1) The Sweden Report 2) Titanism

I just spotted The Sweden Report, the news of an American living in Sweden. And looking at it, the entire nation is turning into a running disaster.

A quote from a Guest Column there:

Three men have gathered around his iPhone. They watch a video of a funeral of a religious leader. A man in the funeral procession is holding up a black Islamic flag and shouting, weeping as he speaks to the dead: “We will do our utmost to fulfill your dream of an Islamic state!” There are about a hundred people at the funeral. The funeral is taking place in Sweden.

The hairdresser is so angry and upset that I get scared that he’ll slip with the scissors and hurt me when he’s cutting my hair. That, or he’ll cut off a finger.

“What’s with the Swedes? Why does not the government anything? Why are these people not in jail? Will they really get to threaten us and get away with it? Anyone wishing for an Islamist state in Sweden will also demand that we all bow down to Islam or die, whether you are a Muslim who refuses to follow the extremists, Christian or atheist. That’s what we have fled!”


The men in the hair salon are getting fired up. They are all Christian Assyrians / Syrians / Chaldeans and has fled the international Jihadist atrocities in the Middle East. The new arrival who just recently passed through the asylum housing interrupts the others. Almost shouting, he exclaims: “Sweden must either keep close watch of the Islamists who come here, or close the borders completely!”


One of them turns to me: “My cousin got married in Skåne a month ago, my second cousin from Södertälje was present at the wedding. At a nightclub afterwards he saw his brother’s killer, an al-Nusra member. Is that how it’s supposed to be?!”

This frankly insane immigration policy is nicely coupled with traditional PC hostility to families and children, so new immigrants simply overwhelm children born in Sweden.

The Bible teaches that those who hate God love death. Communism and Islam makes the lesson crystal clear, but it’s astonishing to see Western atheistic evolutionists so aggressively prove the truth of the Bible as well.

Like “completely break all sorts of commonsense rules”. Rules you don’t even have to be a Christian to know.

Now, I agree that – just like here – there is aggressive press censorship in regard to Islamic crimes. But the level of insanity needed to open the gates to the likes of the Islamic State, Boko Haram, and al-Shabaab is mind-boggling.

(And notice: the Muslims followed the Christians fleeing the Islamic lunacy.)

I picked up the Swedish Report link while looking through the comment section of the National Review. I also wish to copy here another post from the comments section:

Sweden is a country in complete decline and has started to break apart – you don’t read much about it in US media due to that your journalists are uncomfortable reporting that this Left/Liberal utopia doesn’t work any longer.

Things to write home about on Sweden could be :
1.About one school a day is set on fire
2.Most schools have stopped educating children in as much as its considered un-democratic for a teacher to teach from the pulpet and “force” knowledge into the children, instead the children are to find knowledge themselves, home work doesn’t exist – not surprisingly Sweden is at the bottom among comparable nations – one example is that at the top engineering university in Stockholm 20% of the students don’t even master 9th grade math.
3.Crime is out of control, police don’t enforce the laws and the courts very reluctantly put people in jail – despite spiralling crime never have so few been put to jail i.e. 4500 today vs 6000 en years ago – just for the record, there are 8000 rapes recorded every year in Sweden compared to 700 during the 1970’s which is a world record.
4.Immigration out of control, a nation of 9.5m received some 100 000 migrants per year, year after year, some 80-90% are muslims and they go directly into the welfare system where they have to be supported by the Swedish tax payers – the immigrants are placed all over Sweden, even the smallest village can have an immigrant population as big as the ethnic population – schools, military barracks, castles, hotels, conference centers are all full of immigrants and with a housing shortage which is the worst in history there is no way out since only 15000-20000 new dwellings are built every year.
5.Sweden has 55 no go zones and some 150 “sensitive areas” where Swedish law doesn’t apply, the police don’t dare to send in routine patrols, the fire brigade and ambulances must have heavy police escort in order to do their job, mail service, social workers and maintenance workers refuse to enter.
The main hobby in the zones is to set cars on fire so thousands of cars burn every year and the police can’t do anything about it.
6.Sweden is a haven for terrorists, they can come and go as they want despite that the security agencies brief the government – per capita Sweden is the largest supplier of fighters to ISIS.


Sweden is a disaster.

But this is a disaster, brought on by the Swedes themselves.

Traditionally, I always thought that God smites his enemies. But after reading North’s book The Covenantal Structure of Christian Economics, I realized that there will be less supernatural smiting over time, and more grinding down of the wicked. To quote:

God used the dust to create Adam. “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul” (Gen. 2:7). God did not speak man into existence, unlike His creation of the cosmos on days one to five. He also intervened directly to create Eve out of Adam’s body (Gen. 2:21–22). Put explicitly, God used existing resources to complete the creation. He adopted a system of ends and means. He then progressively limited Himself to what was available in the creation. He added His own breath to the earth to create Adam. Next, he used Adam’s body, which was alive, to create Eve, but without adding His breath. This leads to a conclusion: God has progressively restricted His intervention into history by restricting Himself to using previously created means. He intervenes in history more and more indirectly. A good example is the entrance of the Israelites into Canaan. The miracle of the providentially and miraculously supplied manna ceased forever (Josh. 5:12). God substitutes previously created means for miracles. This does not reduce the degree of providence. It does lure covenant-breakers into denying providence (Rom. 1:18–22).

More and more, the wicked directly bring doom onto themselves, and this doom can be logically predicted from any reasonable understanding of reality. No extraordinary miracles needed, besides the usual ones of

  • A lawful universe, instead of a random one
  • Things existing, instead of complete non-existence
  • The miracle of birth and life
  • The astonishing existence of intelligence and information
  • The impossible usefulness of mathematics
  • The existence of love, instead of complete self-centredness

etc, etc.

If the Swedish people knew that this is a predictable disaster – and decided to do the insane thing anyways… well, why did they do so?

Rushdoony had an interesting idea to describe the utterly insane self-destructiveness of God’s enemies: Titanism.

(You can find the article ‘Titanism’ in the November/December 2014 issue of Faith for All of Life, and also in Roots of Reconstruction)

In a nutshell, Titanism is “….glorifying as a virtue all attempts to do the impossible.”

This can cover all sorts of things, but especially attempts to circumvent God’s commandments. This foolish nonsense seems to be at the root of much of modern Western culture, eager to defy God at every turn – regardless of the cost, regardless of the consequences.

Men wish to be gods, and wish to bend the law to their will. And they are willing to destroy themselves and their nation to do so.

Christians would be wise to regard both the cost and the consequences, and work with God’s law, not against it. It makes for a much better life: and this, coupled with the recognition of Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, is the very key to eternal, everlasting happiness, productivity, joy, and love.


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