Again, to the Stars

The Stars Without A State

Getting to the stars from where we are now isn’t particularly easy, but it can be done. A case can be made that we will never do so, this side of the Second Coming:

If we ever gained the kind of wealth to colonize space, it will instead be used to oppress as many people as we can on Earth. Officially, it will be done in the name of some naturalistic or super-naturalistic religion or other: but in truth, it will be done for the sake of their own power and pleasure. Same as always.

Personally, I believe this to be the case. Large amounts of power naturally attracts smooth-tongued people who want that power for themselves: inevitably and always, these people are focused solely in their own well-being. As such, they will move to limit and eventually eliminate all change and growth and liquidate any and all possible forms of opposition, in order to better secure their own wealth & power. The standard examples are Ancient Egypt, Ming China and the Soviet Union; but in truth, every nation-state is an example of this, to a greater or lesser degree.

However: current trends point to the coming bankruptcy and failure of the nation-state. Technological advancements places more power (and, even more important, more information) in more hands, while undercutting the various oligarchies ability to control and direct the inferior classes. In the meantime, the welfare state continues to march on to bankruptcy, while the bureaucracy merely becomes more rigid and self-serving.

So, assuming the destruction of the nation-state – not because of revolution, but because of technical obsolescence, widespread loss of legitimacy, and the government failure to halt crime – what are the possibilities of space exploration & colonization?

“But crime is decreasing, across the West!”
“This is more of a function of the aging population, coupled with welfare-state payments. Halt the payments, couple this halt with the ongoing destruction of the economy and expanding unemployment, and see what happens to the crime rate.”

 The End of Trust: the Initial Wave

As pointed out in North’s article “Betrayed Trust: This Is Becoming a Pattern“, the foundation of trust begins with the family, between husband, wives, and the children. And this network of trust has been failing and rotting away for some time in the West.

The destruction of trust has serious economic consequences, as the division of labour starts falling apart – you can’t trust the workers to do what they say, you can’t trust the owners to keep their word, you can’t trust suppliers to deliver the goods on time like they said they would.

You can’t trust money to keep its value, you can’t trust the judges to uphold the law, or politicians to keep their promises. Or policemen from stealing money – or stealing lives – in the name of the drug war. Or prosecutors from abusing their powers in the name of career progression. Or the press from telling the whole truth, instead of ‘lying via omission’… or straight-out lying. Or scientists to place truth above group conformity.

The End of Trust: Following Waves

Now, people will have faith in something… so, even after the Great Default, there will be millions, even billions, who will cry out for a New Leader who will create a New Order, that will bring back the way things used to be.

But because of the initial failure, there will be a large portion of the population who will despise the political leadership.

So, Our Masters will take up new strings of empty words, to replace the old ones.

Instead of liberalism, conservatism. Instead of cosmopolitanism, tribalism. Instead of atheism stripping the religious of power and giving it to the Friends of the People, religions that preach that we should obey the Friends of the People as it is the will of God.

But the underlying power-structure will remain. And since the power-structure will remain, the increasing cultural rot and the spreading impoverishment – first to the young, and then to the old, and then to all – will continue, and even accelerate.

Result: more distrust, more strife, less wealth, less peace, more tyranny.

Example: Russia

Russia is a good example of this process. There really is more liberty there than before, and the Russian State has benefited from the process. But at it’s core, there is still a top-down czarist bureaucracy, under a top-down Soviet bureaucracy… and even worse, the Russian people still look to a human master to provide safety. Sure, Christianity is promoted… but not as actual reverence to God, but as a useful tool to shore up State authority.

So the Russians bought some time, but have not fundamentally turned around the downward trend. All that protection of uncompetitive industries to keep the employment rate up is a drag  that, coupled with the lack of children, continues to drag the Russian people down.

Should we then launch a new Cold War, to bring True Freedom to Russia? Not at all: we should head back home and finally begin the multi-generational work to regain our own liberty. Russia will be in desperate circumstances by the 2040s, much like China, Europe, Japan, and the rest of the dying Old World: why waste energy fighting a battle that has already been won?

I know, I know: “War is the health of the State.”

And if Putin is brought down, and Russia destroyed? Will this bring freedom to Russia, or only resentment, and another man on a white horse? Or just another failed chaotic region of the world – except for Siberia, “now under the protection of Chinese peacekeepers”?

It will be interesting to see how much trust will be put in American goodwill, after American policy goals have been achieved.

Most Christians Shall March to the Grave…

Calvinist – and thus, Christian – theology places stress on covenants. We should keep our promises before God, our spouses, the church, and the civil magistrates. Christians are to be covenant-keepers, not covenant-breakers.

This is in contrast to Marxists – who have nothing but contempt for ‘bourgeoisie morality.’ And naturally so: it gets in the way of the mass theft, mass murder, and mass tyranny.

Muslims, naturally, will keep their promises before the infidels when it is profitable, and break them when it isn’t. Precisely the way most people behave, most of the time, and so not particularly remarkable – except for all the blather about how righteous they are, because of their lust for supremacy over others.

But do Christians behave any better? From what I can see, no. They have an earned reputation for breaking their promises ‘because Jesus forgives everything’, and refuse to do quality work, or aim for goals that take more than a lifetime to reach, because ‘who bother polishing the brass of a sinking ship’? Throw in some gnostic heresy about ‘how worthless the material world is’, and you get a bunch of losers and lying covenant-breakers who know what God commands, and are careful to defy Him every chance they get.

God has a steel rod for the backs of such willful rebels. And He will strike His disobedient children, before dealing with people who obviously hate His Name and the name of His Son. “Those who know more, will be held more strictly accountable.”

…But Those Who Both Hear and Obey God will Live, and Inherit the Future.

The future does not ride with the majority of believers, who have no interest in doing what God told them to do. The future lies with those who do what God says.

This minority – a growing minority – understands the need for productive labour, day after day, and decade after decade. They will take the time to stick with their wives, and raise their children – and thus, give them the discipline and the drive needed to secure a better future. They will be men of their word – and thus, again build a sturdy and trustworthy network of trust among those who fear the Lord.

With trust, you can rebuild the division of labour, and thus rebuild prosperity and safety. With trust, things are demonstrably better now than in the past, which gives hope for the future.

And yes, with a solid ground in trust, and with steady economic growth of 3% per year – without a welfare state to cripple it, or fiat money to poison the economy for the sake of the banks, government deficits, and Our Loving Masters – it won’t take long to rebuild the wealth needed to reach for the stars.

Assuming those now-wealthy believers don’t start turning to luxuries and sensual pleasures and the thirst to control others, selling off the future, their very birthright, for a bowl of pottage in the here and now.

(…like any good materialist or Keynesian would insist that they do. “Savings is evil: consumption is good!”)

Tools for the Future

In Jobs and IQ in 2040, North notes that any supposed difference between Black & White IQ levels will be as nothing, compared to the coming intelligence of the average laptop computer in 2040?

It could be 2075, depending on variations of Moore’s Law. But regardless of the trajectory is clear: sometime around 2050 or so, a cheap laptop will have the intelligence of the entire human race…

…and twice this intelligence in 2051

…and four times this intelligence in 2052

…and so on… and so on…

Now, North notes that computers are digital, and fundamentally don’t care what happens to people (although their ability to fake it is going to climb quite a bit.) People care, and people can be held responsible for their actions, not computers.

“Ethics and demeanor” – how you keep your promises, and how you behave – is the key to the Far Future, and not native IQ so much.

(But if you can change IQ via future medical science, I would still recommend reaching for the IQ 120 level. Higher intelligence than this does not greatly benefit the bottom line, and so probably isn’t worth the cost.)

In The Negro Problem. (There! I Said it!) North states:

This is not an IQ problem. IQ is not destiny. Ethics is destiny. Right and wrong, considered as a single unit, is destiny.

Assuming as Christians do, that love, justice, and ethics are tightly interwoven, then the key to the future, to freedom, to prosperity, and even to the stars, is ethics. IQ, we will be able to buy in industrial lots soon enough. By 2040, beggars in the nastiest slums of Africa will be able to get out, if they use their practically-free smartphones right (ie: productively, and not for pornography or games or escapism).

How we use that intelligence, how we use our connections – that is the key.

“In the contest between intelligence, muscle, money, political connections, and ethics… go with the ethics.”


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