Wealth & Religion

A professor gets a brainwave, and thinks that morality – grounded in the drive for wealth – is what created today’s moralistic religions.

Nonsense, of course. Confucianism disdains traders (instead revering farmers and king), while Buddhism is all about detachment from the world.

Islam does believe in trade between Islamic merchants, but its legal system is based on terror (cutting off a thief’s hand), not victim’s justice (restitution of what was stolen, plus 20%). As for Infidels… “Why trade, when you can kill, enslave, and take?”

(Also, Islam forbids usury: a great way to cripple economic growth, if you ask me…

Oh, don’t forget the utter contempt for “equality under the law” in Islam, an absolute necessity for any serious economy. Islamic Law is all about “Muslim men get to win, and Muslim men get justice; Muslim women get to obey Muslim men; Infidels get to lose, and Infidels get whatever Muslims choose to rub into their faces – nothing more.”

Exactly why the writer thinks that Islam is about generating wealth (instead of simply stealing it) is a complete mystery.

In contrast, there are those religions who are grounded in Divine Law (not man’s moralistic preening: that’s what socialism is for!)

Christianity is the fulfillment of Judaism (which is far older than the supposed “Axial age” the professor blathers about): and Divine Law (not ‘Jewish morals’) is the essence of a just society. And part of that essence is the concept of Equality under the Law.

And finally… the professor gets the order wrong. It is possible that someone will desire wealth, and so obey the Commandments of God as a route of wealth: but while obedience is quite likely to lead to wealth, it is not guaranteed. (See Job, or the lives of the Apostles, or even Jesus Himself for examples.)

Instead, we are to seek God first: and all these other things will be added onto you. God first: He will not tolerate any believer who places money above His holy name. You can worship God, or you can worship Money. Not both.

For more detail:

North’s Economic Commentary on the Bible….

The Bible mandates free market capitalism. It is anti-socialist.

And of course

Thou Shall Prosper: Ten Commandments for Making Money (2002) by Rabbi Daniel Lapin.

The Bible insist that hard work, equitable justice, and just measures are required for wealth generation. This is opposed to (broadly atheistic) modernity’s love of socialism: Communism in the old days; soft-core Fascism and Keynesian today.

Fascism is just another name for the “business/government partnership” that has been crippling the world since Rome: just further developed, with pretty new ideas provided the the usual intellectual whores to justify State Power without limit.

Keynesian theory is more about confusing money with wealth: Stones into Bread. The kind of miracle a modern rationalist professor can back 100%!


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