its militia. These officers, or some others within the hundred, should be a corporation to manage all its concerns, to take care of its roads, its poor, and its police by patrols, etc.…

Every hundred should elect one or two jurors to serve where requisite, and all other elections should be made in the hundreds separately, and the votes of all the hundreds be brought together. …

These little republics would be the main strength of the great one. We owe to them the vigor given to our revolution in its commencement …

In his article, North believes that modern technology can deliver on the promise. The ongoing destruction of the State’s ability to dominate the economy, control information, and enforce compliance means freedom here to China (and even on to North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and – dare I say it? – Sweden!)

I think that the trendlines agree with this guess, but I’m waiting for portable energy and mass encryption to seal the deal. Fortunately, mass, easy, turn-key encryption is well on its way and should be widespread from the mid-2020s. (Thank you, Google & Apple – but we need more guys on the front here!) I’m a fan of the e-Cat myself, but that isn’t the only way to go: solar will do fine, once the collection gets efficient enough.

(Interestingly, the critical battle – homeschooling, especially computer-based homeschooling – has already been won in the US, and the technological revolution will expand this outward.)


So, assuming the destruction of the bureaucratic, grasping, and exceedingly godless nation-state by ~2050, the rise of cheap and effective health care and food printing, and the assistance of very sophisticated robotics, will this mean the rise of paradise?

Well, not yet. Tyrannies will have collapsed and disintegrated from their current continent-wide scope to bite-sized counties and ugly neighbourhoods, but they will still exist. Our Loving Masters will be pissed with their inability to destroy the livelihoods of millions, or propagate a sea of lies force-fed daily by the schools and the media… but they will still be able to poison the souls of hundreds, and rip-off entire towns and city blocks.

Fortunately, word gets around, and with a far greater ability of every man, woman, and child to both call evil by its rightful name, and toss it out on its ear (with armed force if need be), the Laughing Ones will have to stay fast on their feet, unable to sink their roots in by and large.

Sadly, there will be those communities who will be willfully deceived: such counties will naturally shrink, grow impoverished, grow sterile, and blow away in the dust. But better this happen in small towns, than in vast nations and entire civilizations.

So it is with out erstwhile masters. But what about those who carry their poisons in their heart, from the Jihadi longing for eternal war to Christians ready to endorse torture “in special circumstances”?

I think that we will find that vast empires are easier to push off their pedestal, than the rule of Satan from the heart of a single man.

But with the free spread of information across boundaries, comes the free spread of truth: both truth in general, and the truth of Christ our King in particular.

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” The communist state is a failure, and as even Muslims gain their own individual liberty from their particular flavour of tyrannical rule, we will see that fortress fall as well. But the eyes of heaven will focus tightly on Christians who know the will of their Lord.

Will they obey Him?

The longer they waste time in self-serving pursuits, in special pleading, in slacking off, or in fantasies of some Rapture escape, the longer it will take before we finally arrive at a good future, and finally arrive at John Winthrop goal of a city on a hill.

Yes, even that spiritual corpse Boston will be infused with life once again – but the light is spread fiber-optically, as well as from the examples of our lives and our words. God loves His surprises!