A Good Future

Gary North pointed me to a great post from Paul Rosenburg, where we learn of Thomas Jefferson’s architecture for a truly free American Republic.

While admitting that his initial dream for American freedom was over by 1810:

Letter to John Holmes, April 22, 1820:

I regret that I am now to die in the belief that the useless sacrifice of themselves by the generation of 1776, to acquire self-government and happiness to their country, is to be thrown away by the unwise and unworthy passions of their sons, and that my only consolation is to be, that I live not to weep over it.

Letter to Nathaniel Macon, 1821:

Our government is now taking so steady a course as to show by what road it will pass to destruction. That is: by consolidation first, and then corruption, its necessary consequence.

He did send a letter to John Tyler on how a better Republic would be designed:

I have indeed two great measures at heart, without which no republic can maintain itself in strength.

  1. That of general education to enable every man to judge for himself what will secure or endanger his freedom.
  1. To divide every county into hundreds, of such size that all the children of each will be within reach of a central school in it. …

Every hundred, besides a school, should have a justice of the peace, a constable, and a captain of its militia. These officers, or some others within the hundred, should be a corporation to manage all its concerns, to take care of its roads, its poor, and its police by patrols, etc.…

Every hundred should elect one or two jurors to serve where requisite, and all other elections should be made in the hundreds separately, and the votes of all the hundreds be brought together. …

These little republics would be the main strength of the great one. We owe to them the vigor given to our revolution in its commencement …

In his article, North believes that modern technology can deliver on the promise. The ongoing destruction of the State’s ability to dominate the economy, control information, and enforce compliance means freedom here to China (and even on to North Korea, Saudi Arabia, and – dare I say it? – Sweden!)

I think that the trendlines agree with this guess, but I’m waiting for portable energy and mass encryption to seal the deal. Fortunately, mass, easy, turn-key encryption is well on its way and should be widespread from the mid-2020s. (Thank you, Google & Apple – but we need more guys on the front here!) I’m a fan of the e-Cat myself, but that isn’t the only way to go: solar will do fine, once the collection gets efficient enough.

(Interestingly, the critical battle – homeschooling, especially computer-based homeschooling – has already been won in the US, and the technological revolution will expand this outward.)


So, assuming the destruction of the bureaucratic, grasping, and exceedingly godless nation-state by ~2050, the rise of cheap and effective health care and food printing, and the assistance of very sophisticated robotics, will this mean the rise of paradise?

Well, not yet. Tyrannies will have collapsed and disintegrated from their current continent-wide scope to bite-sized counties and ugly neighbourhoods, but they will still exist. Our Loving Masters will be pissed with their inability to destroy the livelihoods of millions, or propagate a sea of lies force-fed daily by the schools and the media… but they will still be able to poison the souls of hundreds, and rip-off entire towns and city blocks.

Fortunately, word gets around, and with a far greater ability of every man, woman, and child to both call evil by its rightful name, and toss it out on its ear (with armed force if need be), the Laughing Ones will have to stay fast on their feet, unable to sink their roots in by and large.

Sadly, there will be those communities who will be willfully deceived: such counties will naturally shrink, grow impoverished, grow sterile, and blow away in the dust. But better this happen in small towns, than in vast nations and entire civilizations.

So it is with out erstwhile masters. But what about those who carry their poisons in their heart, from the Jihadi longing for eternal war to Christians ready to endorse torture “in special circumstances”?

I think that we will find that vast empires are easier to push off their pedestal, than the rule of Satan from the heart of a single man.

But with the free spread of information across boundaries, comes the free spread of truth: both truth in general, and the truth of Christ our King in particular.

“The empires of the future are the empires of the mind.” The communist state is a failure, and as even Muslims gain their own individual liberty from their particular flavour of tyrannical rule, we will see that fortress fall as well. But the eyes of heaven will focus tightly on Christians who know the will of their Lord.

Will they obey Him?

The longer they waste time in self-serving pursuits, in special pleading, in slacking off, or in fantasies of some Rapture escape, the longer it will take before we finally arrive at a good future, and finally arrive at John Winthrop goal of a city on a hill.

Yes, even that spiritual corpse Boston will be infused with life once again – but the light is spread fiber-optically, as well as from the examples of our lives and our words. God loves His surprises!


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